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How To Download YouTube Playlists

YouTube Playlist Downloader

There are a lot of cool YouTube tricks and hacks that take your video streaming experience to the next level, but a Playlist download button is something you won’t find integrated into YouTube.

Maybe you have built your own video playlist, and now all of them are going to be downloaded to your computer? Or a YouTube Playlist Downloader would help you store all of them in one place if you found a collection of public domain videos.

Below you will find the best ways to download multiple YouTube videos at a time provided that they are all available in the same playlist.

Important Note: Most YouTube videos are copyright protected. It does not mean it is legal to do that just because a YouTube downloader works to store the video you want.

1. MediaHuman YouTube Downloader

YouTube Playlist Downloader
You must download and install this MediaHuman to Download YouTube Playlists from your desktop before you use it. It works for Mac and Ubuntu, and Windows.

The only downfall is that a playlist bigger than that won’t work on this tool will be capable of 20 downloads if you don’t pay.

A great feature that a playlist downloader won’t support is playlist tracking with MediaHuman YouTube Downloader. This optional feature enables you to auto-download videos on your YouTube from any playlist.

You can select a video (MP4, FLW, or WEBM) or audio format to save YouTube videos (MP3, M4A, or OGG). Other useful options in the settings, such as automating imports of files into iTunes, defining bandwidth controls, and logging into your YouTube account to download private playlists are also available.

2. ddownr

YouTube Playlist Downloader
Ddownr is a YouTube Playlist downloader free of charge online. Simply paste the playlist URL into the text box, enter the videos you want to download from the playlist (up to 250 and press Download). Then, save your videos to a zip.

Download YouTube playlists in MP3, M4A, and WEBM formats, and different formats for MP4 and WEBM video from 360p to 8k can be used in a multitude of file formats.

Some additional options can be activated in the settings, such as email notifications when the download is ready, the option to include subtitles, and several server locations.

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YouTube Playlist Downloader
Another online YouTube Playlist Downloader, called, is unique in that it lets you pick which videos from the playlist you want to download. There is, however, one drawback that the videos don’t download in bulk; you either need to save them one by one or export the download link and use them in a download manager.

Here, simply Paste the link into the text box to download a YouTube playlist from the website to get a list of all the videos on the playlist. Then, select the videos from the playlist, select the quality that is required for each and select All download from the bottom of the playlist.

Select the download button next door to each video on the final download page or select Export Download Link. Use this URL to save all the playlist files in the internet download manager.

4. 4K Video Downloader

Well, 4K Video Downloader is another offline YouTube playlist downloader that works with Mac, Windows, and Ubuntu operating systems, in both installable and portable versions. It allows you to download all videos in a video or audio file format from a playlist.

Copy the playlist and then use the Paste-Link button in the program to load the playlist to use this free YouTube downloader. Next, choose which videos and the quality of the videos you wish to download. To save them in the specified folder, select MP4 or MKV, then use the Download button.

If you want, there are some options, such as adjusting your computer’s thread number for downloading the videos, creating an M3u file, skipping duplicates, adding iTunes files after downloading, selecting the highest downloading speed, and using a proxy.

When they are done, you can monitor the progress of each download. In addition, you’ll get unlimited playlist uploads, a channel subscription feature, no ads, and a few more benefits if you order the 4K Video Downloader premium version.

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