Fixing Xbox Game Bar Error 0x803f8001 Win 10


Recently, some Windows 10 users said they got an Xbox Game Bar Error 0x803f8001 when they tried to open an app or game. It has been found that the error mostly happened on machines running Windows 10 v1809 and only for some users. Error 0x803f8001 in the Xbox Game Bar. Some users attempted to fix this issue by correctly setting their current position, updating the Microsoft Store, and actually updating their PC to the most recent build, but they were unsuccessful.

The exact cause of the error is still strange, but Microsoft is working on it and will fix it in the next few days. However, we have provided some potential fixes in this post that might assist you in fixing it. It comes with an error message, “Xbox Game Bar is unavailable in your account now.” Make sure you’re logged in to the store before you try again. If you need it, here is the error code: 0x803F8001.

Xbox Game Bar Error 0x803f8001

Follow these steps to fix Xbox Game Bar Error 0x803f8001:

1. Turn off the Xbox Game bar

Some users were able to fix this issue by deactivating the game bar. This is what you can do:

  • Select Settings after right-clicking the Start button.
  • Choose “Games” > “Xbox Game Bar.”
  • To turn off the game bar, navigate to the right side and click the lock switch.

2. Disable Microsoft store notification

Turn off the Microsoft Store alerts and see if the problem persists.

  • If you want to open the Settings app, press Windows+I.
  • Go to System > Notifications & tasks.
  • Scroll down until you see the Microsoft Store in the right pane.
  • To turn off the alerts, click on the switch.
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3. Reinstall Xbox Game bar

Reinstalling the game bar briefly appeared to fix this issue, according to another user. This is what you can do:

  • Log in as an administrator to PowerShell.
  • To get freed of the Xbox Game Bar, type the following code into Windows PowerShell and press Enter:

Use Get-AppxPackage to Get rid of Microsoft.XboxGamingOverlay | Remove-AppxPackage

  • After taking the game bar off of your PC, you should restart it.
  • After that, open the Microsoft Store and look for the Xbox Game Bar.
  • Pick the app from the list that comes up and then click the “Get” button. The app will be downloaded and set up instantly.

If you got the same error and couldn’t get to the 0x803f8001 Xbox Game Bar, now is the time to wait until Microsoft releases the fix in a future update.

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