After Twice Turning down Toronto, Righty Gausman Joins Jays

After two offseasons trying to hire pitcher Kevin Gausman, Toronto finally made it. In early December, it was confirmed by the press that the 30-year-old pitcher had signed a five-year contract with the Toronto Blue Jays.

We turned to American sports expert Kate Richardson to explain this hire better and help fans get to know Kavein Gausman better. If you want to access Kate’s profile and learn more about her work, click here.

Kevin Gausman’s career

Gusman started playing baseball in his high school years, already acting as a pitcher. His good performance at that time even earned him an MLB draft, but he didn’t sign with the team that picked him.

After that he went to College Baseball, playing for the LSU Tigers. It was there that his talent was developed and he felt more confident about finally making it to the biggest baseball league in the United States.

In the 2012 draft, he confirmed his MLB spot after being drafted by the Baltimore Orioles and, ironically, his first game was exactly against the Jays, the team he was signed to in late 2021.

In addition to playing for Baltimore, Gausman has been a pitcher for three other clubs. They were:

  1. Atlanta Braves
  2. Cincinnati Reds
  3. San Francisco Giants

In the Giants Gusman showed his best game and caught the attention not only of the fans but also of the US news world report. So much so that he was an All-Star playing for the San Francisco team.

Also, it was certainly a dream come true to be Giants pitchers, as he grew up as a fan of this team, following every San Francisco game. Now, however, he will live a new phase in his career alongside the Toronto Blue Jays.

Toronto Blue Jays

One of the few teams in Canada that participate in MLB, the up country Toronto blue jays is a franchise that is part of the AL East Division.

In the early 1990s, the Jays thrilled Canadians with interesting baseball and several titles. However, since the new MLB format was installed in 1997, the Toronto team has never managed to win a World Series.

Furthermore, only one title was won in that period, and it was the East Division champions’ trophy in the year 2015, which led them to the playoffs after 22 years out.

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Since then, the team has not won any titles and continues to try to find new names so that they can go further in the coming seasons and, who knows, raise more trophies to please their fans.

After Twice Turning down Toronto, Righty Gausman Joins Jays

Gausman at Toronto

Certainly the signing of the 30-year-old pitcher is very good for Toronto and they have been trying to sign this contract for two years now.

Gausman is an All-Star, which shows all the ability of his game and his skill. Only the best MLB players can participate in an All-Star. And that, for the Jays, could be a long-sought solution. During season 2021, in all the giants game tomorrow, we knew that Gausman had a good chance of starting.

And although he was not the pitcher with the most games on the team, with only 33 games to Tyler Rogers’ 80, Gausman was the one with the most victories, with 14 in total. In addition, he topped several other Giants stats this season, such as the number of strikeouts, which was an incredible 227.

With that, we can say that the hiring made by the Jays can yield good results for the team. With Robbie Ray present, Toronto will have two great pitchers with good numbers this season who can take them far.


Next season, Kevin Gausman fans will no longer have to ask themselves what time is the San Francisco game this week, but rather follow the Canadian Toronto Blue Jays team. And pay attention, as there is a difference of three hours between these locations.

Toronto, despite not having reached high levels in recent seasons, has an organized team and with the addition of one better pitcher, has capabilities to surprise next season.

For Gausman, who was a free agent, the five-year contract came at a great time. In addition, the values agreed were also very interesting, something around $110 million for these five seasons with the Jays.

To conclude, we hope to see both Gausman and the Toronto team performing well in the 2022 season. Together, they can achieve good results in the East Division and who knows, maybe reach far in the playoffs as well.

Perhaps Gausman can even get his second All-Star in two straight years. Now that would be an incredible feat.

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