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When using the Instagram app, do you use the viewing tools? Then you must have heard of Imgsed or Imginn, a site where you can watch Instagram stories and save posts without being identified. This tool is the first thing people who want to stay secret look at. The website’s domain name used to be Imgsed, but the people who made it changed it to Imginn.

Still, some people like Imgsed better than Imginn. This piece will thoroughly introduce Imgsed if you’ve never heard of it or want to learn more about its features. First, we will quickly review the platform’s features, how to access it, and what it can do. You will also learn how to utilize Imgsed.

Imgsed, also sometimes called Imginn, is a tool for viewing Instagram photos with many of the same advanced features as the app. Some of its features, like the ability to read stories and posts without being tracked, were unavailable in the original app.

What are the features of Imgsed?

These are some of Imginn’s most important features:

Anonymous browsing.

Privacy is one of the main reasons people like using the software. This implies that Instagram’s algorithms cannot identify accounts that are watching posts, reels, or stories. Because of this, stalking other people becomes easier. You may also see the posts and stories of your friends, foes, or loves privately.

Suppose you’re curious about how it works or what “anonymous” implies. Do not be concerned; this feature is easy to understand. You may see who has seen your Instagram stories or posts when you open them, thanks to the list provided by the system. But even if you read stories or posts, using the software won’t add your account to the list.

The owner will not be told when people see your posts or stories. While using the tool, you have not logged into anyone else’s account, so this is possible.


The simplest Instagram viewing tool available on the internet, Imgsed, is our top choice. The site’s straightforward style makes it easy to access and use; you only have to search for something and press enter.

You can quickly search for and finish your task using the platform’s site. It’s also easy to look through profiles and scroll through media. You’ll find it easy to utilize the software if you’re familiar with these features.

Downloading videos, reels, and posts.

There are jokes, photos, videos, and favorite reels that everyone wants to download and save to their gallery while watching videos and reading posts. To do this, you don’t need to add any other apps. By opening the website and typing their URL, you may download them.

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Imginn: How to Acess and Use Imgsed?

Simple steps are needed to use Imginn. To make your user experience better, follow these suggestions:

  1. Use the search box on your computer to look for Imginn.
  2. Open the page that comes up first in the search results. (Remember that the Imgsed name has moved to Imginn; search for the most recent form.)
  3. Type the username of the person you want to look through or stalk into the search box.
  4. You must select the person you want to watch from a list that will open after you locate the account.
  5. Open the posts and choose the download choice.
  6. The files will be shipped straight to your gallery after being downloaded.

Imgsed (Imginn): Legal or Safe?

Since Imginn is a third-party tool, it can’t be completely legal. Also, following or stalking someone is a bad thing to do. So, it’s not a tool for the law. In addition, since these websites don’t pose a big threat, officials don’t focus on them. Because of this, using them may get you in legal trouble sometimes.

Besides that, the tools are safe to use because they don’t have any bugs or malware in them. When using such websites, it is best to use a VPNct your IP address or name from hackers. Even without a VPN, you may use them.

Drawbacks of Imginn

Since the Instagram tools only have some of the features of the Instagram app, they have some drawbacks. It’s not possible to search for material using certain hashtags. Because of this, you will need the parent app. Their site lacks a smart system to suggest popular hashtags, hot reels, and well-known accounts.

If you are happy with their drawbacks, you may keep using the tools for as long as you like.


Imgsed is a tool for watching Instagram stories or profiles anonymously. It has some good features and some bad ones. It would help if you didn’t use stalking tools to look at other people’s profiles, so only do it when you have to. But you may download as many posts, reels, photos, or videos as possible.

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