The 8 best phone number trackers you can use

phone number trackers

The 8 best phone number trackers you can use

That annoying phone call from unknown numbers you didn’t ask for is the worst thing in the world. In addition, you may receive unsolicited calls, scam calls, spam texts, advertising calls, and SMS, telemarketers trying to get money or credit card information from you, and so on. With late-night phone calls, some people may even bother you. Tracking the phone number is the best action in this case. You may find several free phone trackers.

In some cases, they may also be able to find the owner’s position and obtain their contact information. However, accessing any website that shows in a search engine may yield inaccurate results. Some of these services may put your privacy and the privacy of the target user at risk. The most effective way to track a phone number is using a reliable online app. Because of this, we’ve made a free list of the best, most reliable, and most important phone number tracks.

The 8 best phone number trackers you can use

1. USPhoneLookup

To find out who is calling you, use USPhoneLookup’s free Reverse Phone Lookup service if you keep getting spam or scam calls. USPhoneLookup is the most complete database of contact information for US people. Anywhere in the US, you can use it to trace mobile lines. People who are just starting will find the UI easy to use.

The website will quickly find information about the person and phone number owner from public data, social media, phone books, and ads if you type in the mobile number in the search bar. USPhoneLookup may be able to find out the caller’s name, current and past addresses, email address, friends, work background, crime records, and other information after checking its database. You may call back or block the caller’s number once you’ve identified them.

2. NumLooker


Looker NumNumLooker is a well-known reverse data lookup service that enables users to find a target’s mobile phone number by mixing public records and digital traces to produce reliable results. You may trace any phone number for free using this service. The user’s mobile number must be entered into the “Phone Lookup” box on its website to use it.

It uses data-matching technology and a sizable database to track the target’s mobile number and gather crucial information about them. Information about the person, including email addresses, friends and family, and social media sites, is included in the report. You may also keep track of the target’s exact location and past addresses. This is one of the best ways to track a phone number.

3. MinSpy

MinSpyMinSpy is a new phone-tracking app with an expanding user base. Covert location tracking is among the many great things about this full phone monitoring service. It can track a phone on both Android and iOS devices. They don’t require to jailbreak or root their device to finish the process. If the person has an iPhone, Minspy allows you to track them without touching their phone. You need temporary access to someone’s Android phone to track it.

The easy-to-use interface and easy access tabs make a positive first impression. As with the other best phone tracking apps on our list, Spyine is an online service that can be accessed via any web browser. The phone tracking program does not require end-user installation. You can save their movement data to your device with Minspy and monitor their phone. It may also sort them by area, how often they come, time, and other factors.

4. PhoneNumberLookupFree

phone number trackers

We keep track of our online presence by using PhoneNumberLookupFree’s reverse phone search service. As previously mentioned, it identifies the person on the other end of the line, their location, and the city and state from which they are calling. In reality, it uses the user’s mobile number to track their profile and, with the right precautions, legally and safely share the information.

Type the phone number on the page and click the search box. Once it finds the basic information you want, it will search its database of public papers. The phone number find service may be used without paying anything. PhoneNumberLookupFree can help you determine if a call from a mobile number you don’t know is from a friend or spam. You may decide whether to call back or block the number when you see the caller’s name. This is one of the best ways to track a phone number.

5. Spyine

Anyone may covertly use Spyine’s flexible mobile tracking technology to track a phone number. Like Spyic, Spyine is online software accessible from any web browser through a panel that can be changed to fit your needs. The target phone’s app offers a thorough user interface that gives the user access to all the data it has gathered. Spyine’s main goal is to make everything simple to use. Its user interface is made so anyone can use it, even if they need to learn more about computers. After creating an account with Spyine, you may decide between iOS and Android as the target device, access the Spyine homepage, and see their contact information. Spyine saves information about the calls a user makes and gets with its call tracking feature.

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Information about the call’s length, identification, time stamps, and other call-related details is available. To hear what they’re saying, you may even record the calls. So, try out Spyic’s free test to see how the features work. In addition to tracking mobile numbers without being seen, Spyine has many other tools that make your life easier. Spyine also comes with expert user support. So, if you ever have a problem with the Spyine tracking system, they will help you fix it immediately. We will never share your personal information with anyone else. Because it is not stored on Spyic’s servers, not even its employees can access your data.

6. USPhoneSearch

phone number trackers

The website USPhoneSearch is highly recommended as a top-notch mobile number tracker. As long as you use the secure and secure method, your information will be safe. In a few minutes, you should be able to use your computer or smartphone to track down the source of the target phone number. It’s completely free and has a simple interface. USPhoneSearch will do the rest after you enter the target’s mobile number into the search field.

Nothing else needs to be done on your behalf. Many databases are searched to give a full background report, which may include the caller’s full name, address, and information about their age, gender, and other factors. You can trace and find mobile phones and landlines safely. It can only track mobile and home numbers in that country because it is based there. Go to USPhoneSearch and start tracking the target mobile number immediately if you have internet access. This is one of the best ways to track a phone number.

7. Number-Lookup

Number-Lookup is the most popular and useful mobile tracker available today. It’s all done on the web. Because of this, you don’t have to deal with the trouble of getting and installing an app on your device. With this web-based app, you can use someone’s phone number to find personal information about them.

On the site’s home page, enter the number you want to track, and you’ll have access to a ton of information about the target number in minutes. You need to find the owner’s name, address, family, or businesses connected to them. You may block known scammers and telemarketers and recognize real calls in addition to finding out who was calling and why. This is one of the best ways to track a phone number.

8. Spyic

phone number trackers

Spyic is very different from other phone number trackers. The only reason Spyic made its phone tracking service was to help parents keep an eye on their kids. Mobile number tracking is just one of its many family control tools. Create a free Spyic account with your current email address, and then observe the instructions on the screen to start tracking the target’s mobile activities. Real-time location tracking, social media tracking, SMS tracking, a keylogger, an account of websites and apps viewed, and a call record monitor are some of the features that Spyic has.

Spyic gives you full access to their services when you sign up. All of Spyic’s features are accessible from its online website, making it simple. You do not need to download any apps to your device to trace a phone number. You must install Spyic if the target’s phone number is tied to an Android device. This app is small and only takes up a little space, which is good news. Also, the app icon is no longer visible after installation. You don’t have to put the Spyic app on an Apple device. All it needs are the target phone’s iCloud details.

The user does not need to root or jailbreak their device to do any of this. The target user’s phone will stay safe thanks to this straight access. Spyic uses strong security features to ensure that only you can access the mark phone’s location or data. Teenagers worry about their privacy, so Spyic works in stealth mode. So, you don’t have to worry that your kids will find out you’re tracking their whereabouts. With geofencing, you can tell your child where it is safe and dangerous for them to go. You will be told right away if your child gets out of bounds.

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