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How To Fix Netflix Error Code M7111-5059 [Full Guide]

Error Code M7111-5059

There’s a very high likelihood of encountering a proxy error if you have tried to view Netflix with a VPN. Or as called by Netflix: M7111–5059 Error Code. This text usually goes along: “You appear to have an unblocker or proxy. Please disable all these services and try again.”

We’ll tell you all about why this Netflix Error Code M7111-5059 occurs and how it can be fixed in this article.

Why Am I Getting This Netflix Error Code M7111-5059?

Netflix began banning any IP address that belongs to VPNs in 2016. This is mainly due to distribution legislation.

Users realize that they can watch more different films and shows on the TV when they connect to Netflix libraries of other countries via VPNs after Netflix has launched its global library for different countries. Netflix has therefore begun to ban VPNs from enforcing its copyright obligations.

In very rare cases, users who do not use a VPN experience a proxy error. This is possible because your Internet service provider uses the same IP address as a VPN that Netflix has blocked. In the rest of the article, we will explain more.

Also, generally speaking, you will see a proxy error on your screen when you connect Netflix with a VPN, and Netflix detects that. This means that Netflix is not able to detect all VPNs. Only a few VPNs could bypass the geo-block of Netflix.

What Is Geo-block, And How Does Netflix Know You Are Using A VPN Or Proxy?

You will be assigned a code that is the IP address of your device when you connect a device to the Internet. Different types of information exist in any IP address. For Netflix, the main one is the country from which you connect.

Netflix can learn by reading this code which country you connect from and thus show you a certain amount of its content available to your country.

This method is known as geo-blocking by many streaming services to block access to content not to be viewed in a particular country. We know that, but not all, VPNs may circumvent this block.

When connecting to a VPN, your actual IP address is replaced with an IP that covers the IP address of the VPN provider. Because VPNs and proxies use data centers to allocate IP addresses to various users, they usually have the same IP addresses. They provide. For Netflix, access to each IP address in this range is therefore easily blocked.

This sometimes causes a proxy error to be experienced by anyone who does not use a VPN because a residential IP address could also be blocked by banning a full IP address range.

How To Bypass Netflix Proxy Error Or Netflix Error Code M7111-5059?

Since Netflix is always looking for IP addresses that it believes belong to VPNs or proxies, every VPN does not want and cannot actually fight the infamous technology of IP blocking. So although many VPNs claim to be able to bypass the proxy error, they either don’t work or do not.

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You can read here, step by step, how the Netflix proxy error can be circumvented:

1- Sign up for a VPN that can unblock Netflix. We recommend Wachee since they are an exclusive Netflix VPN 

2- Download and install the app on your device 

3- Log in with the email and password you have created 

4- Choose which Netflix library you want to watch 

5- Click on “Connect.” 

6- Open Netflix and enjoy lots and lots of more content!

What If The VPN Doesn’t Work?

In this case, you should first remove the cache and cookies in your browser for Netflix. This will ensure that Netflix forgets your IP address previously so that they can no longer block you. After that, you can try the VPN on other devices or with other internet connections if that does not work.

Well, If none of the above fixes your problem, you can always contact customer service from Wachee and report on the problem in order to resolve it.

Since Wachee is offering a free 7-day trial, you can try it safely, and even if there is a problem after the 7-day trial, you can claim a refund if you believe Wachee doesn’t satisfy your requirements.

Why Is Wachee The Best VPN For Bypassing The Netflix Proxy Error Or Netflix Error Code M7111-5059?

As we mentioned, there are no many VPN options that bypass the Netflix proxy error, but Wachee performs the job almost perfectly.

Wachee offers many great features, making it the perfect VPN for Netflix watching. Some of its characteristics have been listed below.

Well, Wachee has thousands of servers worldwide so that you can be everywhere and still have the best streaming speed and quality. And in addition, Wachee will select the best server for you so that you don’t need to look for your working servers.

Multi-location is something not offered by all VPNs. For example, Wachee supports Netflix from various countries that together account for over 90% of all Netflix content worldwide.

It is an exclusive VPN for Netflix streaming, as we have already mentioned. Wachee only tunnels Netflix traffic via servers and does not affect any other websites open in your browser. This means that when the Wachee is connected, you will not experience any speed drop, which is a major problem for other VPNs. Furthermore, this feature offers greater security because Wachee will have no information on other websites. This feature is also available.

In comparison with a VPN, Wachee has one of the lowest prices subscriptions. You will receive $35.88, which is only $2.99 per month when you purchase the annual plan! This is also supplied with a 10-day cash-back guarantee and a free trial. And finally, the only VPN that can unblock Netflix is the Wachee. It is just an hour a day, but it’s better than any other VPN that we saw!

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