Is WiFi 6 Harmful?

Is WiFi 6 Harmful?

The latest generation of WiFi includes WiFi 6 and WiFi 6E. They correspond to the new standards according to 802.11 ax. The new generation of WiFi aims to use a highly optimized spectrum. WiFi 6 has adopted MIMO and OFDMA technologies along with advanced safety. The new power control methods of this generation prevent interference and minimize consumption.

WiFi 6 can be operated in the existing 5 Hz and 2.4 Hz bands. It can also be operated in the latest 6 GHz band from 5.925 GHz to 7.125 GHz. It will be known as WiFi 6E when it can be operated within the 6 GHz band. WiFi 6 will enable high-capacity data transmission and coexist with the 5G mobile network.

STL Tech’s WiFi 6 solutions follow the latest high-capacity WiFi standards. It allows service providers to provide customers with innovative offerings in terms of speed, efficiency, and scale. STL uses cutting-edge technology to stand apart from other WiFi solutions. WiFi 6 from STL can offer improved spectral efficiency and reduce costs. Find out more about WiFi 6 from this article.

The Importance of Developments in the WiFi Spectrum

WiFi technology came into existence in 1999 and has gone further than every expectation of its success. WiFi technology carries more data than any other access technology, including both wired and wireless technology. In 2022, 51% of IP traffic all over the world is expected to be channelled by WiFi access points.

WiFi 5 transports a large volume of information through a 600 MHz range. But WiFi 6E will have 1200 MHz of continuous spectrum available. The unlicensed spectrum use will ensure improvements in congestion. It will also remove the restriction of using 80 MHz and 160 MHz channels.

Since WiFi technology is of unlicensed use, approval is not required from FCC. WiFi operations don’t have to be approved by any competent bodies like it is required in the case of mobile phones. Unlicensed use ensures the connection of any device that fulfils technical standards.

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How Fast Is WiFi 6?

The speed of WiFi 6 is 9..6 Gbps which is 3.5 Gbps more than WiFi 5. But the speed is a theoretical maximum which is not possible in real-world use of WiFi technology. Even if the speed can be reached, it is usually not required for real-world operations.

But the higher theoretical speed than the previous generation is an essential characteristic of WiFi 6. The best part is that the speed of 9.6 Gbps is not necessary on a single computer. The speed can be split within an entire network of devices and lead to high potential speed for every device.

WiFi 6 Ensures Better Security

With questions about the safety of WiFi 6 on the rise, it is essential to know that WiFi 6 offers better security. In 2018, WiFi got its biggest security update in a decade. The latest security protocol is known as WPA 3. Hackers find it difficult to crack passwords with multiple guesses. Even if hackers are able to access some data, the data becomes less valuable to hackers.

Devices and routers can support WPA 3 in the current scenario, but it’s not mandatory. Any WiFi 6 device will need WPA 3 to obtain certification from the WiFi alliance. Therefore, every WiFi 6 device will include stronger security leading to better protection of data. However, uncertified devices will not need WPA 3 for WiFi 6.

Ending Note

The new generation of WiFi will ensure improvement of data transmission. But WiFi 6 is still starting out, and some aspects like software adaptation have to be resolved.

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