4 Insightful Flower Facts You Need To Know If You Are Starting A Flower Business

Flower Business

Flowers are one of the most beautiful living things on the planet. They come in all shapes, sizes, and forms and are very popular in many countries around the world. Flowers and blooms inspired several festivals in the Netherlands, Philippines, Colombia, etc. To say that flowers do not affect the way we live our lives is a disservice to the wonderful part they do in keeping our world working.

Flowers benefit almost any creature that has contact with it. Humans use it for decoration and businesses, insects rely on it for nectar, animals use blooms as a food source, and even the soil is enriched by flowers that interact with some fungi and bacteria. For some people, flowers dictate their livelihood. If you are planning to have a flower business, here are four flower facts you don’t want to miss:

Sunflowers can serve two purposes: as a part of a flower arrangement and nutrient-dense food

Although sunflowers are great for any arrangements, it’s not the most saleable of flowers. But it’s beautiful as side pieces for stargazers, roses, and tulips. If you are going to make sunflowers the main attraction piece, you’ll need to have three or more of them. Sunflowers are also cheaper than most when bought in bulk, so if it’s the flowering season in your locality, it’s wise to order some.

What you can do with sunflowers doesn’t just end with arranging it with other blooms. The seeds on fully-bloomed sunflowers are edible right off the stalk, and it is very nutrient-dense. It’s one of the most interesting sunflower facts anyone should know.

You can harvest the seeds and toast it for snacks or put them on some dishes. It’s rich in Vitamin E, fiber, and antioxidants. Word of warning though, if you’re going to harvest the seeds, make sure to keep the stalk in sugar water to keep the flowers fresh.

If you want to start a small flower business, start with the basics and make social media your weapon

Starting small isn’t necessarily bad  – in fact, it’s a great idea to test the waters first. That is a piece of good advice to help you with anything in life. So if you are looking to start a small flower business – start with the basics in your inventory. That would mean sourcing out the best flowers your locality has to offer.

Roses, carnations, and stargazers are some basic flowers that you can source. For fillers, you can use Baby’s Breath for starters. You’ll need some options for cards, twines, and covers as well.

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You can start without space, literally. Use social media as your marketing. Facebook and Twitter are great platforms to be in, but Instagram will take your business to the next level if you know how to use it. Maximize social media interaction, as well as engagement. Pay for ads if you can, so that more people in your locality go to your business.

Flowers don’t have long shelf lives so cutting and recutting them is key to make the most out of your deliveries

Most flowers have a shelf life of 3-7 days. With sugar water and a controlled environment, you can make this longer, but a good trick to follow is to cut your flowers every three days to make it drink water better. As much as possible, you want your flowers to go out in a two-week time frame – that should be enough time for you to sell. If not, then make the most out of your deliveries by using the leftovers for pressing or preserving.

Cutting and recutting your flowers can only be helpful if you get flowers that have long stems and stalks. So look for suppliers who are willing to give you the extra length to make your flowers stand out. Another good trick to make your flowers last is to add viagra to your mix. It keeps stems straight, so your flowers won’t look like they’re wilting.

If you want to sell hydrangea, keep in mind that the colors of the flower will be determined by soil acidity

Hydrangeas are a party by themselves. Like literally. This is the type of flowers that you can sell as-is, without so many arrangements and fillers. Hydrangeas are whimsical in color as well – you get blues, lilacs, even pinks. You need to know, though, if you want to sell hydrangeas, the acidity determines the flower’s colors in the soil that they’re planted in.


Starting any business, may it be a flower or any other type, can be very daunting. You’ll need tons of research to make things happen, and if you don’t have the know-how on some things, you’ll need to learn it yourself. But while it is complicated, it has been done before, and what is stopping you not to fulfill your dream? Keep your eyes on the price and be always determined and shoon enough – you’ll have your flower business up and going!

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