Best Method to Download YouTube Videos

YouTube is the largest video streaming network that is open to everyone. There is a lot of content on every topic. You just type a keyword, hit search button and endless results will be displayed in front of you, spawning across countless pages. Although, this huge amount of content is not the only feature that we love about YouTube. The video quality options, subtitles, full-screen, recommendations, comments, embedding, save later, etc. some of the other prominent features that make YouTube stand out.

However, YouTube does not allow us to download the videos. There is no download button on any of the pages. I understand, there can be privacy and copyright issues on music videos, etc but that’s not the only thing we wish to download. Sometimes we really need to download some important tutorials, lessons, etc. Without having that video we would need to keeping browsing for it on YouTube. It not only eats up our data but many times we just lose track of that actual video. So, is there any way about it?

Fortunately, there is. YouTube does not allow you to download the videos but with the help of BitDownloader you can download unlimited number of videos from YouTube.


BitDownloader is an online YouTube Video Downloader service. The site provides a very easy and straightforward way to download the YouTube videos. Since it’s an online service, you don’t need to download any software.

Also, unlike other similar services BitDownloader does now swarm you with advertisements and pop-ups. The website has a very neat and clean interface and only the needed text and buttons. Other than the YouTube downloader, the website also provides other free services like Instagram downloader, Facebook downloader and Bookmarklet.

BitDownloader is compatible with YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Coub, Vimeo and V Live. The service works on computers as well as on mobile devices.

How to download YouTube videos with BitDownloader

Like I mentioned before, it is very easy to download YouTube videos with BitDownloader.

Step 1: Open the video on YouTube. Copy the URL of your YouTube video, that you would like to download.

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Step 2: Visit the official website of BitDownloder. It is an Https protected website and all the data transferred through is encrypted. The website is 100% safe & secure to visit.


Step 3: Enter the YouTube video’s URL in the big text box available on the homepage. Click on the green colored ‘Download’ button. BitDownloader will search for all the available downloading options available for that video.

Now, at this step, you will get 2 basic options. You can either download the video with sound. In this case, you will see the video quality options and you can right-click on the download button corresponding to the video quality that you like and choose the save/download option.

video with sound

The second option is to download the video without sound. In this case too you will get different options in terms of video quality and file size. To download any of these, just right click on the download button and choose the option to save/download.

download video without sound

That’s it. You now have the downloaded version of the YouTube video in the required quality. These videos can be easily transferred between devices.

Final Words

BitDownloader is the perfect tool to download YouTube videos without any hassle. You don’t need to download any dedicated video downloading software or to register for an account to use this service. They do not ask for any of your details like name, email or phone number. Just go to the website, paste URL and hit the download button. It is as simple as that. The best part is that BitDownloader is completely free to use.

Other than YouTube, they also provide free services to download videos from Facebook and Instagram. So, keeping all these features in mind I would highly recommend you to try BitDownloader and bookmark it for all your future video downloading requirements. To improve their services, you can also send your feedback to the developers.

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