4 Sites To Play Cards Against Humanity Online (Free)

Cards Against Humanity

Only so many things can you do to enjoy yourself when you are stuck at home. Playing board games is a great way to kill time if you share your living space with other people. Here is an all-time classic, Cards Against Humanity.

As it is described on the website, “a party game for horrible people,” the game is great fun for everyone. Although it’s NSFW definitely, it’s a great way to let go and laugh with your friends and even with your family. Also, Here’s how to play cards against humanity online and what you’ll need for it.

Before Playing Cards Against Humanity Online

Half of the fun with games like Cards Against Humanity is how your friends react to your choices. Therefore, we recommend that you set up a video call in one of the popular video conferencing applications before starting the game. You need to ensure, of course, that your microphone and webcam work well. Ask all participants, finally, whether they know the game rules. Then, if necessary, give them a bit of refreshment.

There are two types of cards available to Cards Against Humanity: black and white. A player asks a black card question every round. Then everybody else chooses a white card from their hand to provide the funniest (and most unsuitable) response. The winner is the player with the funniest answers at the end of the game. Once everyone’s clear on the rules and ready to play, go to one of the following sites to play cards against humanity online.

1. All Bad Cards

Cards Against Humanity

All Bad Cards have a chance to play with your friends in your favorite online game. First of all, you will see a superb interface that perfectly imitates the funny feeling that only cards against humanity have. Although other websites have existed long before, All Bad Cards were recently designed for people who were bored at home and were searching for new ways to have fun.

Go to the website and click New Game to start the game. You can then enter your nickname on the website. You get a sharing link to invite others, and up to ten AI players can also be added. Click Start to start the game once everyone is ready. The ability to host a game for up to 50 players and a family-friendly version of Cards Against Humanity are several more impressive features (seriously).


Cards Against Humanity

For a few reasons, is the top choice on our list. The first is the ease of everything. This is both an advantage and an adverse aspect of this site, though. The interface is quite minimal, and sometimes the true Cards Against Humanity game does not quite look like it. This is because the game on the site is called Remote Intensity and is visually different. At the same time, remote sensitivity has the same cards, and even for complete beginners is extremely simple to play on the site.

One cool thing about this is that the game is not automated. This means that you have to deal with them, move them and discard them. This contributes to creating a realistic feeling and adds to the atmosphere at night. Go to to begin the game. Scroll down to create a new room area. Select Remote Insensitivity from there and click Start Game. You will have a shared link to invite other players.

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3. Cards Against Humanity Lab

Cards Against Humanity

A perfect choice when all your friends are busy, but you just want yourself to have a few laughs. The official website for the CAH online experience is Cards Against Humanity Lab. However, because you’re the only one to play, it’s not exactly social. The Computer offers you a black card here, and you can choose the funniest answer from a number of white cards. There is also an option to say that neither card on the screen is funny.

The purpose of this tool may be guessed. The CAH AI knows which card combinations are best or worst in the game. Maybe it doesn’t seem fun, but many of the cards that you have played before are in the CAH Lab. This is because the website is used for future editions of the game. So, if you are a real fan of the game, go to the site and enjoy some CAH rounds yourself.

4. Pretend You’re Xyzzy

Pretend You’re Xyzzy is another clone of Cards Against Humanity that’ll be your preferred one if you fan the game’s depth. The original game includes numerous expansion packages, which add up to hundreds of cards and funny combinations. Pretend you’re Xyzzy claims they’ve all gone, making the game so much more interesting.

The downside here is that if you have three or more players, you can’t start the game. However, it’s up to you to personalize the game and add as many cards as you want once you have the right number of people. And, if you don’t like to join, you create your own rules as well as who can play and who can simply watch the game.

To play the game, go to the site, complete your surname and click Set. This takes you to the personalized game screen. Next, select the number of players, the sets of cards you want, and your password for the game. Then, share your URL of the game and wait for others to join the game.

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Make Your Own CAH Entertainment:

Staying at home is the best time for rules to change and start playing with your own. By downloading it from the official website, you can create your own CAH deck. You can even play with your folks with a special family-friendly version. Have you previously played Cards Against Humanity online? What other games with your friends would you play online? In the following comments, share your thoughts with us.

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