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In our daily life, we always stuck with a new English word which we don’t know. What do we do at that time? We open our old Dictionary App & try to find the story? Well, now with dictionary applications, you can type the word in the search bar plus look it up, how easy is that! Well, now you don’t have to carry a big massive dictionary with you. Alternatively, you can easily download an app for your Android device. We all know that dictionary apps are convenient and are easy-to-use. In this blog, I have listed eight best dictionary applications for your Android devices. Now Let’s see the list below:

Best Dictionary Applications for Android

3. English Dictionary-Offline
4. Google Translate
5. Merriam-Webster
6. Urban Dictionary
7. Wolfram Words Reference App
8. Concise English Dictionary and Thesaurus

Dictionary App application is the best dictionary app when you are looking for a regular dictionary wit meanings. Well, application is easy to use and free. Now, application is onlyavailable for both Android. As well, To download application for your android phone, click on the below-mentioned link:

Dictionary App is one of the great dictionary applications for your Android device. Along with the best vocabulary definitions, is easy to use, plus anyone can use the application. Now, Each word comes with an easy and understandable explanation with examples. If you need to build your vocabulary, is the best choice for you.

English Dictionary-Offline

Dictionary App

English dictionary is free of cost, and you can use the English lexicon in offline mode as well. As of now, this English dictionary is only available for android users; you can quickly learn English with an English dictionary application. It is best for students and writers. The application has British and American spellings.

Google Translate

Dictionary App

Google translate is one of the bestest tools to find the meaning of any word. Along with the intention, it tells you how to use the name with the group of sentences. The best part about Google Translate is that it supports voice-to-text. Google translate is working on adding more languages. As of now, it only supports English.

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Dictionary App

Merriam-Webster with spellings & definitions also tells you how to spell a word. In Addition, the app has a speaking feature wherein you can speak the word and get its meaning and pronunciation. The best part about Merriam-Webster is you can look up for the story even when you are not sure how to write the name. Now, Download Merriam-Webster from the below links:

Urban Dictionary

Dictionary App

So, An urban dictionary is the only dictionary that catches up the slangs & shows definition, which makes it one of the greatest dictionary apps. In Addition, the Urban Dictionary is free and easy to use. This dictionary comes with a sense of humour. So if you are contemplating for some definitions with funny sentences, opt for Urban Dictionary. Well, The Urban Dictionary is available for both Android.

Wolfram Words Reference App

Dictionary App

The Wolfram Words Reference App seems a little scary to me because it is an advanced version of a dictionary with lots of more than just a simple definition. The best part I found about Wolfram Words Reference App is that it can even translate the words into Braille.

Concise English Dictionary and Thesaurus

Dictionary App

Concise English Dictionary and Thesaurus are only available for Android users to mean short and to the point. So, As per the application’s name, the app is perfect if you are looking for something to the end. This app also has a thesaurus which means you can learn more references and words.

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