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How To Download Videos From Instagram

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Downloading videos from Instagram, including the stories of others, is a feature not available within the application. There is, in short, a button to download multimedia content on your device, for example, on your smartphone or computer, such as you can do on Facebook. 

However, to overcome this lack, a plethora of applications to download, utilities to be exploited directly from the web and devices that require no installation, but only cross streets, come to the rescue. You have therefore divided the various procedures by type of content (videos published on the profile and stories) and by the nature of the device. With the significant igsave interface, you can download Instagram Videos easily in best quality.

Dutiful Premise: It is almost always possible to download only the contents distributed by public profiles, but even if the user decides not to make the video he shares private, it is still necessary to maintain a certain common sense and correct behavior. 

Furthermore, you have no right to download the video so it should not be used for commercial or inappropriate purposes and, in any case, it is always advisable to contact the owner. Let’s start with the first large group of cases that concerns the desire to go and download a video that was uploaded by a user on Instagram.

Download Videos From Instagram On Android:

They all work the same way, but they differ in some noteworthy details, so you chose a free software for devices with a Google operating system called Video Downloader for Instagram to Download Instagram Videos.  For easy means of download in quality, you can simple scroll you with your link on igsave.

It is a simple and practical application to download and also republish not only Instagram videos but also Vine videos. It can also save the list of associated tags. In fact, for all users who own an Android smartphone, the latest videos displayed are saved in the Instagram cache. 

You can, therefore, use the File Manager already installed (the app to explore the internal folders) or an alternative one and follow the path Data>> Cache> Videos. They will be ordered from the most recent to the oldest.

Download Videos From Instagram On The iPhone (iOS): 

The corresponding free and simple iPhone software is called Regrammerand he also not only saves movies but can also republish and share on his page. Being open, it supported by advertisements (non-intrusive). You will need to keep the URL address of the content (tap on the three dots> copy link), paste it and click on Preview and the game done.

How To Download Videos From Instagram To Your Computer Or Laptop:

To download Instagram videos on your computer, regardless of the operating system, numerous online services do not require you to install any software. The fastest and most straightforward is Gramblast which is a site that does everything online, the only indication is to copy the URL of the content (right-click on the time of publication> copy) and paste it in the search bar. 

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The alternative is called, it works the same way, but its strong point is that it will save all the photos and videos of the post. The IFTTT application is exciting as it automates the procedure by downloading and saving on your Dropbox all the videos you put a little heart on or uploads. Log in to Instagram, Dropbox, and even IFTTT will be required (it’s free).

How To Download Instagram Stories:

There are many services also to download the Instagram Stories from the smartphone that is Android or iOS; therefore, the iPhone. We have chosen two of the simplest applications to use, which work on a wide variety of devices and which are safe as they do not require unlocking the device or visiting strange stores of unofficial applications. 

To download Instagram stories on the iPhone, you can go to install the free Story Reporter app from the iTunes App Store. You will open the application, and from the internal search engine, you can search for the username of the desired user (of course, the profile must be public). The list of the photo or video contents that can be saved will be proposed, and you can tap on the Download button to proceed to recover the file, which can be found in the internal roll, by default.

To download Instagram stories on Android, we recommend downloading the free Story Saver application that can be found on the Google Play Store.  Afterward, you can check the stories of all the people you follow or look for a specific one. 

You will be able to explore the internal content by saving shared photos and videos. By default, you will find the media files in the folder you create called Story Saver. To download Instagram stories from your computer, be it Windows, Mac or Linux (or from a smartphone via the browser) there is an exclusive site called stories that works with all public profiles and does not require access to the social network. 

Here too, you can search for the user and download all the content you want. Of course, it is possible with the do-it-yourself method of recording screen activity, even if it is a bit complicated to make your life. Some Android smartphones offer it by default; otherwise, there is this app. From the iPhone, there is the appropriate function from the control center.

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