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The Best 10 GoPro Video Editors

Go Pro is a Great tool for anyone who is Seeking to capture some amazing looking footage. The high-Quality Component Approximately Go Pro is that it is so small that you could actually deliver in your pocket. So, each time you are headed out to somewhere, you may simply use the Go Pro and get some Notable footage out of it.

Firstly, What  Is Action Cameras OR GoPro ?

Action Cameras are cameras designed to report diverse bodily sports wherein the usage of a ordinary digicam or a Smart phone would genuinely prove impractical, ineffective, and pretty dangerous if fact be instructed.

GoPros are obviously king of the action cameras as they’re fully waterproof, record full HD quality video and images, and are built to take a fair amount of punishment in the process as they’re fully shockproof as well. Because of this, various athletes and sportsmen and women actually compete and engage in sporting activities whilst wearing the device, which is only small in size and is designed to be worn securely on the body, often on the forehead to give great POV action shots as the individuals compete in their chosen sports and disciplines.

Of course, these cameras don’t have to be used for sporting activities as some people mount them on their dashboards whilst driving for security/insurance purposes, as well as whilst out walking in the countryside perhaps. In truth the amount of mounting options available are near limitless.

Buttons And Features :

Now we’ll take a more in-depth look at the various buttons/features that are found on the GoPro.

Power – Pretty self explanatory, the power button is located on the front of the device and with one short press will switch the device on, and with a long press, will switch the device off.

WIFI/Settings – The device also features a relocated WIFI/Settings button, which when pressed once will work for settings, but if held down for a couple of seconds, will toggle WIFI on and off. To access WIFI, you will have to first enter settings mode. This was a deliberate design change to prevent WIFO accidentally being switched on or off accidentally.

Shutter/Select – The camera also features a shutter/select button which basically acts as a shutter like found on standard cameras. When the device is on, simply press the button to begin recording, and press it again to stop recording.

Navigation Menus – Once the device is on, using the power button you can cycle through various functions, modes, and settings. There is video, burst, settings, time lapse, and photo to choose from.

Video Mode Settings – Once switched on, this is the first mode you will find. Here you can select the field of view and choose from Wide, Medium, and Narrow (W, M, N). You can select the video resolution, the frame rate, clip numbers and the record time, as well as being able to check battery life as well as the SD card capacity as well.

Bluetooth – Currently, the Bluetooth option on the Hero4 is designed to act as a power saving feature as it will recognise when your smart phone or device is nearby, and will reduce the power consumption as a result.

Hilight Tag Button – On the right hand side of the device, where the old WIFI button once was, there is now the “Hilight tag” button. In the past, having to go through hours of footage until you found one cool shot was pretty tedious. With this button, immediately after you do something cool, you press this button which will immediately tag that location of filming so when editing you can find it in seconds.

Accessories – Finally, before we wrap things up, let’s first take a look at a few of the more popular and common accessories currently available for the Hero4.

The Best 10 GoPro Video Editors :

The issue comes when you have to edit the footage as some people run into issues. Well, if you are one of those, then do not worry. As in this article, we are going to be looking at some of the Best Video Editors that you can get for GoPro.

Best GoPro Video Editors For Desktop

VideoProc – Editor’s choice
Quik by GoPro



  • Available For: Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Best Suited For Beginners

Openshot is honestly the software solution this is made for folks that are looking for a excessive-cease, open source video editing software program that also happens to be free. However, do not allow that fool you as the wonderful functions are still there, so that you certainly will no longer have any problems in anyway.

As a long way because the capabilities are concerned, you are not left at the back of in that department both. You do get a nice listing of features so that it will make this software program well worth your even as.

Cross-Platform Video Editing: One feature that we really admire here is the cross-platform video editing. This is definitely something that makes the video editing process all the more seamless.
Great Format Support: Whether you are working with audio or video, you do not have to worry about running into anything that is not supported. As OpenShot supports even those formats that have been obscured for some time now.
Great Editing Tools: With OpenShot, you can make full use of the tools that are available at your disposal.

OpenShot definitely has the potential to become a fan Favourite. Thanks to the fact that it is easy to use, has a great interface, comes with enough features to keep you occupied, and the best thing is the Audio Manipulation that works wonders.
The downside here is that the software can be demanding on less powerful hardware. So, that is another important factor that we must keep in mind.
Overall, I think OpenShot is definitely one of the best video editing software solution that you can find. It is simple, great when it comes to overall usability, and has all the necessary bells and whistles that you would need to make your experience with video editing a treat.

Free Version :
No watermark.
All features.


  • Available For: Mac, and iOS
  • Best Suited For Beginner Mac users

The Superb component about software program solutions which might be made through apple is that they may be so optimized which you truely do now not should worry about any discrepancies that is probably an difficulty. This is wherein iMovie comes into play. The software program answer is so convenient for the apple customers that it’s far hard now not to use it.

Below, you will find some main Features of this Software.

Amazing Titles: One of the main things that you must know about this software is that you are getting studio great titles from this software.
Lots of Filters: If you wish to add a visual flair to your videos, you can do so by using one of the countless filters that this software provides you with.
Amazing Soundtrack Library: The software even provides you with an amazing soundtrack library that is free to use, and adds a great value to your video.

Even though iMovie is designed for those who are still at the beginner’s level, the good news is that with the features you have, there is plenty to look forward to that makes your overall experience a whole lot better. The simple and refined interface, intuitive tools, as well as the amazing keying feature, and Very importantly, the Support for Theater Feature is a blessing.
The only thing that I would like to say here is that Apple should include motion tracking and multi-cam feature as well, and the Tagging support is missing too.
Overall, iMovie is definitely something that most of the people should look for as it gets the job done in all the cases that you throw at it. It is a great software for those who are still beginners and works wonderfully.

Free Version :
No watermark.
All features.


  • Available For: Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Best Suited For Advanced Users

In case you are looking for something advanced, and you want so that it will do extra than simply Edit  Videos, then any other superb option that we have for you is blender. it definitely is one of the Nice video enhancing Software Program solutions whether you’re looking at Gopro Movies or different Videos for that depend.

Below, you will find some of the highlighted features of this amazing and entirely free video editor.

Render and Animate: With Blender, you can edit your videos for sure, but it also has a full-fledged animator, and renderer that can make your job even easier if you want to.
Visual Effect Library: Another great thing about Blender is that you get access to a long list of visual effect library that you can use to your convenience. It makes everything super simple, and easy.
Tools for Everyone: Whether you are looking for just editing videos, you want to do some scripting, animating, or rendering, Blender has it all for you.

Needless to say, as far as the features are concerned, there is no denying that Blender is no slouch. The editor can definitely allow you to edit videos and make them look amazing as long as you are careful about using them. The best part is that you are getting something that is not just entirely free and secure, but also open source. Additionally, you are also getting a long list of platform support that will ensure maximum usability across different platforms.
The only downside here is that you are going to need a good GPU if you properly wish to utilize the GPU specific features.
Overall, Blender is definitely one of the best video editing software that the GoPro users can utilize and make the most of their work and time.


  • Available For: Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Best Suited For 4K Video Editing

There is no Denying that open supply Software program solutions are slowly taking the industry by hurricane and they’re persevering with to do so. they’re lots greater convenient than a number of the Alternative as with those software program solutions, you get get entry to to features which might be New and that Occurs on a normal foundation.

Shotcut is clearly the Unfastened video editing software program for Gopro that everyone is talking about in the cutting-edge day and age. the good information is that it is packed with a few superb capabilities, permit’s have a glance.

Great Video and Audio Features: The good thing about Shotcut is that it does not shy away from giving us great audio and video features. There is just so much fidelity to this software that it makes it easier than you might think.
Cross-Platform Support: This is definitely something that most people are constantly looking for. With Shotcut, you get amazing cross-platform support that makes the whole experience so much better and easier for those who are looking to use it.
Open Source: The reason why I am listing this as a feature because being an open source software, you get regular updates that are always bringing new and improved features as well.

There is no denying that Shotcut comes packed with some amazing features. Additionally, the interface on this software is also among the best, and you get a plethora of features that are specific towards both audio and video. The best part about this App is that literally everything about it can be customized as per your requirements.
Honestly, my only gripe with this App is that you do not get device-specific profiles. That is a small issue.
Overall, the Shotcut happens to be among the best video editors you can find. It is simple, easy to use, and extremely convenient to use as well.

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VideoProc – Editor’s choice

  • Available For: Windows, Mac
  • Best Suited For GoPro beginners, quick editing, HEVC video processing

This Video Editor that we are searching at is called Videoproc. for those who do not realize, we have reviewed this before.

Videoproc is honestly a video processing toolkit that may be used for simple video editing, conversions, ripping dvd disc to virtual, comes with Downloader for popular systems (including Youtube, Facebook and so on), Display screen recording. those are simply some of the capabilities that make Videoproc so top at what it does.

So, it was only fair that we add it onto the list of the Best GoPro video Editors.

Stabilize and Denoise Video Footages – It can actually stabilize as well as denoise your videos recorded by GoPro 5/6/7.
Fisheye Correction – Fix fisheye effect recorded by Superview and Wide FOV.
Basic Editing Options – The software supports all the basic options to cut, merge, split and crop GoPro videos.
Make GIF – Allows you to convert video into GIF, extract jpg/png from the video, resize the image.
Add Effects, Subtitles, Watermark – Easily add filter effect, subtitle and watermark to GoPro recorded videos.
Transcode the videos – You get the ability to transcode the videos, i.e. HEVC to H.264 so the videos can be played on a wider range of devices.
Level-3 hardware acceleration – Edit, convert and process your GoPro videos faster using full hardware acceleration.

The good thing about VideoProc is that it offers top of the line performance thanks to the level-3 hardware acceleration, it works on almost all the hardware types. It comes with a great list of tricks to edit GoPro videos like a charm, and it can actually download music and videos as well. A rather unusual feature for a video editing App.
Moving onto the downsides, we did not run into any deal-breaking issues that would make the App less intuitive. As a matter of fact, this is certainly one of the best video editors available for GoPro.

Free Version
Contains all the features of the full version but for a trial period.

Paid Versions
1-year license/PC for $29.95.
Lifetime license/PC for $42.95.
Lifetime license/2-5 PCs for $57.95

Quik by GoPro

  • Available For: Windows and Mac
  • Best Suited For GoPro users

The brilliant component about Quik is that it comes straight from the masterminds in the back of gopro. This means that that you are basically getting a first-celebration video enhancing App that has all the extremely good features that you are going to need to be able to edit your videos effortlessly and with none problems.

Below are some of the highlighted features of Quik, so, let’s shed light on some of them.

Supports All Video Types: One of the biggest benefits here is that Quik likes to play good with all video types, so you do not have to worry about unsupported formats.
Access to Themes: Another good thing is that with Quik, you get access to some pretty decent themes that you can use to make your experience a bit more granular.
Customize Your Videos: With Quik, you really do not have to worry about your videos looking bland or standard because you can customize it just the way you want to.
Great Audio Repository: Using Quik will allow you to use audio files that you can use in your music to make everything sound even better.

Now the features are great, and that is something we will not deny. But under the core, Quik happens to be one of the most respectable software solutions when it comes to GoPro users. You can effortlessly edit both photos as well. The software offers simplicity when it comes to using them, and the interface looks neat and clean. Being a first-party solution, the overall performance of the software is commendable, to say the least.
As far as the downsides are concerned, I do not think Quik can give you any issues. The desktop version of this software runs flawlessly and without creating any issues. All these offerings make it one of the best free GoPro video editor without watermark.

The Best GoPro Video Editors For Mobile

Apple Clips
Adobe Premiere Clip
Quik by GoPro

Apple Clips

  • Available For: iOS
  • Best Suited For interactive edits

Apple clips is by no means a expert video editing Software. As a remember of truth, it’s miles specially for folks that are seeking out making interactive videos, and percentage them with their pals every time they feel like.

The quality element is that the software program does cater to the a laugh-loving humans with a few basic capabilities that are listed under.

Creation Friendly: With Apple Clips, you can create video clips in a matter of a few seconds and with great ease.
Too Many Titles: If you want to have the freedom, then Apple Clips gives you access to a lot of titles that you can choose from for a greater experience.
Stickers for Fun: If you want to have some fun, you can use the stickers to make your videos look even better.
Selfie Scenes: Give your selfies a bump by using selfie scenes which only make them look better.

It is safe to say that you are already aware of the fact that Apple Clips is not built with advanced editing in mind. As a matter of fact, the software offers some really basic editing, but all in a good sense. It gives you the freedom to send cute selfies to your friends, as well as your family members. You can create some fun looking video clips with a few taps, and the interface will most certainly not confuse you in any way.
It does lack advanced features, but it should not be a bother for many people.
Overall, Apple Clips is made for those who are searching for simplicity. It does not throw a plethora of features at you because most of the features it does have are simple and concise.

Free Version
No watermark.
All features.

Adobe Premiere Clip

  • Available For: iOS & Android
  • Best Suited For Basic mobile editing

I like adobe’s highest quality pro thanks to the granular video modifying tools that it offers. The software works with such fidelity that there are without a doubt no troubles by any means. It really works truly nicely, and the high-quality element is that it is simple and clean to apply as properly. The most useful clip is for folks that need in an effort to edit the motion pictures on their smartphones readily.

Adobe Premiere Clip does come with some really nice features.

Import: One of the best features that you get on the Adobe Premiere Clip is that you can import the clips straight from the Premiere Pro, making everything all the better.
Integration: Another thing that you must know is that the software can integrate with Adobe Lightroom as well as Capture.
Seamless Synchronisation: You also get seamless synchronization with all the devices that you own.

Adobe Premiere Clip is definitely the software to use for anyone who is looking for a seamless experience in making sure that the videos look stunning. You can, to some extent, make your videos look professional with ease. It is amazing for those looking for on the go editing, and it is packed with features. If you wish to, you can send the videos straight to Premiere Pro for further editing, and it offers amazing integration with the rest of the Adobe softwares.
The only downside here is that the app comes with a learning curve that can be hard to master. But once you do master it, using it becomes extremely easy and conveninet.
Overall, the Adobe Premiere Clip is definitely something that you should invest in if you are looking for a good editing experience on the go.

Free Version
No watermark.
All features.


  • Available For: iOS
  • Best Suited For Quick Video Editing

For every body who is using an iphone, splice is the main video enhancing software program that the majority use, and for all the right reasons. the app is exceptional in the whole lot it has to do and it does it ever so effects.

The high-quality element about splice is that is made keeping the benefit of an amazing app in thoughts, so you have the easiest enjoy getting the most performance out of it as properly. underneath are a number of the main functions that you would possibly interest you.

Simplicity: One of the main things about Splice is that it focuses on simplicity, wherein it happens to be one of the easiest to use software solutions you will find in the market.
Customize Your Audio: Another great thing about Splice is that it lets you customize your audio just the way you want. It is a simple, all in one solution that you can make use of, and in all honesty, it works brilliantly, and without any issues as well.

Splice does not focus on having the top of the line features, as a matter of fact, the main focus is to provide simplicity to the users and have them use the software without any issues. You also get an impressive library of music that is royalty-free, so you can use it to create truly unique videos. You can even upload the videos directly to any social media website, and most importantly, you can edit the photos as well.
My only issue with the app is that there is no Android version of this otherwise amazing app available. It would have made everything so much easier and convenient otherwise.
Overall, Splice is definitely something that you should look into if you are using an iPhone and you want to have something that gives you a really easy video editing experience because the app does deliver it.

Free Version
No watermark.
All features.

Quik by GoPro

  • Available For: iOS & Android
  • Best Suited For GoPro users

Quick is returned again, however this time, we are searching on the mobile version of the software program. We have already checked out the laptop model and we were very well pleased. so, now are searching on the mobile model to look simply how precise it’s far.

In phrases of the features, you get the equal functions that you have at the computer version. so, there’s not anything to worry about.

One of the main things I love about the app is that you can sync it with your GoPro and export all the videos so you can edit them. The app also gives you the ability to edit both videos, as well as photos. This is certainly a cool feature for anyone who is looking to make the most of their experience. The interface is clean for an app, and it works rather smoothly. So, I can assure you that as far as the performance hiccups are concerned, you will not have to worry about any of those.
On The contrary, the one thing I noticed is that the app does take its toll on the battery life of your smartphone. Which is understandable since it requires high processing power.
Overall, Quik on your smartphone is just as good as it is on your desktop. Sure, you do not have the granular level of video editing control on the smartphone app but it still impressively rich with features and does not disappoint.

Free Version
Watermark: But can be removed by tapping the screen.
All features.


Conclusion :

That is in this roundup, we mentioned the best video editing software solutions that you could find. Sure, the list is short and concise as far as the options are considered, but it is kept that way so you do not have any confusions finding and choosing the right option.

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