How to Download Windows 10 ISO File (with Media Creation Tool)

In this Article, i can guide you How to Download Windows 10 ISO File (with Media Creation Tool). There are many Approaches to Download Windows 10 iSO File like a 3rd Party Software program RUFUS. with Rufus’ Latest Model, you may Additionally down load the home Windows 10 iSO file.

But, it’s Better to download the Windows 10 iSO File with the Microsoft’s media Creation Tool because its criminal, proper and also safe and comfy. You ought to no longer download the Windows 10 File from any other unknown and unauthorized resources, it is probably corrupted or harmful in your Laptop.

In the Meantime, before downloading home Windows 10 iSO File with media advent tool. Allow’s have some facts approximately home windows 10 and its functions.

Windows 10 :

Windows 10 is a Private Laptop operating system advanced and produced by means of Microsoft and the Successor of home windows 8.1. Moreover, Windows 10 has Twelve Versions, all with special functions. In fact, all home Windows 10 pro and Windows 10 Home are incredible.Inside the intervening time, Windows 10 home is the primary variation of Windows 10 and is Largely designed for use computers, Tablets and 2-in-1 Computers and windows 10 pro has all of the Features of home windows 10. However, it has delivered a few greater features for commercial enterprise environments. including a chunk locker and remote Laptop.


Windows Features :

Windows 10 pro has more functions not like home windows 7 and eight.1. So right here are functions of home windows 10 seasoned. Those features are in particular designed for commercial enterprise environments. Meanwhile, both home windows 10 variations ( pro and domestic) offer comparable functions. However on the other hand, home windows 10 pro comes with a few new features, which can be in reality designed for commercial enterprise environments. But, this doesn’t imply that home windows 10 pro is higher than the house model.

Remote desktop connection
Windows update for business
Group policy management
Trusted Boot
Assigned access


How to Download Windows 10 ISO File with Microsoft’s Media Creation Tool


Media Creation Tool

If you want to install or upgrade Windows 10, you will need a Windows 10 installation media such as a bootable USB drive or CD / DVD disc. Then Windows 10 Media Creation Tool lets you create an installation USB drive or download an ISO file so that you can burn to a DVD to install an operating system on another device.

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So here are 10 simple and easy steps to download Windows 10 ISO file with media creation tool and follow the steps carefully.

Step 1. First of all, you need to do is download Media Creation Tool from Microsoft’s official website. Go to Microsoft’s official website and then click on Download the tool now.

Step 2. Run the media creation tool. If you’re using Google Chrome then simply press Ctrl+J to take you the download menu or click on the bottom Left-Hand corner to run the media creation tool directly.

Step 3. Click Accept.

Step 4. On this page, click on the Second option which is Create installation media (USB flash drive, DVD, or ISO file) for another PC then click Next.

Step 5. In the Architecture box, you can either select 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) or even both, depends on you then click Next.

Step 6. Select the ISO file option, then click Next.

Step 7. Select the file location where you want to save the Windows 10 ISO file, after that click Save.

Step 8. Here you have to wait for a while because it takes some time and depends on your internet speed.

Step 9. Your Windows 10 file is now downloaded then click Finish.

Step 10. If you have selected Desktop as your file location then a file by the name of “Windows” will be visible there.



So this Article was about How to Download Windows 10 ISO File (with Media Creation Tool). with this method, you can activate Windows 10 versions for free. If you found this content helpful. Please share it on your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. leave your comments below as well if you have any thoughts to add or questions.

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