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How To Get Microsoft Word For Free

Microsoft Word For Free

It sounds like a dream to get Microsoft Word for free. This is a great program in most offices, homes, and schools, but it usually takes every year to use it. In fact, if there are several ways to use it for free, you don’t have to pay for Microsoft Word.

Either opening a Word paper, editing it, or just viewing it, the free Microsoft Word tools are exactly what you need.

Even if these free-use strategies from Microsoft Word aren’t what you’re looking for, other ways can be used without having to install or buy Microsoft Word. See the bottom of this page for further information.

1- Word Mobile: Free Microsoft Word For Windows 10

Microsoft Word For Free

Word Mobile, the mobile app from Microsoft that works for the Windows 10 devices, is a way of getting Microsoft Word free:

  • Windows 10 Mobile v15063.0 or higher.
  • Windows 10 v15063.0 or higher.

A significant warning is, however: Full use is only supported on phones – specifically devices with a screen size of 10.1 inches or less (views, editing, and documentation creation). On bigger laptops, desktops, and tablets, you can still use Word Mobile, but you can view documents only for free.

2- Microsoft Word Online: Free Browser Version

Microsoft Word For Free

Microsoft’s online version is the best way to free Microsoft Word. Just log in or create one here on your Microsoft account.

You can edit your OneDrive Word documents for free, upload new documents from your computer, and create brand-new Word documents without the need to download an offline MS Word version.

All your work is automatically saved by Word Online, so you don’t have to hit the Save button. By using a special connection, you can easily share your document online and allow others to work with you, integrate and download your work in Word format, a PDF, or an ODT file. You can also access your documents via the website.

3- Free Microsoft Word Trial: Anyone Can Apply

Microsoft Word For Free

Another way to get Microsoft Word for free is by testing Office 365. Microsoft allows anybody to use Office 365 completely free for a whole month, so all features can be tested before you decide whether they are payable.

During the test period, the test can be fully used so that you can read, edit and create Word documents from scratch or a template.

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Even other Office applications are included in the Microsoft Word free trial: Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, and Publisher.

4- Microsoft Word Free App: Android & iOS

Well, You can install the official Microsoft Word app to use Microsoft Word for free on your Android or iOS device. Get the version of Android and here Word for iOS. Full editing is supported, so you can directly use your mobile device for a realistic version of Word.

For quick access, you can search through documents and open files from a range of places like OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox for sharing files as a link or an email appendix.

5- Free Microsoft Word for Students: EDU Email Required

Please be aware that Microsoft offers Office 365 for students and educators at zero costs when a student needs Microsoft Word all year round is not enough.

For details, visit their Education Office 365 page. To verify that you are someone in education, you need to enter your school email address. You will be required to open an email from Microsoft to that address and then enter your free account code from the message in the form.

You will have the opportunity to apply for access if your school isn’t recognized, but this isn’t an instant process like it is already for schools on the list.

Other Ways To Use Word Documents:

You don’t have to use a Microsoft-approved program if you are looking for free ways to use Microsoft Word. Word files such as .docx and.doc may also, in other programs, be opened, edited, and shared.

Google Docs is one of Microsoft Word’s best online alternatives. Here, You can use it as a free MS Word since it enables you to view and edit Word files from your browser or mobile application. OpenOffice Writer is another way to use Microsoft Word documents without Word.

Some people want to use Microsoft Word free of charge, and that is, it allows them to write documentation and save it back to their computer or other devices. In addition to the above two applications, including LibreOffice, WPS Office, AbiWord, and FreeOffice, there are lots of applications for this.

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