What is a XVO file? A Full Guide!

XVO file

XVO is the extension for a file, and an XVO file is a ratDVD Internal video file that the ratDVD DVD ripping tool uses. Along with XVO files, there are others like XML, IFO, and VSI files. These are contained in an AV_TS folder and then ZIP-compressed into a format that the ratDVD software can read.

What is An XVO file?

Most XVO files by RatDVD are owned by RatDVD – Canada. You can convert a fully working DVD into a single file with ratDVD. After ratDVD turns a full-featured DVD-9 movie into a highly compressed 1. x GB.RATDVD container format file, all of the movie’s features are kept.

[Note: Something went wrong if you can see the.XVO and VSI files inside the ratDVD file. WinZip and WinRAR can see these files, but they can’t be played outside the ratDVD folder.

Opening an XVO File

The video files that makeup a.RATDVD file are known as XVO files. When a RATDVD file has XVO files inside, the ratDVD software decompresses it so that the files inside can be used to make a DVD.

Unless they are in the, RATDVD file extension, XVO files cannot be viewed by the ratDVD program.

To use XVO files with ratDVD, you must first compress the Version.XML file and the AV TS folder containing the XVO files and other files. Then, you must rename the.ZIP file you created to a.RATDVD file.

Note: You can use a free file zip/unzip tool like 7-Zip to make a ZIP file. Ensure that the amount of compression is set to “none,” which will ensure that the data is put in an a.ZIP file and not packed.

Converting an XVO File

An XVO file is a video file, but most free file changers can’t change it because it’s just an extracted.RATDVD file. You don’t need to convert anything else besides the XVO file.

After using the method mentioned above to make the.RATDVD file from your XVO files, you can use the ratDVD software to convert it back to DVD format (see this guide). Then, you should be able to use a free video converter to change the VOB files to a type you are more familiar with, like MP4, MKV, ISO, etc.

Still file not opening?

The problem is probably unrelated to ratDVD if you need help to open your file. This can happen if you need to read the file extension correctly, which is easy to do.

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VX_ files, for example, are unrelated to XVO files despite sharing two of the same file extension letters. Virtual device driver files that are compressed are used by Windows. These files are called VX_ files. None of them can be opened with ratDVD.

Firms like XOF, VXD, OVX, and XVCT are the same way.

Since the zero at the end of XV0 files looks like the letter O, it makes them much harder to open. Once more, these Lattice XVL Structure files are unrelated to ratDVD.

The programs that can open or convert files with that extension should be considered in each situation.

How to handle XVO file issues

  • To the XVO file extension, connect the proper program. Select “Open with” > “Choose another app” by right-clicking on any XVO file. Once you’ve picked a new program, check the box, “Always use this app to open *.xvo files.”
  • Get the program’s latest version that can open private files and install it. Because the most recent version only accepts the most current XVO file format. So, check the website of the ratDVD maker, like RatDVD – Canada, for an update.
  • Return your XVO files and scan them with on Google to ensure they are not damaged or infected with a virus.

How may XVO files be converted to other file types?

XVO files are mainly video files and only make up a small part. The transfer of RATDVD files is not possible. In addition, XVO file conversion is not required.

Instead, you can use the steps above to convert your files into the.RATDVD file format. After converting your.RATDVD files to.RATDVD format, you can use the ratDVD tools to convert them back to DVD.

Using the free ratDVD software, you can quickly convert the created VOB files into file types you are familiar with, like ISO, MP4, MKV, etc.


Following the steps above, you can quickly convert and open your XVO files. But if you can’t open the file, it’s not likely that ratDVD is to blame.

Before opening the file with the above app, ensure you understand the extension correctly.

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