7 Small Business Payroll Software Essentials

Payroll Software

You are a small business owner because you’re reading this. You have chosen to improve your company by buying payroll software. Many different types of business software on the market offer comprehensive payroll solutions for all oour business needs. While some software offers modifications based on the needs of the business, some software has a standard setup fixed for all companies.

Getting payroll software early on makes it easier to adapt it to the needs of the business. Because of this, business owners should choose payroll software early on in the process so that it works well with the rest of the business.

There are so many payroll software options that it may seem impossible to find the right one for your small business. To make things easier, here is a list of what your payroll software should have. This must be the only checklist for basic payroll software for your small business. Anything else is a plus. That one that meets all your needs is the right one for you!


1. Customer Support

That’s not the end of the sale; the service being given at the right time is when the deal stops. Ensure the company‘s after-sales service is up to par before choosing payroll software.
Technical service staff should always be on hand to help you with the software if you get stuck. The service company is more trusted if they have good customer service.

2. Integration with Existing Apps

Never pick a payroll software simply because it offers all the necessary payroll solutions. These payroll features are optional most of the time. It’s also important to check that the payroll software works well with the HR and accounting software you already have. The database and payroll software should work well together. A few payroll service providers offer very difficult payroll software that will require major changes to the back end in the future to meet the needs of the software. This is something that you should never do.

3. Free Trials

A free sample is strongly suggested to meet the requirement above. Look for a company that offers free payroll software samples. You can check this to see if the payroll software you want to buy will work well for your business. You can find out about needs you didn’t know about before the free trial, so you can add those features to the paid version of the payroll software you buy.

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4. Automatic Features

Why should your payroll software be done by hand in this day and age of computers? Some parts of payroll software still need to be done by hand, but most of it now has features that do things automatically, like paying taxes, making direct payments, keeping tax rates up to date, and more. The less human involvement in the payroll process, the more automation there is.

5. Security and Backup

It’s important to keep payroll software safe from prying eyes. Payroll software must have security features that only allow a few workers to view it. If there is a security breach, the payroll software should send alerts to the owner to let them know. Also, data should be able to be backed up automatically so that nothing is lost in case of a breach. The most important thing to consider is keeping the payroll software safe.

6. Report Generation

Timely records and accounts are produced by effective payroll software. W2, W3, SUTA, FUTA, salary breakdowns, employee payments, and Forms 940, 943, and 944 are a few of the payroll records required of every business. Your goal should be to find payroll software that can easily handle these reports.

7. Cost-effective

Although having these features and functions in your payroll software is important, they shouldn’t increase your budget. Make sure the payroll software you purchase fits within your budget and doesn’t have any extra features you have to pay for. There shouldn’t be any extra fees or charges for the full version of the payroll software. What you pay for, you get.

Your small business will grow by leaps and bounds with the right payroll software. Now that you have this helpful list of must-haves, you can choose the one that gives you all the payroll solutions you need without making things too hard. To meet all of your small business needs, UZIO is one company that offers correct and hassle-free payroll software.

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