6 Smart Tips For Safe Payments Online

If you feel confident with new technologies, you may prefer online shopping rather than traditional shopping. That’s an option that before the diffusion of the internet we couldn’t even think. Today, online shopping results to be a flourishing industry with a growing number of customers each year. The same is true for many other activities we do online involving financial transactions; downloading a new mobile application, paying our bills, streaming movies, downloading an ebook, playing at online casinos or taking an online course at an open university. Secure financial transactions are equally important regardless of what we are paying for online. All of the advice we list below will help you stay safe online during all types of activities involving money transfer to, or from, your bank account.

Become Informed Before You Pay Online

Getting a great deal in the online shopping universe might not be as easy as you think. The challenge is not about finding something to buy but more about getting the best price and to find a way to pay for it, without having your bank account hacked in the process. You have to choose the highest safety level, you should check the seller’s trustworthiness and reliability, you have to make sure that your products arrive on time and that your payment goes safely

Online shopping or entertainment involves several steps and it’s way a different matter than getting the lowest price or best offer. The first thing to do when you land on any site online is to make sure its URL starts with “https”, which means the website is safe and verified. This is something you should pay attention to before you look at their products or services.

There are also some practical issues that may interfere with your online shopping. Online payments are delicate aspects of online shopping and all other activities that require financial transactions. Finding sites that support your preferred currency can be difficult if you are not using USD or Euro. Even so, not all banks or banking methods are supported by the e-commerce shop or online service provider, even if you are willing to pay with USD/Euro. Account-holders from Australia, Sweden or Egypt, may all have access to a credit card by VISA but unless the e-shop or online casino accepts the local processor you won’t be able to pay online.

A small online shop or even many larger e-commerce shops are very limited in the number of countries they can accept payments from. The online gaming industry on the other hand, is the most developed of all markets in their ability to process payments from anywhere in the world. By using an independent consumer guide for the service or industry you are interested in you can very easily avoid most of the transactional issues that otherwise may cause problems. These websites are often hosted on international servers which means you can find unbiased information online that could be difficult to get locally. Some countries try to restrict access to certain products, brands or even types of entertainment. Information may only be accessible through international websites. As gambling for money is not permitted locally in many countries, especially in the Middle East, the only reliable source of information is through internationally hosted websites like Crypto Casino and similar platforms. Before any transaction online, may it be shopping, gaming or streaming, always try to get as much information as possible from a consumer guide! Prudence is always highly recommended when it comes to money!

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Learn How To Shop Safely In The Internet

Paying for services as well as doing your shopping online, can be convenient for many aspects, but it requires a series of skills that you may take years to develop, and in the meanwhile, you might experience some rip-off.

We want to give you some more useful and practical hints to allow you to get closer to the online shopping universe, so you can start to look for good deals to jump at.

  1. Use a secure connection
    When it comes to security, your connection comes to play a relevant role. Your computer (or another device) should be protected from potential scammers, hackers and malware otherwise your financial information is at risk. Consider that the hacking techniques grow in quality and types each year, so you’d better get high-class protection for your computer. Also, if you use a wireless network, make sure it’s encrypted so anyone in the nearby home can’t steal your information.
  2. Make your research
    When buying from an online site or e-commerce platform, it’s essential to know about the seller’s reputation and details. Only if you already know the seller or the store you can afford to place your orders and payments in a couple of clicks. If you are new to that seller’s site, you’d better take some minutes to take your precautions.
  3. Don’t trust offers that look “too attractive”
    Coupons, discounts, sales, and other offerings are excellent to save money, but if you see that an offer looks too good to be true, be prudent and make sure there’s no scam behind it. Dishonest sellers might sell damaged items or send an inferior number of items if it’s combined shipping… look in the web for reviews about the sellers or about the products that you are interested to buy.
  4. Avoid e-stores that require too many details
    When you register your account on an e-store site, you are requested to enter a few information and a valid payment method. Now, if you notice that an e-store requires you to give too many details, it’s a sign that something goes wrong. Don’t trust that website or contact the seller in other ways (make a phone call to their land-based store or send an email) and ask for questions.
  5. Create a unique password
    We have plenty of passwords for dozens of accounts… it’s easy that you may tend to use similar passwords or the same passwords for different accounts. That’s the wrong choice. To upgrade your security you should create a unique password for each account and change it from time to time. Anyway, unless you decide to use a website frequently, you shouldn’t create an account, but if you have to create one, use a strong password.
  6. Credit card or Paypal?
    Credit cards and debit cards aren’t the best choices as to payment methods, as your financial information could be stolen more easily. Paypal offers high-level security and it allows you to send immediate payments all across the world. Also, Paypal is the world’s most diffused and preferred method for online payments.

Think that millions of land-based businesses open their online store to increase their sales opportunities, while in certain countries online shopping is so strongly rooted to the point that traditional shopping is slowly dying.

The web is full of risks but if you learn these tips you can experience safe shopping and get good deals every day.

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