How to Use a Great VPN fix the Netflix Proxy Error

Today, as many Netflix binge-watch lovers know that it is a geography-based service and some Netflix libraries have a wider range of content. If it is not a global content available or restricted, generally needed to use VPNs and proxy servers to connect Netflix libraries. This was about Netflix’s copyright and license issues. So streaming all content worldwide is not possible.

One of the methods is using a proxy server. A proxy acts as a mediator to connect your device to the desired Netflix library. Let’s assume you are a user in Turkey but want to reach US shows and films (which is the most popular Netflix library worldwide because it has the broadest and newest content), the proxy would change your location to the USA. However, with the current system, Netflix continuously searches and tests proxy servers to determine their IP addresses and blacklist them.

If you are seeing the message below;

“Whoops, something went wrong. Streaming error. You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again.”, or you can be stuck with error code: m7111-5059.

This means that Netflix identified your proxy server and banned its connection. Netflix has achieved quiet success in terms of detecting DNS servers and VPNs to blacklist them and taking major precautions to block their access. Netflix applies IP blacklisting and DNS filtering methods to identify and keep the log of proxy used IP addresses.

You can still refresh your page, clear your browser cache and cookies, but this would not guarantee that your proxy server will work tomorrow as well.

Is the VPN an absolute solution for Netflix streaming error?

This can be still the case even if you use a VPN rather than a proxy. So what is then? VPN is the solution to fix Netflix proxy error, but, the type of VPN and its features matter here.

VPNs are still the most reliable way to unblock Netflix because a high-quality and compatible VPN would mask your IP address constantly and provide multiple server locations. The more server locations the more likely you can access different Netflix libraries. You should choose the server close to the country you are trying to access.

Choosing the Best VPN

We recommend you choose a VPN that has consistently tested and passed the Netlflix barrier. Several VPN providers are continuously testing their service and IP addresses to avoid identification by Netflix. NordVPN, Express VPN, and Surfshark are among the most reliable and well-equipped VPN companies. If you ask what do they actually do to overcome Netflix, let us briefly describe:

  • They have more than 5.000 server location all over the world, so even Netflix detects one server, this VPN providers change their location to avoid from being blacklisted. Also, there are many location options to choose from in order to access a different country’s Netflix library.
  • You can have multiple users simultaneously in your VPN plan.
  • Fast speed, no buffering problems when loading content.
  • They have apps for mobile devices and Smart TVs to set up a VPN as well.
  • They have 7/24 customer support to solve your technical problems.
  • Free trial, and also guarantee to pay your money back
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So, even if you need to pay some money to receive this service, we can say that it is totally worth it.  You can download their free trial versions and test how much they are successful in unblocking Netflix. For instance, you can try to reach the only US or only UK content from different devices (one İos and one Android) at different times during your free trial. You need to change your server location to reach each content. In this way, you can measure their reliability and performance.

Can Free VPNs Solve Netflix proxy error?

In theory, every VPN should bypass the geoblocks of Netflix. Indeed, some of them state this on their website even if they couldn’t succeed.

Free VPNs may solve your problem for a limited time, however, since their service is free, their server locations are limited. So, if your server becomes detected by Netflix, you cannot easily change your IP addresses as you can do in a paid VPN.

Yet again, since they do not allocate huge resources, they can provide limited bandwidth which in turn creates slow speed in download. It is possible to become annoyed with frequent buffering. They also can limit the data allowance. This means you cannot freely binge-watch your favorite Netflix series ☹

How to fix Netflix streaming error in Smart TV or Android / iPhone?

Some well-known VPN providers also have apps for these devices particularly. You need to download the app specially designed for your mobile device via the store and configure it. Apple TVs and most of the Smart TVs require you to set up your VPN to your router. Generally, your VPN company would provide you a manual that will explain router configuration for VPN. After this step, it would be ready to use. Also, some Android Smart TVs let you download the app from their store directly.

We highly recommend you to choose a paid VPN to overcome Netflix proxy error to ensure long-term and painless solutions. As we said, there are affordable VPNs that let you benefit from a trial period to see the results with your own eyes. Most of the VPN services and proxy servers cannot bypass your IP address all the time against the efforts of  the giant media platform, its advancing technological methods and sources. The most reliable and efficient method to fix Netflix proxy error or the error code m7111-5059 would be using a high-quality and secure VPN.

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