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How To Use SnapChat On Windows PC/Mac

BERLIN, GERMANY - OCTOBER 05: The Logo of multimedia messaging app snapchat is displayed on a smartphone on October 05, 2018 in Berlin, Germany. (Photo by Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images)

SnapChat is a really popular quirky photo messaging client for Android and iPhone which permits people to share images and have discussions that disappear after an extremely short time period, after which the shared material is gone forever. The spontaneous and fleeting nature of the messages has given the app an intriguing reputation that you can now enjoy on the desktop, despite having a official customer for either Mac or Windows. Rather, with the help of “Bluestacks” basically an Android program emulator, you can install and Use SnapChat on a Mac or Windows PC right now.

How To Use SnapChat On Windows PC

As there is unavailability of Snapchat on PC, there’s a very simple way to get Snapchat on Windows by installing an Android emulator Bluestacks. Android emulators simulate an Android device surroundings on your PC and help you operate Android apps on your own computer, which can be tricky to install.

This can be done by following some easy steps:

1. Go to the Bluestacks website and download Bluestacks.

2. Once Bluestacks is installed, you have to double-click on the dialogue box to get the installer.

3. Open the installer to begin the installation process.

4. When the installation process is complete, the Bluestacks’ App Store pops up wherein you have to log in with your Google account.

5. Following this, an Android smartphone-like window appears where the Google Play Store lies; you just have to open it, look for Snapchat and download it.

When the entire setup process is finished, you should begin utilizing Snapchat on Windows PC by logging in with your Snapchat credentials and start Snapchatting. To clean the mist, then you must have a camera onto your PC. While you’re able to view other people’s snaps, then posting yours would require a camera.

Nonetheless, it won’t affect the overall usage and dismissing multiple pop-up messages proves to be an easy hack to use without a camera.

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How To Use Snapchat On Mac

Setting this up is quite easy for just about anyone, and if you already have a Snapchat account you’ll instantly have your entire friends list accessible to you from Mac OS X.

1. Get Bluestacks (free) and install it on the Mac by dragging it into the Applications folder

2. Launch Bluestacks and click the “Search” magnifying glass button, type “Snapchat” and click Find

3. Click the “Install” button next to Snapchat (the proper app has a yellow icon with a ghost in it)

4. Let BlueStacks search the various Android stores, select to install Snapchat from the store furthest to the right with the little Android guy icon

5. Let Snapchat download and install

6. Return to the Bluestacks home screen, click on “My Apps” and click Snapchat to open the app

7. OR: Click Launchpad, find Snapchat and launch it from there (OS X 10.8+ only)

At this point you can either enter an Present Snapchat username and Login, or make a new one right from the app. If you already possess a Snapchat username and account then the buddies list will appear on Login, differently adding friends is easy.

Snapchat runs inside Bluestacks and gives you the specific same app experience which you would find on Android. Sending and reading messages is exactly the same as if the app was on a smartphone but using a standard keyboard rather, though camera support is shoddy and consequently sending images is constrained. Nonetheless, you are still able to view picture messages sent to you as usual. For the most effective two-way picture messaging with full camera support, you’ll most likely be better off with the designated smartphone app for Android or iPhone, but that is for you to choose.

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