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Best Photo Editing Apps for Android Devices

Many people need to know about Photo Editing on Android smartphones professionally. Smartphone cameras have made quick progress in quality recently. There was a time when they were made cheap alternatives to regular digital cameras. Now Smartphone cameras, such as the iPhone camera, were poor substitutes for a Canon Powershot.

Now, they have improved so much in pixel count and software enhancements many uses instead of another form of the digital camera. Many people are also looking for a good blemish remover app and the best online Photo Editing collage maker. Between them, these improve the approach of photos while also creating an excellent collection in the one frame.

Here are our six choices, and you will likely find the best photo collage apps for your needs and a good blemish remover to activate you to present your photos at their best.

Android Cameras on Smartphones.

So Android cameras come on Smartphones attached to Samsung, LG, Nexus Sony, and other Android phones. Android is an operating system well designed for mobile devices. Google developed it on the Linux kernel for mainly mobile devices utilizing touchscreen technology.

As well as increasing the use of cell phone cameras for regular photographic purposes, including but not restricted to ‘selfies,’ there has come a demand for Photo Editing apps for such systems. Now People want to be able to enhance their cell phone photos and make them POP! And why not! How do they do that – or come to the point, then how do YOU do that? Here are some best apps that can help you to Photo Editing on Android Phones professionally.

It must be considered here that none of the Photo Editing apps below has the same power and range of applications that a desktop software package such as Photoshop, Lightroom, or Gimp can offer. However, they will give you a reasonable level of demand that will permit you to enhance the photos that you have taken.

Best Photo Editing Apps for Android 2020

1. Cupslice Photo Editor
2. Bonfire Photo Editor Pro
3. Fotor Photo Editor
4. Airbrush
5. PhotoDirector
6. Photo Editor Pro

Cup sliced Photo Editor

Cup sliced is a free Photo Editing app. However, free can help you professionally edit your photos on Android devices without much expert knowledge of photo editing. It does rely the best deal on using filters, but it does so exceptionally. It has offered a fabulous range of stickers that are always kept up to date.

Photo-editing tools are relatively necessary. Cup sliced offers frames, crop, hue, saturation, black and white, brightness, contrast, and collages. It may not have the fantastic functionality of other apps, but it is good enough for most common uses – and it is free of cost. It may not be a good photo collage app for Android, but it is very closer.

Features :

  1. Cup sliced offers five free Photo Editing apps that you should download to make the best of the app.
    It offers a lot of frames, filters, and badges.
  2. It gives thousands of high quality and original stickers that will cover just about all of the latest.
  3. Internet trending topics. It provides amusing, birthday, cute music, and quote-centered stickers.
    Within an impressive Powerful filter collection.

Cup sliced is a wonderfully simple Android Photo Editing app. Anyone can use it to jazz up and personalize their Android photos.

Bonfire Photo Editor Pro

Bonfire Photo Editor Pro offers several essential Photo Editing tools together with a vast selection of filters. These do not only convert your photos to black and white but also a watercolor effect and other latest filter effects. It is a blemish removal app and also offers a skin smoothing option.

Features :

  1. 100+ Unique Filters/Effects, never out of options, so Skin whitening excellent.
  2. Best photography app for casual/professional use, landscape, and selfie photos
    Bonfire filters are too optimized using an artificial intelligence algorithm.
  3. These filters are optimized for human vision to provide pleasing, natural results.

Fotor Photo Editor

Fotor Photo Editor has been in the top Photo Editing tools for ages. It gives an easy to use way how to edit the photo on Android smartphones professionally. It provides a large number of editing tools for a free Photo Editing app. Being open is a must-have for anybody who used the Android phone or another mobile device to take Other photographs and selfies.

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Do not think that just because Fotor Photo Editor is free, it is no good! You can also enhance your photos with one tap, and it is also an excellent blush remover app. Here are some specific features.


  1. Fotor gives what you would expect in a high rated photo-editing app.
  2. One-click enhancement and an auto blush remover are just the start.
  3. All the necessaries are there: crop, contrast, brightness, exposure, saturation, vignetting, shadows, highlights, rotate– you name it, it is all there including RGB, tint, and temperature.
  4. You get 100+ filters to play. Try it – it is free, so it costs nothing to try!
  5. Fotor is a handy tool to have available for effortless editing.


Airbrush is a beautiful free of cost app for selfies. It is a blemish remover app. It is excellent, and also offers teeth whitening, eye brightener, reshaping, and loads of tools to add sparkle and pizzazz to your photographs. It is effortless to use, with the one-click operation of most of its tools. The best blemish remover and also Photo Editing app for free!

If you like to remove your wrinkles, give yourself a tan, or change your skin color, then Airbrush is for you. So It is more than just an ‘airbrush.’ Simply click a button, and your face is smoothed and shaped to make you look great. It gets an excellent rating in the Google Play Store, so if you are not professional, and just want some tools to make your selfies and other photos look better, then Airbrush is it here for you.

Airbrush has recently updated to be easier to use. It is faster than it was, and it uses only 20 MB and is suitable for Android 4.0 and over. It is a very selfie-friendly Photo Editing app enabling you to edit photos on Android devices.


PhotoDirector is a relatively new entrant in the Photo Editing arena. This is an excellent app to use if you are unsure how to edit photos on Android devices professionally. PhotoDirector works like Fotor in using manual enhancements as against to filters.

The PhotoDirector is a Photo Editing app that provides access to RGB channels, HSL sliders, and white balance. So These are the basic controls, but there are some more. You also have sliders for tone, brightness, exposure, and contrast, and even darkness. This provides you with total control of your photo or image’s appearance – if you know how to use them correctly. You have a lot more power than if you only used filters.

Features :

  1. You can apply changes and color effects to your entire image/photo or only on selected areas of it from this Photo Editing app.
  2. A collage maker is included to combine photos with telling a story or displaying a historical progression.
  3. You can also remove objects from within your photograph, and photobomb by adding them.
  4. You used the Blender tool to add additional images or layers – practically desktop layering on your mobile device!
  5. PhotoDirector allows you to share your photos directly into the app.

Photo Editor Pro

Photo Editor Pro has had over 50 plus million downloads and is a popular blemish remover and Photo Editing app. It supports both advanced regular editing, filter editing, regular features you would expect and includes all the standard.

These are sharpened/blur, hue, brightness, saturation, temperature, contrast, and all the rest, such as filters.You get a one-tap auto enhancement of your photograph, and you can apply filters, stickers and even create collages quickly and easily.

Features :

  1. Photo Editor Pro is one of the remarkable Photo Editing collage apps for Android around. You can create collages fastly and easily using saved images.
  2. You can create fabulous photo frames and effects.
  3. Drawing and adding text is a snip.
  4. Create your memes – astound your Facebook or Twitter Friends.
  5. Share your memes and photos to social networks with a tap.

Conclusion :

If You want to learn how to MAKE Photo Editing on Android professionally will find Photo Editing Apps Pro ideal. It is a blemish recovery app that works great, and it is a fantastic photo collage app for Android. These are Online Photo Editor and Image viewers.


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