How to Use an Android TV Box to Play Games

Android TV Box

Like Android phones and laptops, an Android TV box is a set-top box that operates the Android running system. This gadget is hooked up to the TV to run material from the internet. The Android TV box can run all the apps on any Android item.

This streaming gadget is very helpful for people who have older TVs that don’t have smart technology. Their TVs can check out the Google Play Store’s huge app collection, including fun online games.

Fun Games to Play on Android TV Box

Game makers have made many games with big screen features to tap into this expanding audience. The following games are fun to play on your Android TV box. You can get them on your TV box the same way you would on your phone or computer. Then sit back and enjoy the big screen!

Crossy Road

There are a lot of roads and objects to avoid in this video game. A player who a chicken shows has to play as long as possible without getting killed. You can get over 200 new characters by collecting coins spread out in the game’s levels. Crossy Road has been downloaded over 50 million times and is fun.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR)

This role-playing video game takes place in Star Wars and has a great storyline and graphics. Things happened 4,000 years before the Galactic Empire came into power. The Jedi Knights have lost to the Sith. When players fight enemies, they can pick from three characters and earn points that show which side of the Force they are on.

Dead Trigger 2

This first-person survival horror game will keep people who like the zombie apocalypse theme busy for hours. Dead Trigger 2 will have a lot of action where you have to kill zombies and complete other tasks. Players only have a certain amount of strength, which goes down when they kill zombies or come across other dangers, like radiation. To stay in the game before your life runs out, you can take healing pills or get power-ups from certain zombies.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

About 350 million players play this driving game. Asphalt 8 is a lot of fun to play and has a beautiful online game mode. It’s never been more fun to race than now, with more than 220 legal speed machines. Over 40 tracks let players race in exciting ways that defy gravity.

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Into the Dead

We have two zombie-themed games. The second one, Into the Dead, has scary graphics with fields full of zombies and many hurdles. The levels get harder over time, and players need to be quick on their feet to avoid zombies and dying. As players move forward, they can get weapons.

Hovercraft: Getaway

This combat racing game is incredibly fun because it lets players control a hovercraft while on the run from the cops. Evading the cops and killing them with weapons such as guns, missiles, sniper cannons, lasers, and rockets are examples of moves. Players design their hovercrafts and gear in thousands of different ways.

Pac-Man 256

Pac-Man fans will enjoy this game. Players in this updated version of an old game must constantly navigate an endless path while collecting dots and power-ups. The game is over when the player meets ghosts or gets eaten by a bug at the bottom of the tunnel. A beautiful blast clears the map of ghosts when the player eats 256 dots in a row.

Final Fantasy 

This long-running show is part of a Japanese media brand and features short science fiction and fantasy stories. Each book in the series has a story about a group of heroes fighting a big bad. Players can choose from a variety of characters who all have their problems and relationships. Final Fantasy is known for having great music, graphics, full-motion movies, and character models that look and move like real people. Millions of dollars have been made from it.

Orbia: Tap and Relax

Orbia is a pinball game that is full of peace. Players must tap and run to avoid hitting annoying creatures in this casual, easy-to-play game for players of all ages. As players move up the levels, this game speeds up, even though it starts easy. Its bright graphics and good music make this exciting game even more exciting.


If you have an Android TV box remote, you can play these and other games on your screen. But it would be a lot more fun with a keyboard that works with it. Playing games online is a delightful way to connect with people, even if they live far away. Whether you want to play old-school games, role-playing games, or games like this one, your Android TV box can bring it to your living room.

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