Top 4: The Best Softwares For File Compression In 2020

Things like archiving and sharing files are now made easy with these best file compression software. The continuous growth of hard drives would only mean the more you need to reduce the size of the files when you store certain data. So, it is now essential to know what is the best software to compress files and knowing how to zip a file.

Compressing files can be very helpful if you want to send numerous files to someone’s email and still be able to fit all of them from the allowable attachment size. You can save yourself from the hassle of sending them to a cloud server.

Additionally, these types of software provide many different features to consider. The best feature would be the capability of protecting your encrypted files with a password. This is something that you can find in all of the tools that we have listed here in this article.


This might be one of the most popular in the software utility world. WinZip is still going strong even if it was released back in 1991. Hearing the name WinZip is like shockwaves being blasted from the past. You might be shocked to know that this revered compression software has achieved version 24.

WinZip also provides integration with several programs that include Office for zipping files easily as you are working. Adding to that feature would be the ability to split large zip files to match different media requirements and enhanced zip management that is parallel to Windows Explorer.


In a way, WinRAR is as well known as WinZip. It has created a name in the market all because of its sole RAR format that offers amazing size compression. It can be utilized to compress files into different other compressed formats, and the software itself gains from the reality that it is accessible for just about any platform there is.

Although the interface may not be the most pleasing to the eyes, and even if you choose to use the Explorer context menu to make or excerpt archives, starters who just started using this would feel overwhelmed by various displays for options and settings. But there is a wizard mode that would do most of the hard work for most tasks for you.

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7-Zip is one of the software on this list with an outstanding reputation. It has the ability to handle whichever compressed file format you want to use it on. It is a real staunch of the compression file world, and this software prides itself on its self-made compressed file format, which is 7z.

This does not only let you compress an enormous file size, which is 16 billion gigabytes, as stated by the developers, but it also has an unbelievable high compression rate. With all these said, it does mean you will be sacrificing some speed. 7-Zip is able to use solid compression to achieve small file sizes with an exchange in the rate of how fast it can compress files.


PeaZip is yet another free software that runs on Windows and Linux, which looks really simple but amazingly powerful. With all the standard features it has, which is compression and decompression, it can also be used to convert records between formats.

For those who are conscious of their security and privacy, the PeaZip software also provides AES256 based encryption and two-factor authentication, and if that is not enough, it also has a password manager.

This compression software is one of the software that can, in a way, extract RAR type files. If you already have WinRAR installed on your computer, PeaZip can utilize WinRAR as a way to gain maximum RAR support.

The best thing about PeaZip is that it is compatible with every known compressed format. Adding to that, PeaZip has its own file format, which is known as the PEA, which places significance on being more secure over compression.


There you have it, folks! These are four of the best compression software out there. Although there are many other compression file software out there, these four on the list are a must-try for people who want to compress files easily as they are extremely easy to use.

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