10 best Sites like CCleaner to boost up your PC


This article will discuss software that can be used instead of CCleaner to eliminate useless files on your computer. Ensuring that your device’s hard drive has enough room is important for ensuring it works perfectly.

Even if you delete data from time to time, the remnants of that data may still be using up space on your device. When you delete data, you can eliminate it, free up memory, and speed up your device.

10 best Sites like CCleaner

1. Clean master

Junk generally means old or thrown-away stuff. On the other hand, in electronics, “junk” means the leftovers of a file that has been removed. This junk may take up a lot of space on your phones or computers, eliminating the device’s storage space. Your device will move much more slowly after this.

Clean Master is wonderful software that gets rid of all the junk. In addition, it optimizes your system for better functioning, deletes all private files, and stops you from visiting dangerous websites. It’s full software that lets you control the data and speed on your device. After using this software once in a while, your device will be free of junk.

2. Wise cleaner


Another PC cleaner that boosts computer performance is this one. This software optimizes the functioning of your device and is easy to use. Two ways of functioning exist for this app. It finds useless files and deletes them instantly. You can, however, choose which files you no longer need and delete them without leaving any traces.

Another way this app protects your privacy is by getting rid of your internet data and records. The app ensures your hard drive is cleaned every so often and updated automatically. If your hard drive is clean, you can store more data and get the fastest speeds.

3. Systweak advanced system optimizer

It works just as well as Ccleaner and is free for Windows 10. This very helpful cleanup software works very well on all performances of Windows, from Windows 7 to Windows Vista to Windows XP. You can use this app to improve your device’s performance if your system is running slowly or frequently crashing. If you have a lot of big files, like games, your system might crash.

People who are really into gaming and want a fast gaming experience will love this app. It protects your computer from private and damaged files at the same time. In general, this app protects your device from risks and increases its functioning speed.

4. IObit advanced system care

The IObit complex system does two major things. One benefit is that it boosts computer performance. It protects your data as well. IObit advanced system care, like other clean-up software, removes junk files and caches from your device, increasing speed. The privacy of your browser data is also protected because it is cleared, and new cookies are added.

This device also has an interesting function that prevents apps from accessing official websites unless you give it approval. This makes sure your device is protected from viruses and other threats.

5. CleanMyPC

CleanMyPC is a useful software to help you get the most out of your PC. When you run your device at very high speeds, this app ensures it doesn’t crash. You can eliminate all the junk files from your system by downloading this app and following a few simple instructions. Like other apps, this one has a tool that protects your privacy online.

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If you find files that aren’t needed or in sleep, you can delete them all with the special software. The junk scan checks every file on your computer to ensure all junk is gone from your device. It’s easy to both install and use this app.

6. Avast cleanup


An antivirus package from Avast is well known. On the other hand, this version of Avast Clean Up improves computer speed by removing junk files. In addition to removing junk, it also fixes broken links and keeps your app downloads up to date.

If your device has poor energy performance, the Avast cleanup software can help you find and remove the apps that are using too many resources. The chat box from this software frequently informs you of the performance of your computer and also displays remedy action if the device is slowing down.

7. AVG PC TuneUp

AVG PC Tuneup software can keep your PC healthy in many ways. This app was made to eliminate any issues you’ve had with bugs and crashes. To ensure that your system runs smoothly, it checks your drives for junk programs and removes all of the unnecessary junk.

No matter how many files you have, this app looks through each one to improve the performance of your system. AVG PC Tuneup also fastens your internet experience by removing your browser‘s cache and cookies. Having said all of that, this app also keeps your browser data protected.

8. System Ninja


System Ninja is the next app that can help your laptop and desktop work without any problems. For all of your PC issues, this software is the best fix. Install this app, then select “one-click optimization” from the menu. The junk data hidden on your computer will be cleaned up in minutes.

The next great thing about this software is that it gets rid of browser junk. No matter what browser you use—Chrome, Firefox, or Opera—System Ninja looks at the data from all of them. It fastens your online experience as well as removes browser junk.

9. JV16 power tools

JV16 is an easy-to-use and effective software if you’re looking for a program that can improve your PC’s functioning by removing all the useless and damaged files. This software can help you remove every last piece of unwanted software from your computer system, freeing up valuable disk space.

The app works best on all versions of Windows, even XP and Vista. This app’s information and user instructions can be found in languages other than English. By using this simple software, you can speed up your device’s performance.

10. Glary Utilities


Glary Utilities is the next one on our list. A piece of software with different uses. First, it cleans up your data and removes all the files you don’t want on your hard drive. Then, if software is found, it finds and removes it. This feature ensures that the memory manager tool removes duplicate and damaged files.

The app also handles crashes and mistakes to ensure your PC’s efficient functioning. This simple app can do 20 things related to keeping your PC in good shape. You need to give Glary Utilities only a few permissions to work. After that, it will do the rest.

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