How to Make a Picture Collage for Your Instagram Story. Instagram is the best place online to make and share photos. If you know how to use the effects, you can make some great shots. Today, you’ll learn how to use Instagram to make cool photo collages. The process is simple and takes only a few minutes. Let’s get started!

Making an Instagram collage with stickers on iOS and Android

Instagram’s “Stickers” tool might be the best way to make a collage if you want to have full control over how it looks. Photos, pictures, and other designs can be put on stickers.

If you go to “Your Story” and click on “Stickers,” you can choose your background and change it, as well as choose or make images for the collage. The best thing about this way is that you can use as many pictures, images, or stickers as you want to make a collage. You can move them, change their size, spin them, and stack them as many times as you want. There are some really cool pictures you can make!

  1. Open the app for Instagram.
  2. Tap “Your Story” at the top of the page
  3. To add a background, tap “any displayed image/thumbnail” or choose the first thumbnail on the list, which says “camera.”
  4. If you choose the camera, take a picture to use as your background. Face your camera down on any surface to get a black background. The picture below is of a desk.
  5. When the background is done loading, slide the bottom of it up (not the whole phone screen) to see the “Sticker” options.
  6. To add a picture as a sticker to your collage, click on the “Gallery” icon and then choose one from the pictures in the gallery.
  7. To add a photo taken with the camera, repeat the slide-up motion and tap on the “ADD YOURS” camera icon. This will start your front-facing camera.
  8. Tap on a sticker from the list to use it instead of a picture.
  9. Next, use two fingers to change the size and orientation of each image. Then, hold down an image and move it wherever you want. You can add more images and layer them if you want to.
  10. If you want to get rid of an image, press and hold on to it and drag it into the trash can icon that appears.
  11. Repeat “Steps 4–10” for each image, photo, or sticker you want to add to your Instagram collage.
  12. OPTIONAL: When you’re done editing, you can choose how to share your Instagram Story. For example, you could choose a few close friends, share it on Facebook, or choose “none” to share it with everyone who follows you.
  13. Tap “Your Story” in the bottom-left corner when you are ready to share your Instagram Story Collage.

If desired, you can edit your background in the first steps to make it pop!

Create an Instagram Collage Story using the Layout Option

With the Instagram Layout option, you can make pictures with different layouts and features, like the collage feature. But each collage plan can only have a certain number of photos, such as 22, 44, 33, or 13 layouts. Also, pictures can’t be put in weird places or overlapped with this feature. The Instagram Layout option might be the easiest way to make a collage, but it doesn’t work for every situation. Here’s how to use the Layout option on Instagram to make a collage Story.

  1. Use your phone to open the Instagram app.
  2. Tap the “+” sign (the “add” sign) in the upper right corner and choose “story.”
  3. Choose the “Layout” icon from the menu on the left.
  4. You can choose a layout like “13,” “44”, “33,” etc.
  5. Choose your images for each section, starting with the upper left corner. Tap the gallery icon in the bottom left corner or press the white circle to take a picture with your camera. Do this for every part of the layout.
  6. Tap the “circled checkmark” when you’re done adding pictures to save the collage and move on to the next step.
    Instagram Story Picture Collage
  7. The screen shows your collage. Use the options at the top to make more changes, or tap the “Your Story” icon to share it.
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Other Ways to Add Photos to Your Instagram Collage

When you make a collage on an Android or iPhone using Instagram Stories, you can choose where each photo came from. Also you can add photos and videos from your picture gallery. You can also choose photos from WeChat, Downloads, Facebook, and other folders with images you made. You can take your Instagram collage one step further by downloading images from an online cloud service and using them in your collage.

Third-Party Apps that Make Unique Collages for Your Instagram Story

When you make an Instagram Story, you can only use a certain number of editing tools. So, if you want to make something special, you’ll need help from third-party apps that have more effects and options. Here are some of the most popular apps for editing pictures.

A Design Kit

Instagram Story Picture Collage

By using the popular app A Design Kit, you can make your Instagram Stories more interesting. You can find lots of stickers, backgrounds, brushes, textures, colors, and other tools to make your photos stand out. The effects will add more color to your stories, and you can give your collages a personal touch to make them stand out.

Adobe Spark Post

adobe spark

One of the best apps for people who are just starting out is Adobe Spark Post. You can use the app’s many templates for Instagram Stories. It also lets you use millions of stock photos, fonts, filters, and other useful tools.

Mojo App

Instagram Story Picture Collage

Mojo will give you the tools you need to make an Instagram Story that is one of a kind. Use animated templates to wow your followers and clients and make a bigger impact on them. You can change the effects, movements, colors, cropping, etc. to make them look how you want.

With this app, you can add animated templates to both videos and pictures. Use your creativity to make great Instagram Stories that will keep your current followers interested and bring in new ones.

Overall, if you want to keep your followers interested, you should put more work into making Instagram Stories. Most Instagram stories look the same, so people scroll through them. If you add some extra effects, more people will want to see yours.