8 Best Free Video Editing Software For Windows & Mac

Free Video Editing Software

Well, It can be difficult to find the right video editing software, particularly if you are a beginner. However, it is better to try those that are free rather than pay for something which you may not have to do if you are not sure what features you are looking for in your video editing software.

Free video editing software can help you to add or extract audio from videos, resize and compress video files, add subtitles, and much more. Well, If you want to create a professional video, but you don’t have the ability to use it or do not want to spend money on advanced premium software, here are the top Windows and Mac video editing programs that you can use for free.

8 Best Free Video Editing Software

Well, For creating and editing videos, there are many free options. Here, Some of them are easier to use, and only the basic tools are available. Others will have advanced editing capabilities but also have watermarks and other constraints. So, think about your video editing software’s features and select a feature from the list below.

1. OpenShot (For Windows & Mac)

Free Video Editing Software

Well, OpenShot is a great entry-level option for anyone interested in learning about video editing software and its features. This is an open-source and free video editor that has an expert touch and features more than you can find in normal or closed-source software.

This video editor includes tools to resize, rotate and trim your videos, add 3D animations and keywords that will animate anything in your video, and unlimited tracks to add as many layers of audio or background video as you wish.

2. VideoPad (For Windows & Mac)

Free Video Editing Software

VideoPad is a good example of free video editing software which will help you create a great video clip in only a few minutes, to share online. It’s easy and easy to start with. Then, you can easily import and export your videos and share them directly on your networks.

VideoPad has dozens of visual & transitional effects, 3D and 360-degree video editing capabilities, and a wide Sound Effect library, which you can use free of charge to add audio effects to your video clips. Also available in VideoPad is a premium version starting at $3.88 a month and supplied with unlimited soundtracks and plugin support.

3. Shotcut (For Windows & Mac)

Free Video Editing Software

Shotcut is a free, open-source video editor for older users. It’s a perfect video editor for users that like to customize their software and move things in their workspace. You can add, resize and remove windows in Shotcut to ensure that you get the interface to your convenience.

Shotcut is supported in large formats and offers a wide range of video and audio effects to every editor. The only drawback is that for beginner editors, it might look a bit overcomplicated.

4. DaVinci Resolve (For Windows & Mac)

Free Video Editing Software

Well, DaVinci Resolve is a powerful all-in-one video package for the most advanced users. More than a Video Editing app, the latest version of this free video editing software includes a single app – Fusion – which used to be a composer for 2D/3D video effects.

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DaVinci Resolve is an advanced video editing app cross-platform. This app offers you a host of professional tools and features, such as high-end video effects, color correction, motion graphics, and audio production tools. Nevertheless, it might take you a while to learn your way through this software if you are a complete beginner.

5. iMovie (For Mac)

Free Video Editing Software

For users of macOS, iMovie is a great free video editor. It is easy to use and features a large number of fundamental video editing features, ideal for beginner editing. In the videos, you can also add images, audio, and effects.

IMovie supports 4K resolution as well and offers tools for improving the quality of your videos.

6. Lightworks (For Windows & Mac)

Lightworks is a great choice if you want to make professional videos without money. It’s full of high-end features such as multi-track editing, background import and rendition, and the ability to preview in real-time video effects. In addition, Lightworks will ensure that during processing, your video quality is not diminished.

Lightworks are available for free and a premium subscription starting at $24.99 per month is available. With a paid subscription, you can directly upload your videos to YouTube and work with 3D to export your files in different formats, not just MPEGs.

7. MovieMaker Online

Would you not like to undergo the long registration, download, and installation process for a website? You can create and edit videos on your web browser with MovieMaker Online. You can find a basic set of editing options in MovieMaker Online, which includes the capability to add images and audio, transitions, and video effects to your video.

8. Movie Maker (For Windows)

Movie Maker is the ideal solution for Windows users if you are looking for an easy video editor that is free to use. It is pre-installed on many Windows computers; therefore, you don’t have to go through the downloading and installation process. Movie Maker is an early-stage video editor with a number of basic features and tools.

Choose The Best Free Video Editing Software:

Well, Whether you’re looking for an app to create professional game videos or to update your GoPro videos, we certainly list you as a video editor. Choosing a single video editor from a range of options may be difficult. But, on the contrary, you can see that there are probably one or two programs that stand out when you consider your own video editing experience and your goals for the final product.

How do you edit your videos using video editing software? Are you satisfied with the program you use, or do you lack features? In the following section, share your experience with video editing software.

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