Minecraft’s Mega Performance Mod Now Supports Shaders

Everyone in the Minecraft community knows how important it is for Minecraft Shaders to be used. This is because they can put your world steps ahead of the game’s default visuals. Without Shaders, it isn’t easy to experience what Minecraft is made up of. You will struggle to experience something special which isn’t good to know. Although shaders are all about aesthetics, you still need to strike a balance in terms of performance too. In other words, you must be using shaders that make your world look beautiful without any performance issues.

After installing some mods based on Fabric API, you will notice something. This is the fact that your frame rate will be boosted without performance being affected. Although this isn’t bad, there is a minor issue. This has to do with the difficulty in adding some of the best shaders. Sodium mod and shaders are not the same. The former requires fabric API, while the latter involves Forge API as well as OptiFine.

Here is the ultimate solution

After series of tests out various shaders, some players have stumbled upon the perfect solution. This is Iris shaders. It is one shader pack that has proven to run on fabric without any hassle. But, do you want to know the best part? It is the fact that it offers maximum support for sodium mod. This means you are just a few steps away from not just a world that a high level of beauty will define. Also, there will be much better performance since you won’t experience any compatibility issues. Let us take a detailed look at Iris shaders, including why players consider them precious right now.

Irish shaders were created in March 2021. Coderbot happens to be its owner. This shader pack might have been made in 2021, but its number of downloads doesn’t reflect such in any way. For instance, it has been downloaded over 300,000 times which is very impressive. It is a new mod that tends to be very compatible with OptiFine shaders. Iris shaders can improve most aspects of the game where other shaders have fallen short. The fact that it can work with sodium without any problem makes it worth given a try.

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Sodium comes with a “graphic setting” whereby there is a “shaders” tab. Through such, you can easily drag and drop shaders into the game for better exploration. It is the best of both worlds combination. You won’t have any problem with compatibility issues. Imagine being able to improve your frame rate up to around 70fps at a viewing distance of 22. Some players claim that using this configuration with OptiFine offers about 20fps. Please don’t take anything away from the game because it is still looking quite impressive.

The truth is that if you are serious about improving your visuals and graphics to a whole new level, Iris shaders is probably the best option to explore. Its level of flexibility and compatibility is second to none.

Using the above instruction, some shaders have been dropped in the menu. These are BSL and SEUS. Toggling between them in-game showed that their performances tend to vary. For instance, the enhancements of one shader are bettered by another. Knowing that there is an easy way to install them is probably one of the best news that the Minecraft community will ever get.

Why iris shaders can solve your problems

It is also worthy of note to point out that OptiFine shaders currently lack more comprehensive support. As a result, there are lots of limitations. For instance, some shaders are not loading as expected. In addition, some don’t even have options to enable you to tweak them for optimum performance. All of these are challenges that OptiFine shaders face.

Do you want to know the best part? It is the fact that Iris shaders are offering Minecraft players an escape route from such problems. With its installation, you won’t have to deal with any of these. It is so amazing to find out that a shader pack will offer players so much without any compromise. A trial will have you convinced that it is the real deal thus deserves given a test.

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