Why Guest Blogging Is Important For Business?

Search engine optimization (SEO) and Internet marketing are rapidly growing as businesses continue to understand and strive for a profound online presence. Universities and colleges across the United States are developing their web presence in order to cater to those who wish to complete degrees online as opposed to on campus.

For these universities to efficiently market online, they must design their websites to fit the standards of leading search engines. Search engines, such as Google, have tremendous power in regards to the amount of traffic a webpage receives. This is due to the behavior of the public online, who almost exclusively type keywords in a search engine to find what they are looking for.

Because of the general reliance on search engines, Internet marketers must comply with a continually changing set of standards in order for a webpage to be easily visible in the search results. Search engines catch on to ‘black hat’ techniques and work to alter their set of standards, or algorithm, in order for search engine users to receive the most relevant and trustworthy search results.

Internet marketers work to design or tweak websites to represent the designated keywords their target audience types into a search engine. They also must build the strength of the targeted website in order for it to outrank competitors. One way to do so is through guest blogging.

What is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging is simply the act of an individual creating and publishing a blog post on a website or blog that they do not own. People guest blog for a variety of reasons, one strong motivation being the one or more backlinks they generally receive from the posting.
While some guest bloggers just have a desire to write, reaping no tangible benefits, many guest bloggers generate articles/posts in order to increase traffic or build the strength of their personal websites. These guest bloggers are required to create original, high quality articles, which will benefit the readers of the blog they are writing for they also allow people to submit a guest post.

The Value of Guest Blogging for Link Building

Search engines consider a number of algorithmic factors when ranking websites. A strong factor in ranking is how ‘popular’ a website is, meaning how many other websites are linking to (talking about) the particular website.
Lets consider ‘website X.’ Websites cannot just claim that they are popular and should be ranked highly; they must prove this by having other websites link to theirs. One way to attain these desired links is through guest blogging, which search engines generally see as a genuine link (depending on the caliber of the website the link comes from). Guest Posting Sites List.

The goal for the marketers of ‘website X’ is to have guest blogs published on relevant, high quality websites with backlinks pointed to ‘website X.’ By doing so, they demonstrate to search engines that they are being talked about (linked to) by other relevant, high-quality websites in their niche.  As a result, Google will increase the strength of ‘website X’’ and positively influence their SERP rankings, increase traffic, and increase lead flow.

Relevancy is Important

The blogs that you are targeting should be relevant to your own niche. Relevancy is important for two main reasons like if u have health niche then select health related website or u find write for us health :

1. First of all, when you are trying to build reputation and authority, it must be within your own niche and among your target audience and potential customers. There is no point of building reputation in another niche that you don’t have any connection whatsoever.

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2. Secondly, search engines only value links that come from relevant websites. Otherwise, Google Penguin specifically penalise websites that have lots of irrelevant backlinks.

Target the Highest Authority Websites

Guest blogging requires a lot of time and effort. This is why you should only target the highest authority websites in your niche.

There are three factors that go into this decision of targeting particular blogs:

1. The targeted blog must have a good readership. You can judge that based on the number of its email subscribers, the average number of comments each of its blog post receives, and the amount of social media shares those blog posts get.

2. It must have a high PR (Page Rank) and DA (Domain Authority).

3. It must be directly relevant to your niche.

What Do You Get Out of Guest Blogging?

Targeted Traffic

First and foremost, there’s traffic. Even if you don’t get a backlink, you will almost certainly arouse the audiences’ interest—and that can lead to curious readers flocking to your website. Not only do you get traffic, but—assuming the blog you write for is relevant to your own industry—that traffic will probably be well-matched to your own customer demographics.


Something else that guest blogging provides you? Connections. Developing some common bonds with other bloggers and contributors can open the door to more possibilities down the road—more guest blogging opportunities, more social media shares, more collaborations.

Social Media Shares

Speaking of social media, when you write a blog for another publication, you can bet that the owners of that publication will promote it—meaning you can expect social shares and re-tweets from a lot of folks who aren’t otherwise aware of your brand or your content.


When a respected publication agrees to host your guest blog, it’s a vote of confidence—a vouch for your authority. This can increase your visibility and prestige within your industry, and also lead to more social media followers—people who determine that your brand must be legitimate, since your guest blog was accepted by their favorite publication.


We’re burying this one deep down in our list because most everybody knows that this is a benefit of guest blogging, and if anything it’s overemphasized. Still, the point must be made: Guest blogging is the best way to build up your backlink profile, which is an SEO essential. Guest post Marketplace.

Brand Awareness

Finally, guest blogging simply gets your name and your writing out there in front of people who probably wouldn’t see it otherwise—and if even one of those people becomes a paying customer, the guest blog has served an important purpose.

Tips for Researching Guest Blog Targets

  • Use search engines to search for guest blogging opportunities in your niche
  • When using search engines you may want to take advantage of the advanced search features found here
  • Once a blog is located, review the site in detail and locate previous guest postings to analyze their quality
  • Only reach out to guest blogs that are relevant to your niche and already contain high quality guest blogs


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