What’s New about iOS 16 Beta?

iOS 16 Beta

Apple is getting ready to release its new iPhones by giving coders a new beta version of iOS 16. In other words, we already know some basic things about what the new operating system will do. Even though some of the features, no matter how small, look beautiful, one in particular has annoyed many users and is unlikely to be included in the app’s final version. What’s new in iOS 16 beta, and how do you get it?

Apple’s iOS 16 Beta

The iPhone’s battery number is back, one of the first things people have noticed. Some people are unhappy about this. Some may remember that Apple took away this option a rare years ago to accommodate the front-facing camera. This means users can now see exactly how much battery life they have left without dragging the scale in the Control Center. They might have thought that putting everything together would make the best batteries for the future.

But this only makes some people happy. Victoria Song of The Verge says it looks bad because the sign looks full even though you have less charge, which would be shown as a number. Some people might need clarificationneed clarification. It’s possible, though, that this is just a test and will be fixed later in the ios 16 beta profile download. Some people think this option won’t make it into the final version, so we won’t know if it stays until the operating system comes out.

Other small alterations

People have also noticed that the emergency call has changed. It’s now called “Emergency SOS,” you can get to it by hitting the side button quickly or keeping it down. The police will be called immediately.

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You can now copy a changed version while deleting the original iOS 16 beta download, thanks to some minor changes that have been made to how we take screenshots.

Locate your phone for you.

One of the new features in the Find My app is a sound option you can use while finding your device. This one is much bigger and stands out more, making it easier to find your phone. The fact that this app is always getting better makes it very useful in a situation.

The Apple Watch, and probably the Pro version of it, will also be a part of this. The new sound will play when you push your iPhone to find it in the control center.

Adapts to music

Apple Music has had some small changes made to it. The signs that indicate whether a song has Dolby Atmos or is Dolby Lossless now appear in a less noticeable position below the artist.

The Apple Music visualizer is now available on the lock screen, and the app can currently be watched in full screen with a more attractive iOS 16 beta profile.

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