Top 7 Best Crypto Trading Apps

Crypto Trading

Top 7 Best Crypto Trading Apps. The world’s best cryptocurrency apps have spread like wildfire. People mine for many different forms of money worldwide, including Bitcoins, Doge coins, Ethereum, etc. They are becoming more valuable in the real world, and some places will even take cryptocurrency as payment for goods and services. This list will talk about the best cryptocurrency apps for Android.

Top 7 Best Cryptocurrency Apps For Crypto Trading

Check out the information below to learn more about this post’s top cryptocurrency apps;

The top 7 Android business and trading apps!

1. Cobo



A wallet app that can hold more than one cryptocurrency is called Cobo. It takes several Bitcoin, Ethereum, Decred, Ripple, Litecoin, ZCash, DogeCoin, and other coins in various forms. The app also works with over 80 countries and some of the newest cryptocurrency technologies, such as Proof of Stake and controller node sharing. Even though some users are unhappy with a few problems, most people enjoy this one.

Rate: Free

2. Blockfolio

Crypto Trading

Blockfolio is the name of a banking app made for cryptocurrency users. You will be able to get to your cryptocurrency investments quickly. Also You can also tell it to send you a message when prices exceed a certain amount. You can learn more about the more than 800 currencies it tracks today. There is also a news area for those who want to know what’s new in the market. They work well with each other, which is always a good thing. For people who care about cryptocurrency, this is helpful.

Rate: Free

3. CryptoWake


CryptoWake is a wild card on the list. It is an app for the lock screen that has a screen that stays on all the time and shows a lot of cryptocurrency information. The lock screen has a clock, the date, audio controls, information controls, and other things. A news feed, a lot of cryptocurrency prices and data, as well as other information, are also available. We only suggest it for AMOLED screens because it can quickly drain your power if used on other screens. One interesting way to keep an eye on cryptocurrency prices is this simple trick.

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Rate: Free/ Up to $5.99.

4. Coin Stats

Crypto Trading


The name of a cryptocurrency price app is Coin Stats. It monitors more than 3,000 different currencies on more than 100 different exchanges. You can sync your wallets with the exchanges you want to use immediately to build a full portfolio. Some other features are news, a gadget, sharing portfolios, cost alerts, and weekly app changes. The UI looks good and works well. It’s not wrong in any way.

Rate: Free/ $4.99 monthly/ $39.99 each year

5. Blockchain


Blockchain Wallet is a top mobile cryptocurrency wallet app. It can do a lot of things and works with Bitcoin. It lets you send and receive Bitcoin funds, has a two-factor login, PIN protection, 18 language support, and blocks TOR and QR code support, to name a few. It’s also free and open source if that’s important to you. Material Designs are there, as well as a simple user interface. This one is great.

Rate: Free

6. Delta


Delta is one of the newest cryptocurrency apps. This software keeps track of your investments and comes with a library of more than 3,000 different currencies, a watchlist, market data, and rate alerts. It also makes syncing with Coinbase, Bittrex, KuCoin, GDAX, and other wallet apps easy and quick. This program has more features than others on this list. But the price is $8.49 a month or $49.99 a year. Although we don’t like services, cryptocurrency fans might want to consider this.

Rate: Free/ $8.49 monthly/ $49.99 annually.

7. Coins.ph Wallet


Crypto Trading

Coins. Ph is another cryptocurrency wallet app. The app lets you see how much cryptocurrency you have left, send money to other people, pay for things, and more. As well as that, it has some nice Material Design. One of the many shopping choices on the app is the ability to buy gift cards from more than 120 shops. Stores and banks can be found as well if you need them. Its users suggest it highly, so you should check it out.

Price: Free

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