How to Change Where You Are and Your IP Address?

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Protecting your online safety and privacy is very important in today’s digital world, where most people can connect to the internet. If you change your IP address and location, you can hide where and what you’re doing online. Cyber authorities and your internet service provider watch what you do online, even if you don’t know it.

Hide your IP address, which is very helpful for people who use illegal websites or watch material from non-official sources. You can mask your IP address and online actions by using a VPN. While using the internet or viewing material, let’s look at how to change your IP address and location.

Use a VPN

A VPN is the most popular way to hide your IP address and what you do online. What is a VPN, and how do I use one to change my IP address?

As you browse the web and websites, your ISP and those authorities can only see the IP address and location of the server. They don’t get to see your real IP address. VPNs are like magic keys that let you get into a lot of cool stuff. In some places, like China, you can watch banned content because of where you are. You can also do very secret downloading, also known as torrenting, and not get caught by the internet police.

But wait, there’s more. When you use a VPN, most of them will hide your IP address but not your IPv4 address. That’s not all. Need I say more? Not every VPN will be great for IPv6. It’s like picking a superhero partner. It would help if you looked for a VPN that says, “No way, IPv6!” or stops those leaks quickly.

With features like traffic control, fast loading times, and getting around geo-blocks, Avast VPN is a high-quality VPN that protects your privacy. You can switch your IP address and fake location with Avast VPN on Fire Stick or any other Android device. This lets you watch content that isn’t available in your area. You can try its features with the demo version first and then buy the full version.

Change your network

Even though it might seem clear, moving networks is a way to get a new IP address. You’ve joined a new network, and your old one has been cut off. You can change the network from WiFi to mobile data or another WiFi network.

Do not switch networks using open or public WiFi networks, as hackers often use these to do so. Opening up your network is less safe than using WPA2 to protect your WiFi. As long as you don’t change your location, moving networks is an easy way to change your IP address.

Use a proxy to change the IP address

Proxy servers are like VPNs in that they work the same way but are less safe and flexible. The proxy server’s IP address appears as your IP address to websites as part of your internet connection’s middleman protocol. Proxy servers can’t secure data, and they only affect some apps.

Proxy servers come in many forms, such as HTTP/S, SOCKS, and SSH.

People use HTTPS proxies by adding them to their browsers or making websites that work like browsers. Their changes to your IP address are based on the data that goes to and from your browser. This doesn’t affect DNS traffic or other apps.

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SOCKS proxies are proxy services that work with certain apps, like major web browsers. The newest version of SOCKS 5 supports encryption, making it safer.

With an SSH proxy, apps like web browsers can send data to a server over a safe and secure link. Many apps and websites might need to be fixed using an SSH proxy because it is a slow technology with security capabilities.

Renew your IP address

Until now, we’ve talked about using various methods to change your IP address. But there are other ways to watch material unavaaree where you are or to impandve your online protection. The IP address you use can also be renewed. You can change your private IP address from the console of your router or from the device itself if you use WiFi or a local network. On a Windows device, observe these steps to renew your IP address.

  • Search the Command Prompt on your PC.
  • Right-click on the Command Prompt to Run as administrator.
  • Enter ipconfig/release
  • Enter ipconfig/renew

You will see a new local IP address

Steps to renew IP address on Mac

  • Click the Apple menu
  • Click on the System Preferences
  • Select Network
  • In the left pane, highlight the network to which you are connected
  • Click on Advanced
  • Select the TCP/IP tab
  • Click on Renew DHCP Lease

Your Mac will get a new local IP address

Change your IP address by resetting your router.

Here’s a cool way to change your IP address. It’s like making over your router. Your router is like a traffic cop that ensures all your devices can talk to each other. If you reset your WiFi router, your devices will think it’s a new IP address. This method makes giving your router a new IP address easy and quick. To reset your router, follow these steps.

  • Find and note down your IP address
  • Unplug your router from the power for a few minutes
  • Plug that router back in, and boom! Check your IP address again. Surprise, it’s a brand-new one after your router’s little power nap.

How to change your location using a VPN?

Using a VPN, you can effortlessly change your IP address or location. Read and follow the steps to change your location and IP address.

  • Get a reliable VPN subscription
  • Download its app and install it on your device
  • Open the app and enter your login details
  • There will be a connect now or a quick connect button. Click on this button to connect to the best remote server.
  • Once you are connected your IP address and virtual location change automatically

For example, if you want to change your VPN server to a simple country pin your VPN will find the fastest server available in the US.

Summing Up

You can use these methods on any device to change your location and IP address. You can watch movies and TV shows from any location using a VPN. ISPs and authorities can’t track you, which increases your privacy. With increased privacy and safety, stream your favorite shows and movies and surf the internet.

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