8 Best BeautyPlus Alternatives For Android & iOS

BeautyPlus Alternatives

BeautyPlus is a popular photo editing and camera app, which people use for editing selfies through AR stickers, makeup tools, and beauty effects. Although the app is packed with features and excellent tools, controversies and privacy arguments have influenced it. For example, security scientists found in 2017 that the developer behind the app — Meitu — collected background user data and sent information to many servers in China. This allows users to move to a safer and more private app. In this article, we discuss the best BeautyPlus alternatives that have no shady behavior history. So let’s go through the article without any further ado.

8 Best BeautyPlus Alternatives For Android And iOS

BeautyPlus Alternatives or Apps like BeautyPlus that you can use.

1. Candy Camera

BeautyPlus Alternatives

Candy Camera is a popular selfie camera app, which is just as good if not better than BeautyPlus app. To clarify this, JP-brothers, Inc. developed the app, and the company is based in South Korea again. A variety of unique, beautiful filters is provided by Candy Camera, which can make your selfies impressive. The process for testing the filters is also extremely seamless: simply swipe left or right into the filters. You can also try filters during a selfie in real-time. Candy Camera also has many makeup tools, including slimming, concealing, whitening, lipstick, mascara, and more. This is not all.

You can paint a new picture with Candy Camera, just like BeautyPlus’ Magic Brush. In addition, many makeup and seasonal stickers are now in vogue. You can also use artistic effects and stickers to correct the image. Overall, Candy Camera has all the beauty tools for selfie editing, and this app allows you to comfortably replace Beauty Plus app.

Download: (Android / iOS)

2. Snow

BeautyPlus Alternatives

Snow, like Beauty Plus app, is a popular camera app for eye-catching selfies. The app, which is based in South Korea, was built by Snow, Inc. Snow offers an incredible number of photo retouching tools as far as the features are concerned. You have many AR makeup effects, similar to the BeautyPlus AR filters. The existing AR maculating effects can also be used to create your best version or to create customized beauty effects for a personal look. Snow also features thousands of stickers and is regularly updated based on the season and the popular trend.

I found Snow has an amazingly bigger library of stickers in my use than Beauty Plus. In addition, editing and creative tools are available to edit photos over and above the basic crop and rotation functionality. In addition, you can also remove faults from your face and apply sophisticated beauty effects to give yourself an entirely new look. Snow is a decent alternative to BeautyPlus in tandem, and you must try it out.

Download: (Android / iOS)

3. B612

BeautyPlus Alternatives

B612 is a dedicated Snow App makers’ beauty and filter camera app that we mentioned earlier. It uses advanced facial recognition technologies to accurately detect your face in order to avoid beauty effects and filters. Thanks to the improved technology, B612 can distort your face and, in real-time, turn you into an adorable animal. It works across a variety of stickers (over 1500) and gives the images an impressive look. I’d like to say that if you want a good alternative to BeautyPlus for AR stickers, only B612 is a good choice.

Forwards, B612 also has a lovely algorithm, drawing effects, editing tools, and more. However, it is not so great with regard to makeup tools, as it is mainly a camera app. Furthermore, you can do so with this app like BeautyPlus if you are interested in creating fun boomerang videos. Finally, the B612 is an excellent camera filter app which is better than BeautyPlus app, for AR stickers at least.

Download: (Android / iOS)

4. YouCam Perfect

BeautyPlus Alternatives

Well, YouCam Perfect is a complete alternative to BeautyPlus as it is supplied in one package with photo editing tools, trendy stickers, beauty effects, and making tools. Also, It offers you an incredible editing experience and can instantly create unbelievable snapshots for social media platforms. YouCam Perfect has creative templates and frames similar to AR stickers in BeautyPlus. You can take selfies and edit them on the go in real-time. YouCam can also take a selfie and embellish the image in one tap. Furthermore, it removes all the defects from your face and flattens all the wrinkles. After all, the best part of YouCam Perfect is that it comes with the “Object Remover” feature.

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Lines and objects from any image can be removed easily in seconds. Your Eye Bag and the Dark Circle Remover also feature YouCam Perfect, which is amazing if you want your face to shine. To conclude, YouCam Perfect is a feature-packed selfie camera app that stands above BeautyPlus head and shoulder. Furthermore, Perfect Corp has developed the app in the USA to avoid worrying about the shady practices of collection.

Download: (Android / iOS)

5. Snapchat

BeautyPlus Alternatives

Snapchat is mainly a multimedia message app, but you can use it to create unique photos with its fantastic filters and lenses. Like BeautyPlus app, you must take a snap and add all sorts of fun effects to your selfie. The excellent thing about Snapchat is that it contains thousands of filters and lenses that you won’t find elsewhere. In fact, every day, Snapchat adds new lenses and filters to maintain a strong selfie game. Depending on how you plan to project yourself, you can also create your own Snapchat filters. In addition, Snapchat has a lively community that provides everybody with a variety of lenses. Just put, Snapchat is miles ahead of Beauty Plus app in terms of filters and lenses, and you should use it fully to your advantage.

Download: (Android / iOS)

6. Facetune2

Although Facetune2 does not contain all BeautyPlus features, its maquillage editor is excellent. The app was developed by award-winning Israeli company Lightricks, which is also behind the top-of-the-range photo animator Enlight Pixaloop app. In any case, when you come to Facetune2, you can retouch your selfie and give a distinct look to your photos. In addition, it offers some of the best image correction functions for whitening teeth, lightening eyes, changing illumination conditions, and adjusting face contours at various points.

There are also options for black background, maquillage brushes, and a few filters that accompany your selfies. The best thing about Facetune2 is you can even change your hair and the color of your hair in a few taps. As for embellishing tools, by softening your skin with its advanced algorithm, you can remove pimples and faults from your selfies. In summary, Facetune2 is an alternative to BeautyPlus, and this app like BeautyPlus is included if you want a powerful self-editing tool.

Download: (Android / iOS)

7. Retrica

Retrica is one of the best BeautyPlus alternatives that you can consider for BeautyPlus. In seconds, the app lets you take amazing images and in pixelate quality too. In addition, the app enables users to directly share images on social media platforms.

Retrica also comes with zoom blur effects, timestamps, and more than 190 filters available in real-time. Talenting to make filters more useful is Retrica, a perfect alternative to BeautyPlus. Retrica, Inc. is a South Korean-based app developer that ensures privacy in line with other apps in this list.

Download: (Android / iOS)

8. PicsArt

PicsArt is a beautiful option if you’re looking for a loaded BeautyPlus alternative. The app can also sport a built-in camera that allows its users to take some amazingly filtered images as BeautyPlus did from the high-end editing tools, filters, gradients, and masking capabilities.

PicsArt should be the first option to consider with millions of downloads both on iOS and Android. Although the user interface is designed for people who are familiar with photography and editing, it may be a little difficult for amateurs to adapt to the interface. The app contains In-App purchases but offers even in its free version a wide variety of options.

Download: (Android / iOS)

Final Words: Best BeautyPlus Alternatives

Well, So those are our picks for the best BeautyPlus alternatives. A handful of apps have been mentioned that provide BeautyPlus with all features, but some have filters, makeup tools, or stickers. You can select from the list the apps based on what you regularly use on BeautyPlus. With regard to privacy and security, I only mentioned apps that had no record of shady behavior. That’s all of us, however. Do comment and let us know if you found the article helpful below.

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