OnePlus’ Steady Rise: Still the Mobile Industry’s Black Horse?


Everybody enjoys a good David vs. Goliath story. This is especially true when the story involves the billion-dollar smartphone industry. Some of you might not have heard of OnePlus, a Chinese phone brand shaking up the market with a poetic slogan: “Never settle.”


OnePlus, founded in 2013, is becoming increasingly popular among phone users who want powerful devices without breaking the bank. OnePlus has launched a few smartphones that have wowed the public with their cutting-edge features and solid customer service.

Because only a few people want the best and most expensive phone, OnePlus’ reputation is steadily rising. People don’t need the newest and flashiest iPhone to do the things they use their phones for. OnePlus can give them a mix of ease of use and absolute perfection.

It’s becoming a market where a sizable portion of the smartphone user base is congregating around entertainment. All indications point to mobile gaming being and growing in popularity among consumers. Online casinos, for example, were one of the first in this field and helped pave the way for what’s happening now, in which they still play a significant role. Customers would download the operators’ apps to play 32Red slot machine games at any time and from anywhere. The cloud gaming movement, which aims to free gamers from their “weaker” devices by having games run on remote servers so gamers can simply stream the games to their phones, is based on a similar idea. The screen and the 5G/WiFi connection are the main components. This is where the OnePlus could stand out.

Let’s look at how OnePlus became a serious competitor to the biggest names in the market.

A Division of Oppo

Since Pete Lau had worked as a hardware engineer for Oppo before starting his own company in 2013, he was well-versed in the smartphone industry. Oppo is now in the third global position in sales, and the CEO of OnePlus used his many years of experience to pursue his dream of building the best smartphone he and his team could.As members of the BBK Electronics group, Oppo and OnePlus share manufacturing facilities. Some insiders might say that OnePlus is making smaller versions of Oppo products, which is a fair point to make given that Pete Lau has been in charge of both brands for years.

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The first product that OnePlus launched was an “invite-only” release, which made some people in the tech community look twice. Pete Lau says he did it to see what would happen. He was surprised by the hype surrounding their first phone.

Ten years later, OnePlus has released dozens of products, including smartphones, wireless earbuds, and other accessories. Their most popular model is the Nord line, used in more than 40 countries worldwide. India is a big market for OnePlus because people like the relatively cheap products and good customer service.

The Constant Search for The Flagship Killer

There are two main parts to the OnePlus line-up, and the OnePlus 10T is now their most popular “flagship killer.” It is a smartphone that can compete with the latest Samsung for almost half the price. This phone has a great camera, a battery that charges quickly, and a powerful GPU.


Some tech experts say the Nord Line is so well-known that it could soon become another brand. As tech fans become more interested in OnePlus products, overall sales have increased by more than 350% in the first three months of 2021. Regarding sales, the brand is in the sixth spot on the global market.

Instant Charging and Pristine Customer Service

So, what do OnePlus fans love about the brand?

OnePlus is trying to make powerful smartphones for less money while listening to its customers. It is true that their newest software, OxygenOS 11, has been improved more than 400 times based on customer feedback. Most importantly, OnePlus and its users build the brand together to provide a better user experience. The brand is also known for its quick and efficient customer service.

Users also say that OnePlus phones are durable and don’t need to be fixed after three years. They also like that the battery charges quickly and only needs 15 minutes to last a full day, even if you watch many videos.

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