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How To Remove Password From PDF Files [Easy Guide]

When PDFs didn’t exist, what was life before? Was it possible for us to share textual information using paper notebooks and good old books? Well, yes, I think.

However, all documents exchanged among parties are currently on the PDF platform. Why would they not? And why would they not be? It’s much safer, more comprehensive, and a lot more comprehensive.

Sometimes the PDFs need a password before opening due to the sensitive data. There are many reasons why we are not comfortable in our data files with this level of security. There are two main reasons for this:

We forgot or did not already have the PDF password from the start.

And it is so distressing that every time you open the file, you enter your password.

We, therefore, offer you a series of solutions to facilitate your PDF life.

But first, you have a few things to understand:

Difference between ‘Owner Password’ and ‘User Password’

PDF Owner Password

The locking or opening of a PDF file does not concern this password. Instead, they are used to set PDF-limited documents that can all be edit, print, comment, copy the content, extract pages, etc. This means that if anyone wishes to make any changes to the document or to do any action, that password must be entered. The password or PDF master password is also known as the PDF permissions.

PDF User Password

This password is required for locked PDF files to open. It is intended to avoid people having the document open and/or viewed. The file will not be opened if it is not correct. It is just a security measure. And it’s obviously also called Open Password PDF Document.

If you face the password protection issue on your pdfs, there are one of the three things you want:

1. Password Reset

2. Password Recovery

3. Password Removal

And then continue reading when you’re looking for one or more of them.

How to Remove Passwords From PDF Files:

1. Using Adobe Reader

Step 1# First, download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Pro (if you don’t have it) to begin your PDF journey.

Step 2# Then, Install and open the password-protected file in this application. Next, Just go to “File” and then to “Properties.” Or you can even click on “Permission Details” in the Security Settings. Then, the Document Properties interface will open up.

Step 3# Next, Go to the “Security” tab and open the “Security Method” drop-down menu. Here, Select and click on “No Security” from the menu to remove the password.

Lastly, without password protection, save this PDF file.

2. In Google Chrome

First, confirm that before you start with this process, you have Google Chrome‘s latest version installed on your system.

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Step 1# First, Open the password-protected PDF file by dragging and dropping it to the Chrome tab. Here, click on the ‘Print’ option in the top right corner. This is the most important step in this method.

Step 2# After the print interface pops-up, click on ‘Change’ and then select ‘Save as PDF.’ This way, you’re saving your exact PDF file without a password on it.

Finally, click on the top of the ‘Save’ button, and a new, password-free, and equal content PDF document will be saved on the local drive of your system.

Remove Password From PDF: Some Free PDF Password Removers:

You don’t want to overcome all these problems (as in the above steps), only to remove a mere password. This is something that we have a solution for.

PDF password ‘unlockers’ *tada* is presented to you

It is easily accessible online and is free of charge

And these unbelievable creations are three:

1. PdfCrypt

PdfCrypt is a command-line PDF password remover. It does not locate an owner or a user password because it is a tool to remove passwords, not a tool for recovery.

To enter and output a pdf, you only have to specify. A decrypted file is subsequently displayed. It works with PDF files with 128-bit AES cryptography up to version 1.7 level 8.

While it’s not that easy to operate, it still has a nice interactive user interface.

2. PDFCrack

PDFCrack is one of the best tools for everyone to access free PDF Password Recovery. It works fine as both user and owner passwords are recovered from encryption via a brute-force recovery process.

It is a tool for command lines and uses PDF files with RC4 encryption up to version 1.6.

PDFCrack may not be the best way of circumventing security permits, but knowing the actual password of the user and owner is a definite winning bet.

3. PDF Password Remover

A favorite of all web-based PDF-Password removers is PDF Password Remover. The PDF-in / PDF-out interface is simple.

It is a PDF owner password deletion tool.

It uses version 1.7-level 8 PDF files with 128-bit RC4 encoding. Unfortunately, this does not support higher levels of encryption.

The Bottom Line: Remove Password From PDF

The use of PDF files is most necessary, but entering a password every time you try to open it is quite frustrating. The above methods for using and working with particular PDF files are therefore easy to use. In addition, the free PDF Password Deleter and PDF Password Unlocker are a great addition to saving effort and time.

All of these methods are extremely easy to understand, follow, and implement. When you read this article, it’d be a cakewalk to remove the PDF password.

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