Alternatives To Microsoft Paint & Free Similar Software

Microsoft Paint was once the most preferred app for picture editing because of its user-friendly features. Several features like image resizing, cropping, text insertion makes it more valuable. This first version of Microsoft Paint was introduced in 1985 with Windows 1.0.

Although, after an extended period, Microsoft made the much-expected move to stop this application in future Windows 10 updates. Now, you will know about the Best Alternatives to the Microsoft Paint program, which are way more advanced and yet easy to use.

Alternatives To Microsoft Paint And Free Similar Software


Microsoft Paint

As the name recommends, Photoscape is specially focused on image editing. Photoscape is a perfect replacement for Microsoft Paint online if you use it for different snaps. You will find a separate tool in Photoscape, which is not available in Paint.

As it is mainly concentrated on photo editing, you will mostly find the option of color adjustment. You can also change the white balance, and even you can remove the red-eye effect and convert RAW format images to JPEG format.


Microsoft Paint

If you are Finding a Microsoft Paint Alternative with some advanced options related to texture artists or illustrators, this is one of the best options. This application is full of tools that are used for visual effects and for picture editing too.

In case you wish to create some painting or drawing, you can easily find different color selections, brush stabilizers, and much more. So, You can consider this tool if you desire to give some visual effects to your image.

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Microsoft Paint

In this list, you can also try an online photo editing tool that you can access anywhere you want. Yeah, Fotor is one of the online platforms that provide you all features of Microsoft Paint and more advanced features. In case you like to edit any image without installing any other product, give a try to Fotor, you will admire it.

Paint 3D

Microsoft Paint

Microsoft has now introduced a new picture editing tool with Windows 10. This is provided along with previous Paint programs, though, in future updates, Paint will be removed from Windows 10 operating systems. Accordingly, if you are using Windows 10, you can easily find both programs on your PC.

Into actual Paint, 3D is an advanced version of the standard Paint program in which you can now create 3D images and different color effects and also Stickers.


Microsoft Paint

Another tool in the list of 5 Best Microsoft Paint Alternatives is Pinta. Similar to other photo editing programs, Pinta is also ranked up here due to its helpful features.

With complete photo editing tools that you get in Microsoft Paint, Pinta comes with some more advanced features like you can pop out the windows on which you are working to make it float as per your preference.

Conclusion :

Change is a law of nature, so as Microsoft is now moving from Paint to Paint 3D, you should further try to look for these Best Free Microsoft Paint Alternatives, which can quickly fulfill your image editing needs.

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