How to grow your YouTube community in a good way . What began as a simple video-sharing platform has become a global powerhouse. The best way to start a business is to start with a bang. It can reach people worldwide, giving it a large audience. However, as the number of creators grows every year, it can be a competitive setting.

There are a few tips and tricks you should know if you want to grow your YouTube group.

Create Consistent Content

To build a loyal following on any social media platform, you need to talk to your audience often and interact with them. Your followers will start to notice a pattern. If they know that your posts come out on certain days of the week, they will look for them.

A big part of building a strong YouTube following is being consistent. When you first start, post three to four times a week. Building a loyal following takes time, but it’s easier for potential subscribers to get to know you and your channel if you give them enough content to digest.

Develop a Series

Turning a single view into a loyal subscriber often takes time and patience, depending on your channel’s content. To speed up the process, consider creating a video series. This prompts a one-time viewer to continue watching your content and follow the series to its end — encouraging them to subscribe to your narrative.

You’ll want to ensure that your series is built around a specific term to get the most out of search engine results. A specific niche also gives you a corner of the market to keep building on. Before you take the time to create a series, keep your content relevant and ensure an audience.

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Consider Branded Merchandise

Once you have a small following on YouTube, you need to think of yourself as a brand and great brands are always thinking about what’s next. Branded merchandise is the next step forward for many content creators.

YouTubers like Azzyland have used their chances as a popular vlogger to create their clothing line. Fans can buy Azzyland merchandise on her website and feel like they’re a bigger part of her community.


Setting up a line of products or accessories is a clear way to show your followers that you have plans for your brand and content. It makes an entrepreneurial story that gives you many options as your number of followers grows.

Explore Video Collaborations

YouTube has a lot of tight-knit groups, so vloggers can try out cross-promotion and work together. Consider reaching out to other popular channels in your niche to help each other build brands. Since the platform is about community, possible subscribers need to see creators talking to each other and helping each other. Consider a combined giveaway if you have the chance, which requires viewers to interact with both sites to win. It’s about building long-term relationships with your audience and other vloggers.