The best Video Games that were based on famous TV shows

The best Video Games that were based on famous TV shows

The best Video Games that were based on famous TV shows. Most of us know that video games get ideas from many places, like Greek mythology, music, and sometimes TV shows. Nobody can deny that they haven’t hoped they could go on crazy adventures with their favorite TV shows. Well, these four games let you feel like you’re a character in the worlds of the best TV shows.

1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds


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An exciting homage to the long-running TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Chaos Bleeds has been a favorite among fans for years. This video game version tells a new story with a great cast of characters, including the show’s undisputed star, Spike, a fan favorite.

One thing that makes this game stand out is that it captures the series’ smart banter and essence without feeling rushed. Fans of Buffy’s action scenes will love this game because it does a great job of recreating the heart-pounding fights with vampires and other demons. The best Video Games that were based on famous TV shows You can interact with a wide spectrum of minor and important characters from the TV series as you walk through Sunnydale’s famous places.

2. Star Trek: Bridge Crew


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Star Trek: Bridge Crew takes you on an amazing journey through space, where you fight alien enemies and save people in trouble. You can let out your inner Captain Kirk in this game. You can lead the team on exciting adventures. The game, made by Ubisoft, has gotten a lot of good reviews and can be played on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Oculus Quest, and Microsoft Windows.

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The game captures the show’s essence with its stunning graphics, real-world sounds, and exciting adventures that feel like the best parts of the famous Star Trek TV series.

3. Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion



Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion sets out on an exciting role-playing adventure that perfectly captures the show’s essence. The game’s open world takes Adventure Time fans back to the Land of Ooo, thanks to its superb recreation of the show’s beautiful art style and the return of its talented voice cast.

This isn’t just a visual salute; the game expertly uses each character’s unique skills, like Jake’s brave shape-shifting or Marceline’s hypnotic Why-wolf change.

The people who made the game are real fans of the show, and you can tell by reading the funny and heartfelt writing. The game is told to appeal to kids, but it still captures the magic of Adventure Time.

4. The Walking Dead


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The Walking Dead: The Game is a gem in its own right. It’s based on a famous TV show and books, but it goes further than that. This game stands out because the experienced Telltale Games made it.

It captures the dark and suspenseful mood of the series while adding its personal touch through beloved characters, famous places, and an interesting story.

At first, this exciting adventure was supposed to be a spin-off of Left 4 Dead. But fate stepped in when Telltale reached out to Robert Kirkman, the author of The Walking Dead. The game’s original creators even admitted that the first version was text-based and let players make decisions that affected the story, just like the end version.

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