GTA 6: Places You Should Visit Again


This is because GTA 6 comes more than ten years after GTA 5. It is one of the most anticipated Rockstar Games releases ever. The company has also revealed that Grand Theft Auto 6 will have an open world similar to GTA: Vice City. A video released in December 2023 also showed some things GTA fans can look forward to seeing in this cool place.

Original Version of Vice City Has Its Origins In 80s

The setting of Vice City in this series is based on Miami, but the real-life version took place in the 1980s. Since GTA 6 will be set in the AI age, many things will likely be different here than they were in the PS2 version

Despite all of that, a few GTA series spots still need to make a comeback in GTA 6, much like Grove Street, which is still in GTA 5. If you want to find a modded account for your Xbox One, you can visit CSGOSmurfNinja, an online source that has a big collection of GTA 5 modded accounts for Xbox One.

List Of GTA Regions That Deserve A Comeback In GTA 6

1. The Movie Studios: A Fragment of Tommy Vercetti’s Domain

A big part of GTA: Vice City is seeing the main character, Tommy Vercetti, build his business company in the city. For this growth to happen, the player has to buy a lot of land in Vice City. The old movie studio is one of the most important sites.

Besides, this old movie studio last used a long time ago. But Tommy puts in a lot of hard work to make it run and make money for it. In Vice City, it only takes up a small map area. But having an old movie theater that works will be nice.

This company, however, has the potential to provide its owners with a huge chance to make fun of the newest superhero movies or other popular styles that are easy to make fun of. Also, if you want GTA 5 modded accounts delivered immediately, go to the CSGO Smurf Ninja site and get what you want without hassle.

2. The North Point Mall: A Substantial Part Of The Original Map

North Point Mall was at the top of the first island in GTA: Vice City. The large size of this mall’s interior makes it stand out from others in the area. Additionally, it has a huge number of shops that you can rob, and it’s a place where gangs can fight violently. To make things even more interesting, the shop floor center has a car that can cause even more chaos in a chaotic place.

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During the time of the Microsoft PS2, North Point Mall was known for being a big, fun place to explore in an open-world game. Also, it was a lot more fun to begin a police chase inside the mall’s concrete walls while trying to get away. More specifically, it would be great if this mall returned in GTA 6.

It might not be visually appealing if this fantastic Vice City location makes need toomebmore ack in the AI era. Still, there are countless possibilities for open-world chaos. This is especially true given that it would likely have several NPCs (Non-Player Characters) and shops for us (GTA players) to contend with. Also, if you own a Microsoft Xbox and are looking for GTA 5 modded accounts for Xbox One, the webpage CSGOSmurfNinja can provide them at a reasonable price.

3. Club Malibu: The Nightclub Most Frequently Seen in Vice City

The video for GTA 6 has already revealed to the GTA community worldwide that the most current version of the city still has a vibrant club scene. In contrast, Club Malibu was the only nightclub in Vice City that enjoyed the spotlight in the 1980s.

This mall but great nightclub was in Washington Beach. It was another one of those buildings that enjoyed a great interior. In any case, this club was shown on film in a few cutscenes during the main story of GTA: Vice City. In the process, it turned into a business that players can buy later in the game.

Buying this nightclub also unlocks quests that include planning and carrying out a successful bank heist. Many players would like to see this nightclub return in the future GTA 6 even more so if its location is the main reason for several heists and large-scale thefts. On top of that, CSGO Smurf Ninja is an online modded account source that offers fast delivery of GTA 5 modded accounts.

Final Words

As usual, we will say goodbye with a short recap of everything we have learned today. To begin, the GTA 6 video from last year revealed to GTA fans worldwide that it would be like GTA: Vice City. After that, the 80s are when Grand Theft Auto: Vice City debuted. Finally, GTA fans worldwide are excited about the possibility that the following places will be back in Grand Theft Auto 6.

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