6 Best Sticky Notes Alternatives For Windows 10 [2021]

Sticky Notes Alternatives For Windows

Sticky Notes was one of Windows’ best features that had a simple goal, and the app was superb. Wherever you are — browsing the internet or inside a program — you can always access and add new tasks. However, with Sticky Notes that have been removed from Windows 10, many are searching for a simple and effective alternative. So we have taken on our work and curated a lightweight, contemporary interface with cloud synchronization capabilities and a hotkeys list of the best Sticky Notes alternatives for Windows 10. So lets the go-ahead to find an appropriate alternative to Sticky Notes for Windows 10.

Sticky Notes Alternatives For Windows 10

Well, here are the best alternatives to Sticky Notes for Windows 10. We have included the applications that are easy to use, have a simple user interface, support Windows 10 shortcuts, and don’t need much tweaking.

6 Best Alternatives To Sticky Notes

1. Microsoft Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes Alternatives For Windows

Well, Since Microsoft killed the original Sticky Notes, it brought Microsoft Sticky Notes a more advanced and feature-rich alternative on Windows 10. Also, It appears on the desktop and does not remain on all the deceptive windows. You can, however, use a third-party app for the pin functionality. You can add your tasks and reminders quickly in addition. It now offers cross-device syncing, accessible from OneNote Mobile, Microsoft Launcher, and Outlook. I like more because it has several options for text formatting, including news items, blows, and more.

After all, it offers smart insights on your inputs and is the highlight of Microsoft Sticky Notes. For instance, when adding a Sticky Notes address, it provides a clickable link to open the location on the map. This is cool, right? In short, while Microsoft Sticky Notes has been advanced, the lack of an on-top feature is a basic error that should have been resolved by the firm.

2. Notezilla

Sticky Notes Alternatives For Windows

Notezilla is the only Sticky Notes alternative that provides the same level of experience as the original Windows Sticky Notes. In addition, it provides an on-top function that provides you with constant access to your existing notes. At the same time, you can easily identify your ideas and tasks using a one-click button or shortcut to a keyboard.

Sticky Notes can be customized according to your choice, in different colors and subjects. Moreover, options for reminder and platform synchronization are available. Regardless of which OS you use, you have Android, iOS, Web, and more applications. Then proceed to Notezilla, the best Sticky Notes alternative for Windows 10.

3. Stickies

Sticky Notes Alternatives For Windows

Well, Stickies is another advanced alternative to Sticky Notes, which includes a feature to always use on the top and a simple keyboard abbreviation for creating new, sticky notes. In addition, it has several hotkeys to create, delete, hide notes, paste straight from the clipboard, etc. You can also adjust the hotkeys to your preferences.

Besides, creating alarms for your tasks, creating a network of friends to share notes, defining skin color, and much more. Indeed, there are so many features you can overwhelm. That said, it works without tweaking the settings flawlessly out of the box. Thus both professional and general users who look for a simple but powerful Sticky Notes alternative can use Stickies.

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4. Simple Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes Alternatives For Windows

Simple Sticky Notes is a clean, lightweight, and powerful alternative to Sticky Notes. This provides the possibility to maintain your tasks on all the great windows. In addition, you can browse the Web further and add tasks as you move on. The sticky note is also great for dragging and dropping text directly.

The only thing is that images that I think are passable are not supported. Besides, you can edit the heading, change colors, change opacity, email notes, and more. So, overall, I would say that the Simply Stick Note is the perfect alternative to the original Sticky Notes on Windows 10.

5. Google Keep

Google Keep again isn’t a dedicated Sticky Notes alternative, but you can make it a possible quick-notice app with a little tweaking. By pressing Settings -> More tools -> Create Shortcut -> Activates Open as Windows -> Create a PWA for Google Continue clicking on Open as Windows. This creates an autonomous Google Maintain application on your Windows 10 computer.

You can then redimension it and make it appear on top of everything by using TurboTop. This way, you can have a comprehensive note-taking app synchronized in real-time across all your devices. I believe this is a much better option than the other Sticky Notes alternatives mentioned on this list if you are an Android user.

6. Zoho Notebook

Well, Zoho Notebook is not strictly a Sticky Notes replacement, but it is possible to do so. In fact, the application is more like Evernote, but the window can be redesigned to look like a sticky note. You can also use external apps such as TurboTop in order to keep the window above all.

Despite the lack of key features, I recommend Zoho Notebook because it has a full-service note editor with text formatting support, checklists, picture support, color profile, indentation, memoranda, etc. In addition, the dedicated application enables you to sync your notes and access all your data on the Web or mobile.

In principle, the Zoho Notebook brings in a single place two important features—notes and tasks—much more productive to your workflow. So go on and download Zoho Notebook to replace Sticky Notes on Windows 10.

Choose The Best Sticky Notes Alternatives For Windows 10:

These are our choices for the best Sticky Notes alternatives for Windows 10. While four are standalone sticky notes, two are more a hacky solution – but still big. You can select one, depending on your case, and I’m sure you’ll find an appropriate selection to take notes quickly. That’s all of us; however, if the article is helpful, comment and let us know below.

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