Top 5 Websites for Free Cryptocurrency Airdrops

From Bitcoin to altcoins, the digit of digital currencies keeps going up. Therefore, it is impossible to overestimate the significance of airdrops in boosting cryptocurrency acceptance.

Crypto airdrops have given a lot of people, especially newbies and people with little money, the chance to share in the cryptocurrency reward. But what exactly are airdrops in cryptocurrency?

What Is a Cryptocurrency Airdrop?

Cryptocurrency Airdrops

Free tokens or coins are given to user wallet addresses in return for finishing specific tasks in an airdrop, a marketing strategy used frequently by crypto businesses.

These tasks include signing up for a Telegram group, following certain Twitter users and retweeting their tweets, filling out a form, or signing up on the website for the crypto project. The crypto airdrop program often gives people more free coins when they get others to join.

A “holder’s airdrop” is when getting digital asset airdrops does not require tasks other than having a specific ticket.

The main goal of any airdrop scheme is to get people to know about and use a new cryptocurrency. The number of friends, users, and coin holders increases when these currencies are easily distributed.

It is possible to make money by taking part in airdrop campaigns. People who took part in the airdrop got benefits, like being able to buy valuable tokens during the presale at a much lower price.

Need to get your hands on one of these “free” airdrop tokens? You’ve come to the right place then. Find the best places for real airdrops and get your share of the crypto cash pie by reading on.

The 5 Best Sites for Cryptocurrency Airdrops

Here are the top five websites to hunt for real cryptocurrency airdrops.


Cryptocurrency Airdrops

Airdrops lets you get free airdrops. The site says that is “an unrestricted aggregator for crypto airdrops” and has nothing to do with those mentioned there. Even though they do their best to spread the word about real airdrops, you should do your research before participating in a token presale deal and stay away from giving out your personal information.

There are six groups on newest, holder, potential, hottest, retroactive DeFi airdrops, and non-fungible token (NFT) airdrops. A large number of airdrops are listed on the website’s page. To maximize the website and prevent scams, check with CoinMarketCap when in question.

To stay informed about the latest or upcoming airdrops, you can subscribe to their newsletter and obtain free airdrop alerts in your email.

2. Airdrop Alert

Cryptocurrency Airdrops

Airdrop Alert is a free website that helps people in the crypto world find real airdrops and giveaways. The founder, Morten Christensen, started the first site for crypto airdrops in 2017 to help new crypto fans stay away from scam airdrops and giveaways. Before publishing any airdrop on the site, Airdrop Alert conducts extensive research.

It is usual for crypto fans to always do their research (DYOR) before joining an airdrop effort, though. With CoinMarketCap and, Airdrop Alert shares features. With DeFi Airdrops, NFT Airdrops, New Airdrops, Featured Airdrops, Exclusive Airdrops, and Upcoming Airdrops, it has a long list of airdrop campaigns on offer. The website also has a list of past airdrops, just like CoinMarketCap.

Through the many resources on their blog, Airdrop Alert helps crypto newbies learn everything they need to know besides crypto airdrops. Want free airdrop news sent to your email? The newsletter is available for subscribers.

3. CoinMarketCap

CoinMarketCap, a website that follows the prices of digital assets, is clearly at the top of the list. For price research, crypto project approval, and digital asset comparison for crypto fans, media, and organizations, CoinMarketCap, established in 2013 by Brandon Chez, has quickly become one of the most trusted sources.

Many well-known news outlets, like Bloomberg and CNBC, have acknowledged CoinMarketCap’s high level of reliability.

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CoinMarketCap seeks to “make cryptocurrency discoverable and efficient globally by giving retail users fair, high-quality, and accurate information they can use to make their own decisions.”

For any coin or ticket on the website, it tells users everything they need to know. This includes the names of the contracts, the website, extra contacts, the blockchain, the real-time prices of the tokens, and whether the token is being watched.

There are three types of airdrop campaigns on Coinmarketcap’s list: airdrops that are over, airdrops that are happening now, and airdrops that will happen in the future. For “ongoing airdrops,” users can take part. For “future” airdrops, users will be notified when the airdrop goes live. You can also participate in the airdrop and be told about it hours before it starts.

Check CoinMarketCap if you’re looking for a reliable crypto airdrop.


Cryptocurrency Airdrops

People can find real airdrops and giveaways with the help of the free crypto site Airdrop Alert. To help new crypto fans avoid scam airdrops and giveaways, Morten Christensen (the founder) launched the first crypto airdrop site in 2017. Airdrop Alert conducts thorough research before publishing each airdrop on the site.

Before participating in any airdrop program, crypto enthusiasts typically perform their research (DYOR). One trait that Airdrop Alert has in common with CoinMarketCap and is the ability to share information. There is a full list of airdrop campaigns, sorted into categories like DeFi Airdrops, NFT Airdrops, Featured Airdrops, New Airdrops, Exclusive Airdrops, and Upcoming Airdrops. Like CoinMarketCap, the website lists past airdrops as well.

In addition to crypto airdrops, Airdrop Alert helps crypto newbies by providing a ton of information on their site. Do you want free airdrop news sent to your email? Subscribe to the newsletter by clicking here.

5. AirDropBob

Do you want to get free cryptocurrency airdrops? There is another website called AirdropBob that offers free cryptocurrency airdrops. Like Airdrop Alert, AirdropBob provides all the information and resources you need to maximize any airdrop effort listed on the site.

The website is easy to use and offers a list of airdrops, from the most recent to older (but still active) ones. AirdropBob also lets users find and sort airdrops based on Bitcoin, status, social media sites, and more.

Bonus: The Best Twitter Handle for Crypto Airdrops

It’s the last thing on our list, but there are other important things. A lot of crypto projects and airdrop campaigns are mentioned on Twitter. When it comes to cryptocurrency, the messaging site has become more well-known. To find crypto airdrops on Twitter, look for DeFi Airdrops (@defi_airdrops), which supports campaigns for decentralized finance (DeFi). If you like DeFi, check out this Twitter handle.

You Still Need to Do Your Own Research

It’s free to join cryptocurrency airdrop campaigns, but you must be dedicated. With the help of airdrops, many people have hit the cryptocurrency jackpot. Remember, though, that there are better ways to get rich quicklythan this, and airdrops rarely pay out immediately. Being patient and putting in effort are both needed. As the name says, they’re drops! Make an effort, wait, and keep doing what you’re doing.

Crypto currency scams have also tricked some people This is why doing your research is so important to your success. You can start your hunt for real airdrop campaigns with these four websites.

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