Can I Disable CQATest App? Guide 2024


Quality is an important part of any product or service. It checks to see if the product does what it’s supposed to do or meets the standards. So, trying the product is needed to see if the device will work well.

Then what do phone makers test their phones on? If an app drives these specific goals, then CQATest is one option. These apps can test every part of a smartphone.

How do I use this CQATest app? Turn it off if you can. Do not worry. This post’ll answer all your main questions about the CQATest app.

What is the CQATest App?

The acronym CQATest stands for the “Certified Quality Auditor” Test app. In essence, it’s an app made to keep an eye on how different widgets and apps work on the phone and how the phone works overall. This App’s main goal is to ensure that all of your Android phone’s features work together smoothly.

The CQATest app is also designed to notify you in case there are any issues with the phone or if there is a possible threat, like malware or virus getting into your phone. It’s a tracking app that thoroughly checks all aspects of how your phone works.

Do I Need the CQATest App?

Some internal teams within smartphone brands use the CQATest app for Alpha Testing. Before a smartphone feature goes on sale, the development team tests its functionality using this App.

You can utilize the appApp if you are a developer experienced in performing various phone tests. The CQATest app, however, is optional in everyday life for regular smartphone users like myself.

How Do You Use the CQATest App?

You also have the option to access the cqatest Application using the phone dialer, even though it is designed to work independently. The app will open instantly if you enter *#*#2486#*#* or *#*#4636#*#*. You can observe the following options, which may be different depending on the Android version of your phone:

  1. CQA Menu Mode
  2. Sequence Mode
  3. Model Assembly Mode
  4. MMI Test

You can find all of these testing tools in the CQA Menu. This lets you run tests on the device and get a full report later. The report might have in-depth information about the benefits and tech issues of the device.

It’s important to know that when you start a CQA test app, it probably will only do something if it’s for app makers and end users. Developers also have the option to turn off the cqatest App so that it does not create a report for users to see. Besides, the App might only work right if it has the right permissions. Go to “Settings,” then “All Apps” to fix this. Ensure the CQA Test app has all the necessary permissions turned on.

CQATest App Permissions

It’s important to note that the cqatest App requires some permissions if you want to know what kind of permissions are needed to function on the phone. These include granting access to the device’s microphone and camera and permission to read the name and status of the device.

Additionally, the App needs access to your location data, contacts, storage space, and more. Because they care about their privacy, some users might not want to give these permissions. That being said, these permissions are necessary for the CQAtest Application to work right. For video talks or voice recording, a tiny phone and camera access are essential.

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Is CQATest App Spyware?

No! The CQATest app is not spyware and won’t harm an Android device. It only collects choice information that doesn’t put your privacy at risk and doesn’t share your personal information.

However, you should check if you observe multiple instances of the CQATest app on a smartphone. A device scan can be used to uninstall the extra CQATest app that may be present in an Android app drawer.

How to Remove the CQATest App from your Android phone? 

Because the CQATest App is only designed to identify broken functions, there is no legal way to uninstall it.

If something goes wrong, the CQATest app might show you a warning message, and you can see the test results in your smartphone’s main menu.

Follow these measures to disable the App from your phone if you are having issues with it:

Force Uninstall

  1. Select “Apps” from the “Settings” option.
  2. To stop, uninstall, or turn off this App, use the “Force Uninstall” option.
  3. If you don’t want to remove the App completely, you can utilize its “clear cache” function.

Clear the App Cache

  1. Select “Apps” from the “Settings” option.
  2. Find CQATest in the list of system apps.
  3. The “About this app” option should be “Storage.”
  4. “Clear Cache” is the option at the bottom of the next page. Press on it.

Hard Reset

The only option if the problem doesn’t go away is to restart your smartphone hard. You can do a hard restart by following these steps:

  1. Select “Backup and Reset” after going to the “Settings” menu.
  2. The “Factory Reset” option should then be selected.
  3. If you choose Factory Reset, your phone’s settings and files will be erased for good.

Before you start the Factory Reset, you should back up the system’s data to an external device. This is because the process will erase everything on the device, including contacts and pictures.


The CQA test app, a software application designed for developer testing, occasionally exhibits strange behavior, which can cause issues for mobile users on devices like Samsung or other Android platforms. You might run into this problem with your device. In this case, you should create a backup of your system data and follow the instructions in the “How to Disable CQA Test App” part.


1. What does CQA stand for?

Auditor is short for “CQA.” This App is primarily used for monitoring and quietly overseeing the status of your device’s hardware and operating system.

2. What does the CQATest app do?

Verifying the device’s correct operation and overseeing its access to and tracking system data are the responsibilities of CQATest.

3. Is the CAQTest app harmful?

On Motorola and Lenovo tablets, CQATest is a real app. Its goal is to observe and assess how well various apps and widgets function on a phone. So, there are no risks in having the approved App.

4. Is it safe to remove the CQATest App?

Uninstalling system apps can cause device speed and security issues, just like disabling them. If a system app isn’t giving you any issues, you shouldn’t remove it.

5. How did the CQATest App Get onto My Device?

This App is already installed on most devices, and you may have gotten it on purpose or by accident. But if you need more clarification about the App’s reliability, you should assess all aspects carefully before choosing whether to keep it.

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