What to Expect from a Top Software Developer?

Top Software Developer

Top software developers are more productive than others. They don’t just write good code, but they have some intangible traits that make them stand out in the crowd.

According to Robert. L. Glass, great developers are about 28 times better than bad developers. They have a combination of soft and hard skills. Developers outline and make the code and design for a program. They also have to work in collaboration with multiple stakeholders. To learn more about software design, click here.

Technical skills

The top technical skills that any great software developer must have been the following:

  • Java®
  • SQL
  • Linux
  • Python®
  • Oracle
  • Git
  • Microsoft® C#
  • DevOps

The observation of about 1 million jobs using a real-time job analysis software revealed that the skills above are the top technical skills that employers look for. Great developers are the ones who have worked with multiple technologies to the point of being experts in it. They are also found to be competent in many other technologies. Top software development companies hire professionals that have expertise and experience in various fields so that they can provide a company with the best custom solutions to help grow their business.

Top Software Developer

Soft Skills

To be able to consider great a software developer must have more than just hard skills. The same goes for a custom software developer. You can expect a great software development expert to have the following set of soft skills.


Developers make programs so that they can solve user’s issues. Development companies can expect skilled developers to identify problems and come up with the best solution for it. Programming in itself is an exercise of finding and clearing issues. The big part of what developers do involves is patiently looking for bugs in codes and then strategically taking them out.

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A great developer must be internally motivated to be doing what he/she does. Software development is more than often tricky and tiring work. The same goes for custom software development, the developer must listen to the client and present solutions that are acceptable to them.  A great developer won’t easily get discouraged and disappointed if he/she doesn’t succeed the first time.

Communication skills

Communication skills are a requisite not just in this field but for almost every job out there. In the field of development, one must understand a problem as it is and be able to break it down into hypotheses and then present the most suitable solution for it. Custom software development companies specifically stress on experts with this ability. Click here to know more about top custom software development companies in the UK.

Management skills

Experts in every field are reliable. A great developer shows an impressive work ethic and shows up for everything on time. They can calculate the time required to complete a task. They also have the ability to communicate this and then deliver on it. Developers know how to manage their clients and the tasks given to them.


Great programmers are not common and they are in high demand. A top-notch developer has expertise in multiple technologies and has a set of soft skills that puts them in high demand. They are motivated and have good communication and time management skills.

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