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On Android devices Taking notes will help you keep your records organized and help you save a small bit of the planet Earth. But the problem is that the tiny keypad on an Android device can make it a challenge for you to keep notes. This fact that Android will automatically correct lots of words only makes things worse, as all those notes you are quickly taking on your device become jumbled up. Well, That is where Handwriting App for Android can come in handy.

So, With the best Handwriting App for Android needs, you can quickly take notes without worrying about annoy auto-correct issues. Apar From, it might be faster and easier for you to take notes by hand with your Android. The listing includes some attractive Handwriting Apps that will work wonders for your needs. All applications will give you the help you need to get all your notes taken.

Note: Numerous apps are available for free, but some have features that require you to order a premium version.

Handwriting Memo “A Paper”

Handwriting Memo is an easy note-taking app that lets you input using your fingers or a stylus. The exciting feature of this app is the first drawing area, you can simply scroll through the application whenever you run out of writing space, and this app creates more space right away.

Handwriting Memo is easy to use and offers a natural writing experience with three different pen types. Therefore, You can also draw shapes like lines, rectangles, and circles to highlight during note-taking. The size of this point can be adjusted by tapping the pen and adjusting the slider. You can save the notes in the application or share it with other social media as an image.

  • Pros: This application is fluid and offers an endless canvas, making it easier to take notes. You can easily share the letters as an image.
  • Cons: This application only has a limited number of tools that limit the potential of the app. And, the gestures to move around the page take a while to get used to.
  • Also, This app is free on the Play Store and only has a few ads.


Look at INKredible next when searching for a Handwriting App. The uses a basic design layout and adds a little feature for adding both text-based notes but also pictures. And, You can upload your photos from your phone into INKredible or even take screenshots you just made and edit them with it.

An automatic palm & wrist rejection feature is also included. The function identifies the amount of pressure being laid onto a screen and then keeps you from adding unwanted weight to whatever you are trying to write. INKredible is a convenient setup for note-taking that offers a good layout for your use.

  • Pros: Simple design, enables you to share files in many formats, lets you zoom in to find specific details or to add content into tiny spots.
  • Cons: Its Design might look too plain for some, and tough to go from text to images when adding content.


The Squid is an attractive program formerly known as Papyrus that allows you to create handwritten notes on many paper templates. However, what makes it accessible is that you can use Papyrus to fill out forms of all kinds. You can create markups on PDFs on your device as you fill in the blanks on any PDF form you have.

Plus, This uses a press-sensitive setup for handling your handwriting. Here, You can write with your stylus pen and then erase it with your finger. This program identifies the pressure from either item and uses it to determine what will happen when trying to clear something off your app. Even You can adjust the colors of all the things you use, thus allowing you to distinguish between different items that you are posted on Squid.

  • Pros: It’s Supports exporting notes into many file formats, will enable you to crop and edit images as you see fit, will allow you to use an HDMI port, Chromecast, or other items for presenting your notes on a larger screen (works best for tablets).
  • Cons: Its Pressure sensitivity might be too intense, tough to get the fine print out in some cases.
  • This app is Free, although you would have to pay extra for some functions within the app.
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Google Lens

Now, After the recent update, Google lens can copy & paste handwritten notes to your computer. Although to get this working, you will require both your smartphone as well as a laptop with Google Chrome installed. As of now, it takes works as a standalone app.

To take started, install the Google lens app on your Android or Google app for iPhone and log in to the same Google account on your computer running Google Chrome. Once done, open the Google lens app on your smartphone and capture the handwritten text, highlight it on-screen, and select copy. When, head over to your computer, open the Chrome browser, and then go to any document in Google Docs, click Edit, and then Paste. You will notice the handwritten text appear magically. And that is it.

I experimented with it with a doctor’s prescription, and it wasn’t accurate, partly because you know Doctor’s handwriting. Besides, I experimented with my handwriting, and I’ve to say, I was quite impressed.

  • Pros: Works on both Android & iOS. The accuracy is around 90% since the handwriting recognization seems to happen on Google server.
  • Cons: Needs an active internet connection & the use of a computer


FiiWrite is a free program that allows you not only to write notes but also to paint. You can apply the palette tool with your stylus pen to adjust your writing thickness or color.

That is essentially a lighter version of the much larger FiiNote program. You can create many items based on subject and date, among other factors. Single files can also be exported into PDFs and other picture formats. All of these can be edited on your own as well. This thickness of your writing and the colors for what you are adding can be quickly adjusted to feature different styles that fit your requirements.

  • Pros: Works instantly, light in weight on your phone or tablet, offers many data-saving & export options.
  • Cons: It Does not work with a keyboard for tying added notes; you would have to install FiiNote separately.

OneNote 2016

Always since this launch of Microsoft’s Surface line up, OneNote has dominated the Handwriting App market. Like most Handwriting Apps, you can your scribbles with your fingers, insert voice/ video recordings, embed clips from the web, etc. However, OneNote’s best part is “Ink to text,” which can convert the handwritten notes entered directly into OneNote to searchable text. Even OneNote supports pressure sensitivity, like Squid. Though, we recommend turning it OFF to make writing look better and saves disk space.

  • Pros: Convert handwritten notes to standard text.
  • Cons:  OneNote is a massive app & takes quite some to load fully.
  • Cost: OneNote mobile application is free, the desktop version is available only with paid Office 2016 package


When finding for a paid app, you can use LectureNotes to get your content handled. LectureNotes designed with school usage in mind, but it can work anywhere. This program allows you to write or type notes quickly and organize your content into as many individual sections as possible. Also, this includes options for uploading many files from online and getting them added onto LectureNotes. This takes images and PDFs and lets you adjust them with your markups as you see fit, thus giving you extra control over your notes.

  • Pros: Does not need an online connection for use, allows you to see many pages of records at the same time on your device, gives you many options for pencils based on thickness.
  • Cons: It’s Not recommended for use on smartphones, designed with professional needs in mind.

Any of these Handwriting Apps or your Android can work well for the demands you have when producing an excellent document. Now, Take a look at each option you can work with to see what is available and how you can get the most out of your note-taking demands.

Final Words :

So, I remember using the handwriting feature on the PDA devices in the early 2000s.  Handwriting App is a great way to save and organize all you have jotted down. Moreover, I am sure that some people (like myself) have this nasty habit of doodling each and everything and then toss the paper into the bin. Shortly, if you are viewing for a physical notepad alternative, I recommend you go for the paid version of the Handwriting App of your choice.

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