Tips On How to Get Instagram Followers with Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

Are you aware of the trick to expanding your Instagram followers? Want to know how to use Facebook Ads to get more followers? How Can You Effectively Utilize Facebook Ads To Boost Your Instagram Following?

We’ll show you how using Facebook Ads can speed up your growth instead of just counting on Instagram. As a result, in this blog post, we’ll talk about the best way to boost your fan count using Instagram and Facebook, two powerful social media platforms. Let’s jump right in;

Why Is It Important to Have a Large Following on Instagram?


Here’s why;

  • Increased Exposure and Visibility: Having a large following on Instagram means that more people will see your content. This makes your brand visible, which gives you the exposure it needs and puts you in a good place in your industry.


  • Make your Instagram account seem more real: Your credibility and impact are demonstrated by a large fan count, which serves as social proof. It tells the world that your content is interesting, which brings you more followers.


  • How to Engage and Show Social Proof: More likes, comments, shares, and general engagement result from a large audience. This connection is more than just numbers; it’s a community built around your brand talking about your goods and services. Your account’s credibility is further boosted by this engagement, which also fosters a sense of community around it.


  • Chance to Work Together with Brands: Businesses and influencers are more willing to collaborate with accounts with a large following. The communities you can reach with these relationships can grow even more.

Steps to Boost Instagram Followers Through Facebook Ads

The following is a step-by-step instruction manual on how to boost your Instagram followers:


  • Clearly Define your Goals for the Ad Campaign

Define your objectives before embarking on any marketing endeavor. Have you thought about how your ad campaign will end? Is it to get more people to know about the brand, market a product or service, or get leads? Your whole ad campaign plan will be based on having a clear goal in mind.

  • Link Your Facebook Page and Instagram Account

You need to connect your Facebook Page and Instagram account for your Facebook ads to work. You can fully utilize Facebook Ads Manager thanks to this connection, which ensures smooth interaction between the two platforms.

  • Access Facebook Ads Manager

First, go to and click “Create” in Facebook Ads Manager to start a new ad campaign.

  • Select Ad Objective

Pick the ad aim that fits with your goal of getting more Instagram followers. Choose objectives like “Engagement” or “Brand Awareness” to reach your audience and get them to join your Instagram community

  • Select Placements

To ensure that your ad will only appear on Instagram, go to the Ad Set, click “Edit Placements,” and then pick “Instagram.” With this focused method, you can make your campaign work best for Instagram and have the most effect possible.

  • Build Lookalike Audiences 

The option to make “lookalike” groups is one of the best things about Facebook Ads. Use this function to find Instagram users who are like your current audience. You can reach people who are likely to be interested in your content by setting limits based on areas, demographics, hobbies, habits, and more.

  • Ad Budget and Schedule

About how much do you spend? When did it happen? Plan out the budget and plan for your campaign.

  • Ad Formats for Instagram

You can pick from different types of ads, like video ads, picture ads, scrolling ads, and story ads. Try out a few different styles until you find the one that works best for your audience.

  • Ad Creative

The key to grabbing the interest of your audience is compelling ad design. Use high-quality images and interesting text to get people to follow your Instagram account. People will click the “Follow” button if you show off your brand’s attitude and unique value offer.

  • Include a Strong Call to Action (CTA)

Remember to end your ad with a strong call to action. Make sure it’s clear and encourages users to take the desired action of following your Instagram account, whether it’s “Follow Us” or a custom CTA.

  • Ad Placement and Ad Preview

Check where your Instagram ad will go and see how it will look on both Instagram and Facebook. To effectively explain your message to potential followers, you must ensure your ad is visually appealing.

  • Track and Measure

Setting up tracking settings with Facebook Pixel is necessary to monitor how your ad campaign is doing. Keep an eye on key measures and look at the data to find out what’s working and what needs to be improved.

  • Launch your Ad Campaign and Monitor

Press the “launch” button when you’re done with everything. Use Facebook Ads Manager to keep a close eye on how the campaign is doing.

  • Continuously Optimize your Campaign

When you start your ad campaign, the journey doesn’t end. Always make changes to your campaign based on how well it’s doing. To get the best results and ensure you generate the most growth and engagement on Instagram, modify your targets, spending, and ad content.

  • Engage with New Followers

Try to engage with your new Instagram followers after you’ve successfully drawn them through your Facebook Ads. Answer questions, respond to comments, and make relationships that matter.


Q: Can Facebook ads increase followers?

A: Of course! Expanding your Instagram following with Facebook ads can be a powerful tool. By directing your target audience to your Instagram account, you can gain new followers on Instagram.

Q: What kind of ads work best on Instagram?

A:Ads for Instagram Stories, especially those shot on a phone, have done well.

Q: What is Instagram’s advertising strategy?

A: Setting goals, knowing your target audience, creating interesting ad content, and monitoring results are all essential to a successful Instagram advertising plan. To ensure the best results and growth, you must carefully consider your ad places, spending, and message.

Q: How can I improve my ad engagement?

A: Interact with your audience. Respond to comments, elicit inquiries, and display the spirit of your brand. Your ad engagement can increase using the right targets and interesting content.

Q: What are the three main creative elements of an ad?

A: An interesting title, eye-catching images, and a clear call to action are the three things that make a great ad. This ad not only gets people’s attention but also makes them want to take action.


Lastly, using Facebook Ads is a huge step forward for getting more Instagram followers. You can connect with your ideal audience like never before by using the huge number of users and advanced targeting tools. So give it a shot; good luck, and thanks for reading!

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