Keep Your Luggage Safe While Traveling Through Singapore With These Tips

Keep Your Luggage Safe While Traveling Through Singapore With These Tips

Who else is jumping for joy that travel is coming back to us once again? And we are not just talking about small domestic trips. We’re talking about those big, exciting international adventures.

Many different countries around the world are beginning to open up or at least announce their phased re-opening plans for international travelers. So this is great news because it means planning an overseas trip is once again possible.

There are a lot of different places to go in this wonderful world of ours. And the chances are that many of the destinations you want to get through will likely transfer through Singapore.

Singapore was designed to be a haven for those travelers with long layovers. From the amenities at their world-class airport to the range of options for luggage storage in Singapore, making the most of your time in this wonderful destination is easy.

From the mystical gardens to the insane and out of this world architecture, there is simply so much for you to do in Singapore. So the last thing you want to do is have your luggage prohibit you from experiencing it all.

While making your way around Singapore is pretty easy, it is still important to have a game plan when it comes to storing your luggage. So we have put together the ultimate guide on top tips to store your luggage and the best luggage-free activities to do in Singapore.

Tips to Keep Your Luggage Safe

1. Find a Reliable Storage Facility

While Singapore is known for being a super safe city, you will still want to take extra precautions when it comes to your own personal belongings. So a great way to do this is by searching online in advance for storage facilities that come with great approval ratings and reviews.

After doing a quick search online, you will likely end up getting a ton of different results for reliable luggage storage facilities in Singapore that come with five-star reviews. Pick one of those.

2. Ensure You Have Content Insurance Included

The best and most safe option for storing your luggage in Singapore is by booking through a retailer that comes with automatic content insurance included. The very best ones will cover up to $10,000, meaning that if in the off chance something does happen to your bag you will be given more than enough compensation to re-purchase those items.

3. Make Sure They Have a Security Seal

Another important part of making sure that your luggage will be safe and sound in Singapore is to make sure that there is a security seal placed on the bag when you drop it off. That way, you know for sure when you collect it that it has not been opened and everything inside will still be there.

4. Book it Online Through a Third Party

Big brands are important when it comes to luggage security. So you will want to book your luggage storage spot online through a brand that is trusted around the world and who media also recommend. That way they will not only have enough people on their team to help you should something happens, but you will have extra peace of mind that your beloved luggage is being stored safe and sound while you explore Singapore.

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What to Do Without Luggage

So now that you have stored your luggage away safely in Singapore, you can make the most of being luggage-free for the day. There are so many wonderful places to take advantage of, so we have rounded up the top spots that are made even more enjoyable when you do not have bags to slow you down.

1. Go to the Gardens

Singapore does many things well. But one of the best for sure is their gardens. The most impressive has got to be the Gardens of the Bay. There is a reason it is one of the most popular spots for tourists to flock to.

So, prepare for big numbers there in terms of crowd size. And it is all the more reason to store your luggage in advance of coming here. First, to prevent someone from stealing it. And second, to help you more easily navigate the gardens.

The top spots to check out here include their treetop walk and their incredibly massive waterfall. You could easily spend an entire day here.

2. Stay at the Airport

While many airports around the world are ones that you simply can not wait to get out of, the Jewel Changi Airport is definitely not like the others. This airport is probably the most impressive airport in the world and you could easily spend an entire day there and feel like you had a totally unique experience.

From shopping malls to indoor waterfalls, Singapore really went next level when it came to designing this airport. There are even a hotel and sleeping pods here too. So, if you find yourself with a few hours of a layover, it is best to drop your luggage off at a storage facility within the airport and get exploring. The airport is really like a city within itself.

3. Lounge at Rooftop Pools

Of all the picturesque things you can do in Singapore, spending time at the rooftop of Marina Bay Sands has got to be the most splurge-worthy activity. Not only does their infinity pool make you want to scream with joy for how fantastic it is, but it comes with a whole lineup of top-rated restaurants too. So definitely store your luggage away at a nearby facility here, so you can hang out at the pool all day and not have to worry about your belongings. Trust us, once you arrive here you really will not want to leave.

4. Eat at the Street Markets

Singapore is known for its world-class food, especially at their famous street markets. This is not a place you want your luggage to be due to the crowds and the need to use both hands to eat all the food!


Use the safe luggage storage facilities in Singapore so you can have the time of your life exploring.

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