How To Download Instagram Without App Store On iPhone

Instagram on iPhone

Downloading and accessing applications on your cell phone (iOS or Android) isn’t something that can be considered impossible anymore. Well, there can be as many reasons as you can think why users don’t want to go via the process of downloading applications through App Stores; mainly Apple App Store.

While downloading applications through Google Play Store, you don’t have to put in the login credentials (or thumbprint); though, with iOS, the case is exactly opposite. Most users find this step an additional security layer where few of them find it annoying to put in the details again and again. And that’s why we are going to talk about downloading applications likeInstagram without accessing the App Store on your iPhone.

Download Instagram on iPhone Without App Store

As well, Though the App Store has got millions of apps on the platform, yet sometimes you cannot find the Application you need. So, Many times apps that belong to popular games or torrents cannot be found on the App Store, and that’s when you start looking for other methods to get it done.

Instagram on iPhone

Since we are trying to download applications on iPhone without accessing the Application Store so obviously, we will be using third-party apps or tools.

So, Please know that jailbreaking is an option to perform the above action. Although, you may lose the official support from Apple because of that. Therefore please keep in mind that it is not a safe option to jailbreak to get apps on your iOS device. Thus, let’s use the methods that won’t require jailbreaking, yet you can download Instagram on iPhone easily:

1. Download Instagram on iPhone Via AppEven

Instagram on iPhone

Here we are discussing the Insta downloaders (that aren’t via the App Store) and the iPhone’s security is also essential. That is why we didn’t use the way of jailbreaking because that will compromise the security aspect big time. So, After iOSEmus App, another useful and popular form of downloading Instagram on iPhone is AppEven.

As well, AppEven is an apps store available for iOS, immensely helps the iOS user to get downloaded the tweaked, ++ applications and modified games that are not available on App Store. Now, Let’s start using AppEven and download Instagram without App Store on the iPhone with below steps:

1. Same as iOSEmus App, the open Safari browser on your iPhone and visit AppEven website.

2. So, Once you are on the page, click on the AppEven Download button and you will see a popup on the page.

3. Here, you need to click on the Install button and finish the installation process.

4. And, the next step would require you to put in this Application in the trusted platforms to utilize so after the installation is finished. You will get an error message, “Untrusted Enterprise Developer”.

5. Now, After getting the above error message, you need to use the same steps 3 and 4 (iOSEmus App) to find the developer, click on it, and select the Trust option.

Please Note This – The only difference would be that the developer’s name will get changed to “Anokiiwin Employment Solutions Inc”.

6. Well, After going through the above steps, open AppEven on your iOS device and put in the name of this App you wish to download, i.e. Instagram app.

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7. So, Once you see the Instagram app in AppEven, click on Get (right side of the screen) and tap on Install to finish the installation process.

8. Once the process is complete, access the Instagram app on iPhone and explore every feature to know if it’s working fine. As simple as that!!

2. Download Instagram on iPhone Via iOSEmus App

Instagram on iPhone

One of the very 2nd Way to download Instagram apps on iPhone is to go through accessing the iOSEmus App on the device. One of the universal apps that provides you facilities like compatible with every tool, easy installation, & available anywhere in the world. And most importantly, you won’t have to jailbreak to download Applications on iPhone without accessing the App Store.

Here that we have got iOSEmus Application website, let’s go ahead and use this Insta downloader on our iPhones as below:

1. Now, Visit the iOSEmus webpage on your iPhone (Safari browser) and choose any of the Application icons you want to (I would go for RED background).

2. Here, After selecting the icon, go ahead with the prompts and complete the installation process.

3. As well, After the installation, visit the below path and look for a profile named “NANJING SCIYON SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.”

            Settings > General > Profile & Device Management

4. Please click on the above profile when you find it and click on Trust to complete the setup process.

5. Now, After setting up iOSEmus, open the App on your iOS device and the homepage will show you many apps to choose from.

6. Please select the one you want and find it there or else click on Applications Feature (separate bottom icon) and search for Instagram.

7. So, Once you find the Application, tap on the green check (extreme right side to the Instagram app) and a popup will display on the screen.

8. Now, This popup will ask you to open this page in “iTunes”? And you need to select Open.

9. Well, Once the page has been opened in iTunes, click on Install to download Instagram on iPhone, and that’s it.

Though, You can start using Instagram apps on your iPhone in the same way you would have it used if download from the App Store. As well, You can try to download other apps on your iPhone via iOSEmus that you want & aren’t available on the App Store.

Conclusion :

Downloading Applications on your iPhone (not from the App Store) isn’t as complicated as it sounds. What’s more remarkable is that you don’t compromise the device’s security in the whole process. And that is why instead of jailbreaking, we went for those Applications that can help you download apps on iPhone without the App Store and don’t tweak with the security aspect.

Search both the methods and let us know if you find any discrepancies while installing your favourite applications on the iPhone.

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