Best 5 Alternatives to the Pixel 6’s Magic Eraser

Best 5 Alternatives to the Pixel 6’s Magic Eraser. With the Pixel 6, Google Photos has a new feature called Magic Eraser. Only the Google Photos app for Pixel 6 has access to the part. Android users are clamoring for the quality, which has received widespread praise.

The feature is present in many photo editing apps on the Play Store, even though Google has made it exclusive to the Pixel 6 line. So, this article will list some of the best alternatives to the Magic Eraser on the Pixel 6.

What is Magic Eraser?

The Google Photos app has a Magic Eraser feature that lets you remove unwanted objects from your photos. This feature can be found in Adobe Photoshop and other desktop photo editing programs.

Although some Android photo editing apps have the same feature, Magic Eraser is more accurate. On the Magic Eraser, you have to choose the parts you want to remove, and Google will do its best to fill in the blanks.

The Magic Eraser feature of Google looks at the area around the gap and makes an accurate fill. It removes the photo bomb without changing the image’s overall quality.

5 Best Alternatives to the Pixel 6’s Magic Eraser

Now that you know about the Magic Eraser feature on Pixel 6, you might want the same part on your Android device.

To get the same feature, you must use third-party photo editing apps. The best Magic Eraser alternatives for Android are listed below.

1. Snapseed

SnapseedOne of the best photo editing apps for Android phones is Snapseed from Google. It’s a photo editing suite with many tools for photo editing.

Use Snapseed’s Heal tool to obtain the Magic Eraser feature. Like Magic Eraser, the heal tool lets you remove unwanted objects from a photo.

2. AniEraser

Pixel 6’s Magic Eraser

As one of the best alternatives to Magic Eraser, AniEraser is very similar. It’s even more convenient because you can get to it right from your browser on your computer or phone. With its powerful AI, AniEraser can easily remove people, text, shadows, and more from your photos.

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Even the most miniature objects can be easily removed thanks to its adjustable brush. AniEraser can help you improve and restore older photos to show off your best photos on social media. has a media processing toolkit with all the online tools you need to edit images, videos, and audio if you have additional image editing needs, such as improving your photos.

3. Adobe Lightroom

Pixel 6’s Magic Eraser

Adobe Lightroom is a full-featured photo editing app for mobile devices that Adobe developed. The app gives you a lot of photo editing tools. Adobe Lightroom makes it simple to remove unwanted objects from your Photo.

Adobe Lightroom has a healing tool, just like Snapseed. You can use the healing tool to remove unwanted objects from your Photo. On the other hand, the processing part consumes a lot of resources and takes a long time to finish.

4. Handy Photo

Handy Photo

Handy Photo is a paid photo editing app that costs about $2.99. It has many tools to support your creative photo editing skills. You can manually adjust the tones or colors of photos, add textures, use filters, and more.

It also has a photo editing feature that lets you remove unwanted content from your photos with just one tap. The results weren’t as good as Snapseed, but it’s still worth a shot.

5. TouchRetouch

Pixel 6’s Magic Eraser

Use TouchRetouch, an Android photo editing app, to remove unwanted objects from a photo. TouchRetouch’s ability to remove unwanted objects from photos is a plus.

You can easily remove photo bombers, objects, and even skin blemishes and pimples with TouchRetouch. The app can even remove larger objects without leaving any traces. In general, TouchRetouch is an excellent Magic Eraser substitute that you can use.

So, these are the best apps that can be used instead of Magic Erasers. You might not get the best results right away, but over time, you will learn how to use these apps and get the best results. If you know of other apps like this, please let us know in the comment box below.

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