5 Reasons Why You Need to Start a Business Near Cristo Redentor

Business Near Cristo Redentor

Putting up a business is such a challenging task; you need to consider everything to not end up in bankruptcy. So, today, let’s put our energy in finding a fantastic place that will help you decide where to put your business once this pandemic subsides. You can now directly fly to see the area without stressing where to go since your plan is firm and fully polished.

Restaurants located at the beach are already underrated, so let’s try something new, Pal. It’s a fantastic sight to look at monuments that have significant history roles, am I right? One of the unique statues that you should consider is located in South America, the Christ the Redeemer statue. If you haven’t heard it before, let’s get to know the American South’s astounding grandeur.

The Cristo Redentor’s facade will surely hook your interest, but I will drop some surprising Christ the Redeemer facts instead to deeply know the place and to help you weigh if it’s perfect for business. Tourists fell in love with this place, so I’m pretty sure you will too.

The Cristo Redentor’s Location

One of the most known Christ the Redeemer facts is about its location. This Jesus Christ’s Art Deco monument can be seen in Brazil at the peak of Corcovado Mountain, Rio de Janeiro. It has become Brazil’s asset and is widely recognized as one of the best colossal sculptures in the world. You’ll be at a great advantage once you put your business near Corcovado Mountain since the location is pretty good in the tourists’ sight.

The Place is Accessible

Every tourist has different plans on reaching their desired destination; some of them aren’t in favor of doing mountain trekking, that’s why they opt for the most convenient route to be in Christ the Redeemer, the Corcovado Rack Railway. It is 710 m long; the Corcovado Train begins its trip from Cosme Velho and then ends at the mountain’s summit.

Considering the location and the road, it’s in the mountain yet accessible since trains are going to Christ the Redeemer. This fact is such a good reason to have a business here; lots of tourists, a good place, plus it has an accessible road.

Everyone Wants to See The Materials Used In Christ the Redeemer Statue

Considering its location, they still delivered all the materials to the mountain and did a great job. The materials used in Cristo Redentor were from Brazil, but the hands and head of it were from France. The sculpture was built with reinforced concrete, while the outer layer was filled with 6 million tiles of soapstone.

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Who wouldn’t want to see this magnificent sculpture? Everybody wants to see it for real! It’s a good investment if you think about it. You’ll not think about who would patronize your business since Christ the Redeemer will help you bring them to your site. So, don’t be hesitant to invest your money in this place!

Christ the Redeemer is Filled With Historical Information and Amazing Facts

Many people think that the workers who built the tiles wrote something at the back of the tiles; hence, it is believed by many that this icon is filled with secrecy and concealed messages that remain secluded even today.

Aside from the concealed messages, one fun fact is there’s a man who took a selfie at the top of Cristo Redentor. We all know that bloggers will do things even if it’s dangerous for the sake of their content. The man who conquered his fear was Lee Thompson! This blogger went to the top without fear, but he asked for approval from the authorities before doing it.

They also decided to build a little cathedral in 2006, located at the sculpture’s base, to celebrate its 75th anniversary. Today, this chapel allows weddings, so it’s another reason for the tourists to visit the place. The cathedral has a limitation when it comes to visitors; so it’s suitable for small private weddings.

Almost 2 Million Tourists Come to See the Monument

It is said that almost 2 million people come to this place every year; the entrance fee costs $25 per person. The landmark is located at the pinnacle, so we can’t deny that the amazing view is one of the reasons why people chose to visit it. But aside from that, it also contains historical facts that can hook everyone’s attention.

These 2 million people will boost your business! Just make your site aesthetic and pleasing to the eyes, offer something unique, and every person will go to your place without having any second thought.

The time to invest is now

The statue is like a haven for all travelers, and putting a business for the first time will be sheer bliss for the travelers and you. There’s a bunch of exotic spots in Brazil aside from Christ the Redentor, it only needs a one time visit to get addicted to the place. So don’t be afraid to invest and let your business be one of the profitable and successful companies not just in Brazil but in the world.

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