What Hap­pens When You Clear Cache of TikTok App

Most extensive mobile applications build up cache and data over time. These items are stored on your phone’s internal memory to load the app’s interface faster. This same is true for TikTok, where the more you use the app, the more data it stores on your phone. One question then becomes whether you should Clear TikTok Cache after hours and days of watching videos. Furthermore, what happens when you purge the TikTok app‘s cache?

Now, We recommend that you clear the cache and data of the app regularly as they could consume sizeable storage space and possibly hamper the app performance. So, You will learn how to clear TikTok cache on Android and iOS phones, why you should care, and what to expect once you do it.

TikTok Cache Files

Every apps store cache files on the phone so that whenever you open that app, it feels as fast as it was the first time you used it. Somewhat of downloading Everything from the web every time you use it, Apps Like TikTok dig into the cache files stored on your smartphone to perform essential, repeated functions quickly and easily.

Performing so has other merits. This consumes less mobile data since TikTok has to download only a specific type of data (new content updates) instead of Everything. So, What kind of data is stored by TikTok?


This TikTok app stores your TikTok profile details, app settings, and videos you watched/uploaded to the platform, filters, effects, liked videos, viewing history, and more. This said, TikTok is not saving the video itself but specific details about the video.

Removing cache files can improve performance, increase storage, and solve common errors that most users face while using an app. This caching process takes place in the background, and you don’t even notice the difference. That is unless you delete the TikTok cache and open the app again.

What Happens When You Clear TikTok Cache

Now You can start from scratch, which means you may have to sign in again. So, Purging cache removes your login details and your profile. Meanwhile, you sign in to TikTok back. This app downloads a fresh copy of the cache. So, That will take some time, a few moments, and then you should see your profile again.

Such said TikTok won’t delete the videos that you uploaded or liked. Not will it remove your comments or comments that people left on your videos. Everything your data, including profile details and history, are safe. This information rests on TikTok’s servers. Hence, Everything is in the cloud, and the App Downloads Parts of it back to your smartphone again to speed up content delivery and improve performance.

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Now, the Cache footprint will be tiny initially and will continue to build up over time, just like last time before you cleared it.

How to Clear TikTok Cache on Android.

Step 1: Open phone Settings and find TikTok under Manage apps or wherever apps are listed on your phone. It will certainly depend on the make as well as design of your smartphone. Open it.


Step 2: Click on Clear data at the bottom of the screen to select Clear cache and Clear all data.


Now, I tried it, and the app asked me to sign in to my account, as you will notice in the screenshots below.

You can clear the TikTok app cache from the official app itself, which provides you more control.

Step 1: Launch the application and then click on the Me tab at the bottom of the screen to select the three-dot menu icon. This will launch Settings. Click on Free up space.


Step 2: Now, You can clear the Cache and Downloads. Because the app notes, Downloads includes filters, stickers, effects, and other data. You can select which data to delete, unlike the Android Settings options, where Everything is removed.


How to Clear TikTok Cache on iOS

iOS is appreciated for many things, and being flexible and open is not one of them. So, You can’t delete TikTok or any other app’s cache and data from iOS settings. It is a good thing the TikTok app offers this option.

Open the application and repeat the same process as you did above for Android to clear TikTok cache on your iPhone or iPad. No change there.

Final Words :

TikTok has brought the world by storm, but it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Well, Like all Social Media Apps, it suffers from privacy and security issues and has its fair share of scandals and scams. However, that doesn’t mean there is nothing good about it. There are lots of new accounts that teach you new stuff and keep you entertained.

One more you use the app, the more it will consume storage space and slow down your phone and TikTok app itself. This is a good idea to clear cache files and data from time to time. Now, You are not going to lose your profile or associated data, but doing so will only improve your user experience. This’s what you want. Some better experience while using your favorite application.

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