How to Speed Up Microsoft Store Downloads 2020

Windows 10, a significant reshape for Microsoft, brought many changes. One of them is the Microsoft Store. It is pretty neat to have all Windows applications organized in the same place. It makes it simple to search for both paid and free apps. The installation process is straightforward, and you can easily update them.

But what app or game you are trying to download taking to time or is not downloading at all? You know it’s usually done, so what gives? It can be annoying, but it’s not ever permanent. Here are some causes why this happens and how you can speed it up.

Are Microsoft Servers Down?

It might not be something you instantly think of, but it’s worth terminated as an option. So Microsoft Store runs on a Cloud service platform called Azure. You can use a Down Detector website to check if there’s an outage for different kinds of providers and websites, including Microsoft. If there’s an issue, you’ll have to wait till the problem fixed. If the detail says that everything is working correctly, it’s time to move on to the next solution.

Internet Speed

When something you are trying to download is taking too time, it often has something to do with how stable or fast your internet connection is. Perhaps you are trying to get something from Microsoft Store, but you are not at home, and you don’t know your Wi-Fi speed.
Or, your home network is experiencing specific issues. The main thing you need to do is to check your internet speed. If all is fine, move on to the next submission. If there is a problem, reboot your router now or call your internet supplier.

Sign Out of Microsoft Store

Let’s post to the basics before moving onto more complicated solutions. Now Launch Microsoft Store from the Windows menu and sign out of your account there. You will see your profile in the top right corner of the screen. When you do this, it is a good idea to restart your PC.
When you are back on, relaunch the Microsoft Store and sign in with your Loin. This approach works for a lot of applications that have downloading issues, and it may help you with Microsoft Store.

Microsoft Store Might Be Busy

Before you get too annoyed with slow the downloads are going and lose patience, remember that there is an order to downloading applications in Microsoft Store. It means that if you are trying to download many apps at once, only a few will start downloading at the same time. The rest are standing in a queue.

Check for Updates

If you’re confident that something is wrong with the Microsoft Store and the downloads are taking too long, it may be a bug. The best track of action is to check and go if Microsoft has already communicated the issue and gives a solution in the form of an update section.
Go to The Windows Settings (Windows key + I) and select “Update & Security) to see if there are any new Windows updates or not. If there are also, download and install them. Restart your PC and then log in to Microsoft Store again to check is there are any more download issues or not.

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Reset Microsoft Store

You can reset Microsoft Store by re-registering It to your Microsoft account. It does not mean you need to delete it from your PC. At worst, this action will remove all your settings, but that you will set back again. Just go to Windows Settings and select “Applications.” Find The Microsoft Store and then select “Advanced options” underneath. You need to scroll down and select “Reset.” That is all there is to it. Perhaps, It will be the jump start for your applications to download faster.

Delete Cache Files

Maybe the recent Windows update was what Mixed up the Windows Store speeds. If everything was working correctly before the update, and all of instant, it isn’t, it’s quality investigating. What you will do is delete the associated cache files to be sure that it does not affect the problem.
Now Open the Command Prompt application from the Start menu and type in “were set” command. When the system has done cleaning the cache, recheck if the Microsoft Store is downloading apps properly.

Delivery Optimization Settings

Your Windows settings may have the limit for the download speeds at a deficient percentage. The maximum speed for downloading could be what is preventing you from downloading the applications in question.
But you can quickly fix this. Just go to Windows Settings and type in the search box “Delivery Optimization settings.” Then Go to “Advanced options” and Use the slider to change the percentage slider there. Increase the limit of bandwidth that how much can use for downloading updates in the background and forepart.

Need for (Download) Speed

Whether you’re trying to download Netflix, or messaging apps, games, you need Microsoft Store to deliver fast speed. After all, it is a product from a tech hulk, and expectations are too high. But sometimes it’s Microsoft that isn’t at fault. And also, if some settings are off, you can quickly fix them. Main culprits are mostly your Wi-Fi or that you’re trying to download too many applications at once. Whatever the matter may be, there is always a solution.


Conclusion :

Have you ever face any problem with downloading from Microsoft Store? Were you able to fix it and how? Let us know in the comments section. Also Check Windows 10 Set Up The Ultimate Performance Mode Using PowerShell.


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